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Sunday Snog – E620

Sunday Snog

The Best of Lucy FelthouseHere’s a snog-tastic snippet from one of my older stories, E620, which appears in The Best of Lucy Felthouse. It’s about two people at University together who end up getting it on in an empty classroom…

There had always been something stopping us getting it together before. It certainly wasn’t a lack of chemistry! Our friendship was just a friendship, but strong sexual attraction and mutual admiration has long bubbled away underneath.


Months of flirting, talking about sex, and discussing my dirty stories in fine detail have finally come to a head. Suddenly, in a classroom, we’re kissing. Karl’s tongue is in my mouth, his full lips pressed against mine. It’s such a hungry kiss I’m taken aback; mind you, it had been building up for so long it’s hardly surprising.


My hands are currently very confused. Being presented with this wonderful gift, they’re unsure where to grope first. So I settle for one hand on his arse, and the other playing with the mop of curls at the nape of his neck. The cleverly placed hand on his arse enables me to pull him closer, and I feel his hard-on against my groin. I groan inwardly, my pussy positively drooling. My pants are stuck to me, but I’m in such a state of bliss, I couldn’t really care less.


Now, one advantage of having Karl read my dirty stories is that he knows what kind of sex I like. A second advantage is his feedback, which hints at what kind he likes. In fact, we’ve talked about it so often, and in such great detail, sometimes I feel like we’ve already done it!


I tug his hair gently, rendering his throat exposed. I pounce, covering the sensitive skin with alternating butterfly kisses, tiny nips, and sensual sucks – giving him a taste of what’s to come.


I feel like I’m going to go crazy. My mind is a tumult of emotions. On the one hand, I want to savour this as long as possible, exploring every inch of his naked skin.

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