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Do Your Bit for Charity #erotica #charity

Hi everyone,

For those of you that visit this site regularly, or chat to me on social media will know, I like to help charities whenever I can. I’ve contributed stories to several charity anthologies now, as well as edited one, co-edited one and helped to promote lots!

The latest of the bunch is An Intimate Education, a super-hot 22-story eBook. ALL proceeds from this anthology go to Brook, a UK charity which provides sex and wellbeing advice to youngsters. Here’s the blurb:

Featuring 22 erotic stories from authors across the globe, An Intimate Education spans a range of sexualities, genders and desires. The stories show the diversity of erotica, taking in romantic sex, kinky sex, paranormal sex and a lot more besides. All stories show that safe can be sexy.

Created to celebrate the first ever Erotic World Book Day (#EWBD), all profits from An Intimate Education will go to sexual health and well being charity, Brook.

It’ll cost you less than a cup of coffee, so why not 1-click this baby, get yourself some hot erotica AND do something for a good cause all at the same time? Buy links here.

Want to see other charity projects I’ve been involved in? They’re listed below:

Happy Reading!
Lucy x

Christmas Wonder Giveaway Hop! #ChristmasWonderHop

Celebrate the Wonder of the Season! Visit all of the blogs to see what they love most about the season and which books have made their Christmas wish lists! There’s a giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all!


The past few months have been tough for me and my family, so what I’m most looking forward to this Christmas is some time off work, some serious sleeping sessions and lots of reading!

To me, the only thing better than reading is reading for a good cause – so why not check out Coming Together: With Curves? This is a charity anthology co-edited by myself and Victoria Blisse, with every single penny being donated to Parkinson’s UK, a cause very close to both our hearts. It’s available in both eBook and print format, so you can read it however you like – and even gift copies to your friends and family!

If you like curvy chicks, Rubenesque beauties, BBWs… you get the idea, then definitely check out this book as there are some seriously sexy ladies nestled between the covers. Containing stories from Tilly Hunter, Lily Harlem, JoAnne Kenrick, Elizabeth Lapthorne, Victoria Blisse, Bella Blake, Sommer Marsden, Giselle Renarde, Lucy Felthouse and Lexie Bay, this is one collection you do not want to miss!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/coming-together-with-curves/

Now check out the giveaways, then scroll down to see the links to the rest of the blogs on the hop.

Happy Hopping!
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Smut for Good: Curves Rule!


Hi everyone and welcome to Smut for Good: Curves Rule charity blog hop!

I’m so happy to be co-organising and taking part in this fantastic blog hop. Parkinson’s UK is a cause very close to my heart, so I’m delighted to be able to do something to raise awareness and cash for this very worthy cause. If you’d like to donate, please visit this JustGiving page, where every penny will go directly to the charity. If you’d like to buy a book where all the proceeds will go to the charity, then please keep reading.

I’m sharing a snippet from my Rubenesque story, The Wrong End of the Stick, which I wrote for the anthology Coming Together: With Curves that Victoria Blisse and I co-edited. All proceeds from the book (the authors kindly donated their stories, too) go to Parkinson’s UK. So if you grab a copy of this, you’re not only donating to the charity, but you’re also getting a book full of delicious and sensual stories about curvy chicks. Once you’re done reading, don’t forget to scroll down and enter my giveaway, which is for an eBook copy of another of my Rubenesque stories, Mean Girls. Then check out the rest of the blogs on the hop – there are some seriously awesome prizes to be won.

“Can I help you?” she asked. Now she was close to him, she couldn’t help noticing that, annoying gawping habit aside, the guy was pretty cute. He had strawberry blond hair, pale skin, eyebrows and eyelashes to match, startling blue eyes and full red lips. Every time she’d seen him he’d been sitting at a table, so she had little clue about his height or physique, but his face was a damn good start. He looked about her age, too, mid-thirties. She chastised herself—she was meant to be telling him off, not lusting over him!

