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Hi everyone,

Bit of a double announcement here…

If you follow me on social media, you’ll probably already have picked up bits and pieces about this upcoming boxed set. Coming In Hot will be released on the 19th September, and contains my M/F novella, On Her High Horse. I’m really excited to be part of this project with some utterly amazing authors. I’m pleased to announce the collection is now available for pre-order (and just check out that delicious cover!) for just 99c/99p. So if you want to bag yourself a whopping twenty-two medical romance stories (mine’s about a sexy vet that bears more than a passing resemblance to Chris Hemsworth), then this is the collection for you!

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Happy Reading!

Lucy x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

An Interview with Jewel Quinlan (@jewelquinlan)

I’m delighted to welcome Jewel Quinlan to the site today, where she’s talking about her latest release, orgasmic ice cream and Chris Hemsworth. Take it away, Jewel!


Stealing Cupid's BowTell us about yourself. Both your writing self and your non-writing self. What are your interests and hobbies? Do you have a day job, etc?

I wouldn’t classify myself as conservative but that is somehow the first impression I usually make. Sigh. During the day I work as a pharmaceutical sales representative so I have a well-developed outgoing side to my personality. But I think what has made me good at my day job is my shy writer’s side that is observant and always listening. I love to travel and have visited many countries. I have even travelled by myself. I usually meet all kinds of people right away when I travel so I am never actually alone, lol. I have many hobbies. At the moment my top ones are yoga, snowboarding, bartending and having fun with my two dogs.

Give us the background on your latest release. 

I remember telling my parents about my idea for this book. We had gone to dinner and had some wine and I felt brave enough to tell them about my idea. I don’t think they took me seriously at the time but they certainly do now. Lol. Valentine’s Day has always been my favourite day of the year. I celebrate it whether I am single or not. What could be better than a day dedicated to love? One year I found myself wondering what would happen if someone stole Cupid’s bow and this book was the result of my random musings.

How did you get started with writing? And what was your route to publication like?

I dabbled on and off with writing since I was very young. I always tell people that 40 is the year that I finally took myself seriously and finished my first book. The second, third and fourth ones followed soon after. My first book was accepted by a publisher I pitched to at a writer’s conference and the others were accepted through online submission. I think I have been luckier than some others though and I credit my sales background with some of my rapid success. Once I have a finished product (a manuscript) I know what to do with it. Go out and sell it!

What are you currently working on?

I currently have in progress a novella about a genie who has just been freed from her bottle and who is exploring our modern world. And I also am working on a novel that is part of an anthology called The Seven Deadly Sins. My book is based on the sin of Envy. *rubs hands together and chuckles deviously* I also just finished a short story titled Extreme Heat that was accepted by Evernight Publishing and should be coming out soon.

Do you have a particular Muse for your writing? Do any of your characters bear startling resemblances to sexy celebrities or people you admire?

I wish I could say there was a muse, I would certainly give her a name. 🙂 I have always had an active imagination and it sparks at the most random times. I remember being in a movie theatre once and having my thoughts stimulated by a preview. I then began typing notes furiously into my iPhone despite the glares of people seated near me. (that story will be coming in a post-apocalyptic series I am working on). My characters bear a startling resemblance to pictures of models I find online…lol. We writers find it easier to have a picture in front of us when we are trying to remember what our characters looked like than referring to our notes. I am grateful for the many catalogues that come to my house.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Both writing-wise and non-writing-wise?

In less than five years I plan to be writing full-time and living in Germany. That has always been my dream! I plan to have audiobooks made for each book I write. Rock Star Ex is already available as an audio book and two more are on their way. It’s very exciting! I also hope that some of my work will be turned into movies or TV shows. I also see myself as being very happy, healthy and joyful through all of 2014.

And now for some silly questions…

Muscled or skinny? I like swimmer build which is the happy middle of these two.

Tall or short? I am short so tall has always been my deal. However, since I am only 5’2”, everyone seems taller than me.

Boxers or briefs? I have seen sexy versions of each and I welcome seeing even more.

Moustache or beard? Scruff is as far as I will go. More than that and I will be searching for my razor and shaving foam.

Long hair or shaven head? Long hair all the way!!!!

Tattoos or piercings? Nope. That is all.

Intelligent or funny? I had to think about this one…Funny over intelligent. Although intelligent should take a close second.

