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A Sexy Snippet from Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills

Flesh Spills and Secret ThrillsI’m continuing to highlight some of the stories I have in anthologies as they don’t usually get as much exposure (if you’ll pardon the pun) as my single-author stories. Here’s an excerpt from my story, Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills, which appears in the House of Erotica anthology of the same name, which also contains another of my stories, Miri on the Wall, and two other fab Rubenesque stories from my buddy Victoria Blisse.

The beautiful silk and lace garment fit perfectly, cinching my waist in without being uncomfortable or too restrictive. I loved the way it appeared to suck in my middle and shove the excess flesh to where it was sexiest – above and below the material. My hips flared out from underneath the corset and my breasts were barely restrained in the cups at the top. They were thrust up and out like some kind of sexy offering.

I looked sluttish, wanton. I’d been expecting that. What I hadn’t been expecting was the way the corset made me feel. Mentally, I mean. It was thrilling. I felt powerful and sexy. As I turned this way and that before the mirror, leaning forward to see if my boobs would stay put (they did, just), blood started to gather in my groin, thickening my vulva and nudging my clit awake.

Gazing back out of the mirror at me wasn’t me, but some kind of goddess. Seriously, I looked so hot that I even wanted to have sex with myself! My eyes shone and my face was flushed and glowing. I leaned forward once more for good measure, and as I cupped and squeezed the abundant flesh that threatened to spill out, the embers that had been kindling between my thighs sparked into a full blown fire.

I knew what I had to do.

I’d only removed the top half of my clothing to put on the corset, such was my impatience. Now I slipped off my socks and jeans, tossing them into the corner. The scarlet thong I was wearing clashed horribly with my new lingerie, but it didn’t matter. I pulled the underwear down, tensing as the wet gusset peeled away from my pussy, exposing it to the cool air. The tiny scrap of material joined my other clothes, discarded across the room.

I shifted and tilted the mirror I’d been primping in front of so it reflected our king sized mattress. I quickly grabbed mine and Chris’ toy box from beneath the bed and retrieved my trusty rabbit vibe.

Then in true sexy and wanton goddess style, I laid back on the duvet and spread my legs wide. My pussy was rudely reflected back at me in all its pink and glistening glory. From that angle, my boobs were thrust high, almost obscuring my face. By this point I was so horny I barely noticed, and I certainly didn’t care.

Switching my vibrator onto its lowest setting, I slipped it between my thighs.

Want to find out what happens next? Grab your copy of Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills here. It’s a bargain, and you get three other sexy stories, too!


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