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Cover Reveal and Pre-Order for The Beauty and the Badass

The Beauty and the Badass

Hi folks!

What do you think to my stunning cover for The Beauty and the Badass? I think it’s gorgeous! I’m revealing the cover ahead of the book’s release on the 3rd January 2017. For those of you that think the title is familiar, it’s because this story has been available as part of the Dirty Doms boxed set for a few months. The boxed set is only going to be available until the end of this month, too, so if you want to grab the set, be quick!

If you’d prefer the standalone version of my story, it’s available for pre-order now.

Here’s what it’s all about:

From the moment Alexei Miles sets eyes on the kickboxing instructor at his new gym, he’s enthralled. She’s strong and sexy, and he senses something in her that speaks to his deepest desires. Bored of meaningless one-night stands, Alexei vows to find out more about the beautiful badass. He hopes his senses are correct—that her desires will match his own, and that his period of unsatisfying sexual encounters is over.

Zoe Harrison notices the new guy as soon as he walks into the gym—difficult not to, really, given he’s a six-feet-plus gorgeous Viking. As well as being attractive, he awakens something deep inside that she’d almost forgotten about. Men that can handle Zoe’s busy lifestyle are few and far between. Add to that her very specific sexual appetites and it’s little wonder she’s been single for so long. Is the Viking about to change all that?

Happy Reading!
Lucy x

Saturday Spankings #94 – She was just so damn irresistible… #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-467x200Hi everyone,

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, which is where authors post eight-ish sentences of a spanking on their blogs. Here’s more from The Beauty and the Badass, OUT NOW as part of the Dirty Doms boxed set. It came out this week, and is already an Amazon bestseller. Thank you so much to those of you that have bought the collection. This snippet skips forward a little way in the story… really getting to the dirty stuff 😉

Dirty DomsAlexei’s cock threatened to tear right through his jeans and punch a hole in Zoe’s breakfast bar. She was just so damn irresistible, and from what he could tell, it was completely unintentional. His comment about taking a good spanking had first of all caused her face to drain of all color, then a few seconds later, redden. It seemed the two of them were firmly on the same page, much to his relief. Despite that, Zoe still had the look of an animal caught in headlights—maybe it was indecision and what-ifs playing on her mind?

Reminding himself that a Dominant was exactly what Zoe wanted—her calling him Sir had been confirmation enough of that—he figured the best way to move things along one way or the other was to be that Dominant.

“Zoe? Come here.”

There was a split second where he wasn’t sure if she was going to obey him or not, but as she hurried across to him, he figured it was probably nerves rather than defiance that had caused that minor delay.

I hope you enjoyed that snippet! You can pre-order the book here. And then see the below list to hop to the other authors taking part…

My Sexy Saturday #122 – “…don’t tell my wife I said that…” #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday! This is where writers post either 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from their published work or work in progress. I’m following on from last week’s snippet. The Beauty and the Badass is a M/F erotic romance novella, which appears in the Dirty Doms boxed set, OUT NOW! It released this week, and is already an Amazon bestseller! Huge thanks to those of you that bought it.

Dirty Doms“Come on,” John jerked his head in the direction of the room they’d been heading for. “I’ll fill you in.”

Forcing himself to keep his eyes firmly on John’s retreating back, and not sneak another peek at the sexy blonde, Alexei followed him into the room that was full of workout equipment. The sounds of metal against metal, whirring pedals and grunting men and women filled the space. Though it wasn’t noisy, exactly, there was enough going on that the two men could talk without everyone overhearing them.

“That, mate,” John said, pointing with his thumb, “is Zoe. Not surprised you noticed her—she is bloody gorgeous. For God’s sake, don’t tell my wife I said that, though. She’ll have my guts for garters.”

Grab your copy of Dirty Doms here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/dirty-doms/

Add to Goodreads here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29935847-dirty-doms-box-set

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Happy Reading,

Lucy x

Mid Week Tease: …what could he do to her with a word, with a touch? #MWTease

mid-week-tease-buttonHi everyone,

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! This week I’m sharing more from my M/F BDSM novella called The Beauty and the Badass, which is part of the Dirty Doms boxed set, OUT NOW! It released yesterday and is already an Amazon bestseller! Huge thanks to those of you that purchased it already. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Dirty DomsThe situation had been so hopeless, for such a long period of time, that Zoe had pretty much forgotten about it, instead burying herself in work, friends and family. Other than giving the various battery-operated items in her bedside table a good and frequent workout, her sex life was neglected, non-existent.

And until Blondie had walked into the room, it hadn’t bothered her. But something about him, some sixth sense he’d sparked off in her, told her that there was a chance he could be different. Those tingles that had erupted all over her had been as surprising as they were exciting, and she couldn’t help thinking there had to be a reason for it. If that was the effect he had on her from the other side of a room, what could he do to her with a word, with a touch?

