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A Happy Hat Trick!

Lover Unexpected: Sappho EditionIf you saw yesterday’s blog post, you’ll already know that I had a lesbian erotic romance story come out as part of Evernight Publishing’s Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition anthology. And already it’s gained a silver star on All Romance eBooks – how awesome is that?! SO excited!

However, on my way back from London (we dashed in and out for a few hours. Yes, I know we’re insane), in an attempt to stay awake in the car, and because I’m obsessive like that, I checked out Amazon. And, lo and behold, I spotted TWO other new releases that I hadn’t been expecting. Well, I kind of had, obviously, but not yesterday. Hence my hat trick – three new releases in one day!

Smut by the SeaSo, there was Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition, as I already mentioned. But the two surprise releases were Smut by the Sea, a seaside themed erotic anthology which I co-edited with Victoria Blisse, which also contains my fairground story, Dodging (not Dogging, as Victoria originally thought when she saw the title). Finally, my super sexy sugar daddy story, In Search of Bookcases was released as part of Xcite Books’ Cougars and Jackals anthology.

Each of the book pages for Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition, Smut by the Sea and Cougars and Jackals have more information about each of the books, as well as extracts from my stories, and buy links.

Cougars and JackalsSo, dependent on whether you like romantic lesbian fiction based in London, seducing a fairground worker in Hunstanton, or hooking up with a seriously rich guy in Harrods, London, (ooh, two stories set in London – weird coincidence), check out the pages and get clicking on those buy links.

Also, if you want more of my story, Finally Found, from the Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition anthology, stop by tomorrow and check out my Sunday Snog and you’ll be able to read a saucy snippet from when my sexy lesbian ladies have their first kiss. It’s hot! 😉

Happy reading, everyone!

It’s So Nice to Feel Normal…

…this was one of the comments I made on Saturday evening while sitting in a London branch of Pizza Express. On Saturday, a reading took place in Sh! Hoxton (where I will be reading with Kay Jaybee in a few short weeks). There’s always a great time to be had at Sh! but this event was unique because we had a US visitor – Rachel Kramer Bussel. The reading included several of her latest books and the authors appearing in them. I wasn’t a reader on this occasion – just an avid listener. However, it was quite the star-studded evening. Readers included:

Rachel did an introduction, then each reader did their piece in turn, with a break in the middle. Rachel concluded with another story and a Q&A – then it was signing time! I’d lugged several books down to London with me and got in the queue, where I also had a nice chat with Rachel. I also got my copies of The Business of Pleasure and On Demand signed by Justine Elyot, who I was delighted to meet for the first (and hopefully not the last!) time.

It was a fab evening and I was happy to also meet Suzanne Portnoy in the flesh, though I didn’t get chance to chat to Janine Ashbless, Rubyyy Jones, Scarlett French or Jacqueline Applebee, which was a real shame. There was just so many people around!

After the reading, however, there was more fun to be had. Myself, Victoria Blisse, K D Grace, Miss Rebecca Bond, Parv Roopray (not a writer, but a lovely attendee and fab photographer), Lexie Bay and her lovely hubby, Kay Jaybee and Justine Elyot and her lovely hubby headed off to Pizza Express. Not the most glamorous of locations, I’ll admit, but myself and a certain Ms. Bay are fussy eaters!

We piled in and were looked after well by the staff. Drink was drunk, food was munched, and lots of odd conversation took place. This is where the comment about feeling normal came in! After chatting with everyone about various things, both writing related and non – I realised we’re a fairly random bunch. What other dinner party would talk about baking, BDSM, hot celebrities (Chris Hemsworth, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, if you’re interested), editors, UK/US spelling, geeky films, travel and turtles in one evening!? I’ve no idea if our fellow diners could hear us, or what they thought – but we were too busy giggling to notice!

Sadly – as with all good things – the evening had to come to an end. We all went our separate ways and I embarked on a hellish bus journey with Miss Bond and Miss Roopray, which I would not like to repeat. However, it wasn’t all bad. I got a story idea out of it!

All in all I had an awesome – if tiring – weekend. It was soooo unbelievably cool to spend time with writers that I respect, enjoy reading and can also consider my friends. I feel very lucky to have a bunch of such fun and interesting friends. It’s just a shame we can’t meet face-to-face more often 🙁

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, everyone. And special thanks go to Miss Rebecca Bond for letting me crash at hers, and The Boy for being so incredibly well trained!