Blond, brunette or red head? BLONDE! (I am brunette. Opposites attract and all that)

Hottest celebrity (tell us why, if you like)?  Chris Hemsworth, need I say more? *fans self*

Top same-sex crush (or opposite sex if you already like same-sex!) I would give Mila Kunis a go.

Most disliked celebrity (tell us why, if you like) Don’t have any, sorry

Favourite food – Breyers Chocolate Chip ice cream. It’s orgasmic.

Favourite book (tell us why, if you like) Pride and Prejudice

Favourite place in the world (tell us why, if you like) – Bavaria

Anything else you’d like to add? It’s been really fun answering these questions!


Now give us the blurb, an extract and buy links for your latest release.

Recently heartbroken, Raine Daniels arrives home in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help with her parents’ fortieth anniversary party only to discover they are planning to separate as soon as the last guest walks out the door. Everything she thought she knew—her very foundation is rocked to the core.

When she learns that Alexander, the sexy stranger she’d sat next to on the plane, is really the god of love, Cupid—she asks for his help, but he declines. The god of love, now long divorced from Psyche and living on earth among mortals, no longer believes in love.

Raine decides to take matters into her own hands, even if a god tells her she’s wrong.  With her life falling apart around her and the solution seemingly within her reach she dares to try and make everything better. Unfortunately, she’s unprepared for the consequences of stealing Cupid’s bow …

Where you can buy it:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | Decadent


From the corner of her eye, the back of a blond head, paired with broad, strong shoulders, caught her attention.

She knew who it was instantly.

Alexander was walking up ahead of them in the same direction. Her entire being zeroed in on him at once and she felt her pulse spike.

Jane was saying something to her, but all of her attention was tied up with trying to see his face. He’d moved off to the side now, and it looked as though he was watching someone intently. Actually, a couple of someones—a man and a woman. On the surface it looked like he was strolling along casually, but she could not mistake the intensity of his gaze on them. It seemed almost…predatory. Was he following them?

Both her mom and her aunt walked so slowly it was almost an agony for her. She didn’t want to lose sight of him. But there was nothing she could do. If she tried to make them hurry, it would spark questions from all three. And the most likely result of her telling them why would be her mother flagging Alexander down in a loud voice, which would be embarrassing.

Jane continued to chatter away, but Raine still couldn’t focus on her cousin.

Up ahead she saw that the man and woman had stopped next to a fountain. The man was saying something. From the look they shared, it seemed to be one of those special moments. Alexander stopped, too. He was leaning casually against a pillar watching the couple.

The man Alexander watched sank down on one knee while retrieving something from his pants pocket.

Alexander changed his stance at the same time. Out of nowhere a bow appeared in his hands. He quickly notched an arrow from the right side of the quiver on his back. He drew and took aim, gazing along the shaft of the arrow.

From what she could see there was only one target apparent in that direction: the woman.

As he released the arrow, a scream rose from within her, but the sound caught in her throat. The gleaming shaft streaked across the space and sunk deep into the woman’s chest, emitting a shower of golden sparks on impact. A second arrow struck the man as well and another cloud of gold erupted. She stopped walking and, since their arms were linked together, Jane did, too.

“Did you see that?” Raine asked.

Jane glanced at her. “See what?”

She pointed in the direction and her cousin peered up ahead.

“What is it, Raine?”

Her cousin wasn’t reacting at all and neither had either of their mothers. And none of the people that had passed right by the scene of the crime were disturbed. She looked again at the couple, afraid of what she might see…and blinked.

There was no blood. No body lay on the floor. No arrow shaft stuck out from either of them. Quite the opposite. The woman was unharmed and glowing with happiness. She had accepted the ring and the man was now swinging her around in joy.

“Did you mean the couple getting engaged?” Jane asked. “Oh yes, it happens all the time here.”

Raine was stunned. Her eyes found their way back to Alexander.


Jewel QuinlanNow give us your author bio and website/social media links.

From a young age, Jewel Quinlan had an abundant imagination and strong desire to write novels.  She particularly enjoys writing paranormal and fantasy romance. An avid traveler, she has visited fifteen countries so far (which she enjoys using as settings in her novels) and has plans to see more of the world. She has a particular fondness for Bavaria and studies the German language as one of her hobbies. During the day, she works as a pharmaceutical sales representative and, at night, she writes romance. She currently lives in Orange County, California with her two dogs; Shimmer and Penny.

Contact Details:

For more information visit her website and blog or you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this interview and wish you the best of luck with your latest release. Many sales!