Zoe shook her head. She was getting way ahead of herself. Waaay ahead. Yes, he’d set something off in her, something to ignite her interest for the first time in forever, but still. The man could be married, or gay, or the most deathly boring person ever to walk the planet. Or the stupidest—he had crashed into John, after all. That hadn’t been the smartest move. Then again, perhaps he was just clumsy.

But, as was always the case with these situations—there was only one way to find out. She was going to have to discover more about him. Ask around, check if he was unattached. If he was, then she’d find a way to speak to him, strike up conversation.

Grab your copy of Dirty Doms here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/dirty-doms/

And add it to your Goodreads shelves here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29935847-dirty-doms-box-set

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New Release – Dirty Doms Boxed Set! #newrelease #erotica #romance #bdsm

Hi everyone,

I’m utterly delighted to announce the release of the Dirty Doms boxed set! Containing my story, The Beauty and the Badass, this collection has ten stories from NY Times, USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors. Here’s the skinny:

Explore your kinkiest BDSM fantasies with Dirty Doms

Ten of your favorite NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best-selling authors have delved into the world of BDSM Kink. Explore your darkest desires, and deepest secrets under the expert care of a sexy Alpha Dom.

(Capture) Fantasy Surrender by: Lori King
(Sensory Deprivation) Deprived by: Jordan Ashley
(Pet Play) Club Menage: Fifi by: Tara Crescent
(Impact Play) Sizzle by: McKinlay Thomson
(Medical Play) Electric by: CP Mandara
(Daddy Dom) Professor Knows Best by: Juliet Braddock
(Corporal Punishment) The Beauty and the Badass by: Lucy Felthouse
(Orgasm Control) Secrets & Lies by: Serena Akeroyd
(Fire Play) Kaise by: Jade Belfry
(Bondage) Binding Her To Him by: TL Reeve

Spice up your night and indulge your kinks…

And here’s a little snippet from my story to whet your appetite:

Alexei quirked an eyebrow and shifted a little in his seat, willing his cock not to stiffen. He still had to go to the bar and get both of them a drink, and he wasn’t at all keen on the idea of doing that with an erection. But Zoe’s words, coupled with the look on her face, in her eyes, was driving him to distraction. It was absolutely a case of her mouth physically saying one thing, while her facial expression and body language screamed something else entirely. He just wasn’t sure how she would react if he called her out on it.

As the seconds passed, he watched as Zoe squirmed. That clinched it for him. He’d say what was on the tip of his tongue. If he’d gotten it wrong, then so be it. But at least the wondering, the questioning, the anticipation, wouldn’t be able to torment him any longer.

With a quick glance around to make sure no one was within earshot, he leaned across the table, and, in a low voice, said, “I don’t think you want me to be good at all, Zoe. Not really. I think, if we’re being completely honest here—and one thing I always aim to be is completely honest—you want me to be the exact opposite of good. You want me to be bad. Or,” he paused for both effect and to pluck up the courage he needed to allow the words past his lips, “more accurately, I think you’ll be the one to misbehave. Purely so I can punish you. Have you over my knee and spank that luscious arse of yours. And that’s just for starters…”

He tailed off and leaned back in his chair, carefully observing Zoe’s reaction to his suggestion.

She remained still and silent for several seconds, seeming to let what he’d just said sink in, and to process it.

Alexei’s heart pounded, but he was careful not to let his nerves show. If he’d gotten the measure of Zoe as he thought he had, then she wanted a confident, experienced Dom. He was both of those things, or at least he would be, given the chance. But right now he couldn’t help but be concerned about losing this gorgeous woman without having had her in the first place.

Finally, after what felt like eons, she responded. With a smile and a slight tremble in her voice, she replied, “Well, it seems complete honesty is the way to go. So,” she picked up her bag and stood from the table, “my place or yours?”

Without waiting for a reply, she turned on her heel and walked out of the pub. To her credit, she didn’t look back, either.


Want to grab your copy? All the buy links are here. Ten smokin’ hot stories for one awesome price! What are you waiting for?

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

Saturday Spankings #93 – He and Zoe had… something. #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-467x200Hi everyone,

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, which is where authors post eight-ish sentences of a spanking on their blogs. Here’s more from The Beauty and the Badass, coming out as part of the Dirty Doms boxed set on 28th June. I’m so excited for this collection to release next week! You can pre-order it now for just 99c/99p!

Dirty DomsYes, the vivid image that had now popped into his head would definitely be going into his wank bank, but for now he was more than happy to stick with a relatively vanilla spanking and see how things progressed from there.

There was also the not-inconsiderable matter of the fact they hadn’t even kissed yet. Or talked, or gotten to know one another… He had to be careful that this didn’t turn into just another one-night stand—albeit a slightly kinky one with the hottest woman he’d ever had the good fortune to meet—another woman in and out of his figurative revolving door. There was no way he wanted that to happen. He and Zoe had… something. A spark, chemistry, attraction, whatever.

And he was determined to take that something and run with it.

I hope you enjoyed that snippet! You can pre-order the book here. And then see the below list to hop to the other authors taking part…