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Saving It For A Rainy Day…

Clara woke up to the sound of rain lashing against the bedroom window in their holiday apartment. Groaning, she glanced across at her boyfriend, Ben. Despite the sudden change in weather it wasn’t cold, and the bedsheets were draped across his hips, leaving his tanned upper body on display. Clara let her eyes roam across Ben’s muscular body, smiling as she thought of the numerous times she’d had her hands all over it, and he hers. Continue reading

Sex Toy Review: Durex Play O and 2 in 1 Massage Mousse Twin Pack

The Durex Play O and 2 in 1 Massage Mousse Twin Pack is currently excellent value on LoveHoney – just £14.99 for both! (At time of writing).

The pack contains Durex Play O Orgasm Gel which is created for women, by women in order to stimulate the lady parts and result in explosive orgasms. I didn’t get too excited (pardon the pun) as I’ve used other similar gels before and not felt a damn thing, but this time I wasn’t disappointed. The gel actually works. It gently makes your bits feel warm and tingly as the blood flow is increased. The stuff is fab either for use when masturbating, or when fooling around with your partner.

It washes off easily, doesn’t go crumbly, doesn’t stain and is condom friendly. A definite yes from me!

The second item in the pack is Durex Play 2 in 1 Massage Mousse. The great thing about this stuff is it’s suitable either for a sensual massage, or as a lubricant. The ingredients make it safe for use all over the body, including the naughty parts. It glides on silkily and is good for light massage. Because of the texture, you’re less likely to spill and make a mess like you perhaps would with massage oil. After a while, though, it can go a little crumbly and sticky. However, due to the excellent value of this double pack, I’d definitely recommend it anyway. You’re getting a real bargain here – so splash out and have fun!

Grab it now from LoveHoney, just £14.99: Click here. Price correct at time of writing.

The Workout Part Three

Then she slid her lips right down his shaft and took him as far into her mouth as he would go. As his dick was so large, it wasn’t all the way in, but she gripped her hand around the base of his cock and squeezed and stroked as she began to bob up and down on his erection. She flicked her tongue around his hard dick as she was sucking, making sure it was a good wet blow job, the best kind to get a man excited, Cathy knew. Continue reading

The Workout Part Two

After a moment’s silence, Shane’s testosterone won out and he pulled her wrist out of her pants and brought her hand to his mouth. He grinned as he saw the juices all over Cathy’s hand then took a couple of her fingers into his mouth, sucking and licking them. He continued until her fingers were clean. Continue reading

The Workout Part One

As the door clicked shut behind his last client, Shane pounced on the door and locked it, flipping the sign over to read “closed” in the process.

Relieved, he shuffled to the nearest bench and sat down, the cold black leather a shocking contrast to the heat radiating from his body. He sighed and wiped his damp forehead on the towel draped around his neck. Continue reading


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Sticky Heat

It was just the heat, she told herself. Making her horny, needy. Making that sensitive nub of flesh between her legs throb and her pussy clench as if it were trying to grab something and pull it deep inside her wet warmth. Continue reading


Sometimes I get bored and lonely when you’re not around. I spend more time masturbating when I haven’t got your sexy body to play with, and your lovely cock to fill me up. I often browse the internet looking at porn, or read erotic books and magazines to compensate. Continue reading