“W—what do you mean?” he replied, the blood draining from his face and making him even paler.

“I think you know, Mister. I’ve been attending this college on a training course for seven working days now, and on every single one of them, I’ve caught you staring at me at lunchtime. And you haven’t even been subtle about it, either. You’ve gawped openly and it’s doing my head in. Which is why I’ve come to find out exactly what your problem is, and to ask you to please pack it in.”

“M—my problem?”

“Is it because I’m fat? Haven’t you ever seen a fat person before? If you haven’t, you’ve led a very sheltered life. And regardless of whether you have or not, hasn’t anyone ever told you that it’s rude to stare?” She was getting into her stride now—as much as she hated it, he’d driven her to this. She thought she’d kept the volume of her voice pretty low, but apparently not enough, because they were drawing stares from other tables nearby. But at least they had a valid reason to look—not many people could resist checking out an argument or a fight.

“F—fat?” The colour that had drained from his face came back, then heightened further and further until he began to resemble a tomato. He clutched the edge of the table so hard that his knuckles went white. “You’re not fat. Y—you’re beautiful.” He dropped his gaze to the table then, and remained resolutely silent until Bonnie spoke again, which was a good few seconds later, as what he’d said sunk in.

“Hey,” she said quietly, and, she hoped, kindly. “Look at me.” Considering the whole point of their conversation, she was aware her words were ironic, but she only had another twenty minutes before she had to be back in her class, so there was no time to waste. He looked up.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

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Happy Hopping, and thank you for your support!

Lucy x

2013 Round Up!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to fun New Year celebrations. While I am looking forward to 2014 and what it will bring, I’d also like to reflect on 2013 and what I achieved. I don’t often blow my own trumpet, so it’s cool to remind myself of what I’ve done. Here are a few highlights, in no particular order:

My total publication count was 30, which includes print and eBooks. This is the same total as last year, but I’m definitely not beating myself up over that, because I’ve had much longer stuff released and have been working on more novellas and novels. I also don’t count reprints.

I also totted up my word count. This includes works not yet finished or submitted, as well as published works, and I achieved a whopping 377,041 words this year. I’m very proud of that, especially since I don’t write full-time, and I don’t even write every day.

Here’s a photo of the paperbacks I’ve been in this year – click the image to enlarge.



All in all, it’s been an awesome 2013! I already have books lined up for 2014 so it’s already off to a promising start. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy New Year!

Lucy x

Stories for When the Sun Goes Down by Lily Harlem

Hi Lucy, thank you so much for inviting me over to play at this festive time of year. It’s great fun to party with friends amongst the tinsel and mistletoe and enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a little festive fayre – Mwahh!

Stories For When the Sun Goes DownTo warm your cockles and spread a little magic I’ve brought with me my new collection of erotic and romantic tales – Stories for When the Sun Goes Down. These stories are perfect for snuggling up in bed with on cold winter nights, or, even better, reading aloud to a lover in front of the fire to get the sultry mood just right for an evening of fun.

This is my first collection and it’s a very special set of stories to me as they are each an enormous part of my journey to becoming an author of erotic romance. Every one holds a piece of my writing history and has built my confidence. I’m grateful to all the editors who gave me a chance and published my first words. I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing my name in print for the first time. An amazing experience that, as all new authors will relate to, I didn’t know if it would ever happen.

So what’s in this collection? Madam President is the first erotic piece I ever wrote and I entered it into an erotic fiction competition sponsored by LoveHoney. To my delight I won first place and that set me off on the road of steamy romance, a road that’s been up and down, twisted and turned and meant I’ve met a whole group of wonderful new friends from around the world. Some I’ve met in person, some only virtually, but still I look back and thank my lucky stars that I choose the path that I did because these friends and colleagues have made writing the most wonderful experience.

