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Guest Blogger: Robin Badillo

sexy noel sleeping in a barnBlurb:

Noah Donner had it all, good looks, great job and a kick-ass gift. As a special breed of shifter, every Christmas Eve he assisted Santa as one of his famous reindeer. A lover of all women, he’s the quintessential playboy. But all that changed within weeks of Christmas, when he found himself drawn to another reindeer shifter, Mira Prancer.

Not exactly sleek reindeer material, full-figured Mira took pride in her gift as a shifter. Usually a timid wallflower, Mira suddenly learns she’s Noah’s latest target and after a drunken night of unexpected passion, they find themselves in a quandary.

Can these two love-struck shifters play nice? Or will this little Reindeer Game require a little magic?

Adult Excerpt

His gravelly timbre sent shockwaves pulsating across her throbbing clit.

She sucked air through her teeth and pinched at her nipples, for no other reason than to remind herself she wasn’t dreaming.

“Tell me.” Her breathing quickened, matching the accelerated beat of her heart.

Noah laughed with what sounded like devilish intent. He ran his hand up her inner thigh and playfully cupped her crotch, pressing in a little harder along the slit until the lacy fabric grazed her sensitive nub.

Mira shuddered and chewed her bottom lip. Her fingers found the swirls of dark hair atop his head and when he hiked up her skirt and began kissing her inner thigh, her instincts kicked in and she urged him on. “Oh, yeah.”

“You like that?” His hungry growl made her tremble even more.

Mira moaned then slipped her hand down the front of her panties.

Noah groaned. “That’s it.” He grasped the fabric of her thong at her hips and tugged them down, a little rougher than necessary, which only excited Mira more.

Her middle finger invaded her seam and she quaked as her fingernail nicked her swollen clit.

Noah’s hot breath spilled across the delicate skin of her folds, followed by a stiffened flick of his tongue, competing with her fingers for the job.

Mira relented and moved her hand away, surrendering herself to his will.

Noah suckled her pussy and playfully teased her clit with the tip of his tongue.

She could hardly remain standing as her knees weakened.

He cupped the back of her legs, gripping her right below her ass, spreading her cheeks as his fingertips playfully invaded her from behind.

Mira gasped as he sucked harder and nibbled her now burning nub. “Fuck meee.” It was more of a sigh than a command, but Noah must have taken it at face value, because he slid his fingers inside her slickened channel then plunged deeper.

“Wait.” Mira eased around to the sofa with Noah following her every move while still on his knees. She sat down and scooted forward, allowing her ass to hang off the edge. Mira spread her legs wide, inviting him to pleasure her properly. “Now.” Where in the hell did this confidence come from?

“You are so fucking hot.” He roughly gripped her thighs, leaned in, and kissed her.

Her own salty essence flooded her tongue and she sucked his harder.

Noah chuckled deep. “Naughty little vixen.”

Mira laughed. “I think you’re a little confused. I’m Prancer, not Vixen.”

He sucked her left nipple. “Trust me. I know exactly who you are.” Noah nudged her back, settled between her legs, and spread her thighs even wider.

Mira looked down her body, past her plump curves, and watched intently as Noah’s mouth pleasured her. She splayed shaky fingers through his hair and encouraged him to suck harder.

He slid one finger inside her, then two, and pumped feverishly as he lapped away her cream. “So fucking sweet.”

Mira’s eyes rolled back. Overwhelmed by her climax, she bucked beneath his laboring mouth. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Electricity zapped across her skin and skittered up her spine.

Noah grunted and sucked wildly as she exploded in his mouth.

Her body jerked and her vision dimmed. This was not at all how she’d expected her night to end.