Coming Together With CurvesShy Bird and The Actress are both stories that feature in Coming Together Anthologies, a charity publisher that donates all royalties to good causes and authors provide the stories for free. If you enjoy my work in Stories for When the Sun Goes Down to check out the rest of the Coming Together As One anthology and Coming Together Triumphantly , but don’t stop there, Coming Together has many more titles as my lovely host, Lucy will testify to, including Coming Together with Curves which Lucy edited and I feature in alongside many of my authorly friends.

The I Promise… stories were great fun to write and feature a couple who’ve found some very raunchy sexual favour vouchers to gift each other with – a great idea if you’re stuck for something to buy the guy or gal in your life this year, don’t you think? And A Classic Wedding Night continues Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett’s story after the confetti has landed and the sun goes down. Oh, who can resist Darcy when he gets all dominant and determined?

Contents – Stories for When the Sun Goes Down

  • Madam President
  • The Champagne Whore
  • Shy Bird
  • The Actress
  • Making Shapes
  • I Promise to Please
  • I Promise to Surrender
  • I Promise to Perform
  • A Classic Wedding Night
  • Stable Manners

(All of these stories have been published in a variety of US and UK anthologies over the last five years and you can find out more about this on my website.)

rtsidebargraphicThis time of year we all tend to get a bit melancholy as we look back at all that’s happened and then forward to the future. So what’s in my year ahead? Well, to stay happy and healthy and enjoy every moment I can of my life and continue to be thankful for the wonderful man who loves me and whom I love in return. As for my writing, I’m breaking into paranormal for the first time this year. Both Bite Mark and Claw Mark will be hitting the virtual shelves at Ellora’s Cave. I’ve also got more Hot Ice set to release, that’s Misconduct and Russian Heat. I’m continuing with projects with Natalie Dae (we publish under the name Harlem Dae) and Lucy Felthouse. Raw Talent. I’m looking forward to getting to Eroticon in Bristol (March) and spending time with fellow Brit Babes and I’m tentatively planning a trip to the US in October to Romanticon where I’ll be able to put faces to the names of my wonderful colleagues at Ellora’s Cave. Perhaps Lucy will join me on a cross Atlantic journey if I ask her nicely!

I’ll also write a few more short stories that will hopefully end up in Coming Together anthologies (doing good while being bad!) and they’ll all become part of this rich and exciting path I’ve chosen as a writer. If you’d like to pick up a copy of Stories for When the Sun Goes Down here are the buy links.

Buy Links

Stories for When the Sun Goes Down – Amazon

Stories for When the Sun Goes Down – Amazon UK

Thank you so much for letting me natter on, Lucy, it’s been fun and a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2014 to all our readers and blog visitors.

Lily x

PS – Some special offers going on this week and freebies, details on my blog.

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New Release: Coming Together With Curves

If you swung by yesterday, you probably already know that Coming Together With Curves is out. If you did, I’m telling you again… I’m just that excited! If you have no idea what I’m going on about, read on…

Curvy girls and the men (and women!) that love them is the theme of this charity anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

From Zumba classes to Burlesque dancers, all kinds of big and beautiful women are portrayed between the pages of this book. Read about birthday surprises, smut at the gym, horse riders, lusty couples, naughty neighbours, skilled bakers, rope bondage and misunderstandings from some of erotica’s best authors.

Sales proceeds benefit Parkinson’s UK.

Contents: Six Lengths of Red Hemp (Tilly Hunter), Cross Trainer Number Four (Lily Harlem), Bella Buxom, Just Squeeze Me (JoAnne Kenrick), Captivated (Elizabeth Lapthorne), Red Rag to a Bull (Victoria Blisse), Girl Next Door (Bella Blake), Lush Buns (Sommer Marsden), The Big Reveal (Giselle Renarde), The Wrong End of the Stick (Lucy Felthouse), Riding School (Bella Blake), Flesh For Fantasy (Lexie Bay).

There’s more info, an excerpt and buy links here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/coming-together-with-curves/

Add this awesome anthology to your Goodreads shelves.