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The Handyman

Young Johnny was a simple lad and led a simple life working the land. One day he took himself off wandering in the woods, at a loss what to do; since his work was seasonal.

Presently he came across a cottage deep in the woods, which he’d never seen before. It looked a little run down and in need of some work. Maybe there was someone there that needed jobs doing, or errands running. Johnny perked up; a few extra coins in his pocket wouldn’t go amiss! He’d be able to help his mother out; pay off the grocer’s bill perhaps. Continue reading

Amy and the Rose

Once upon a time, a woman and her young daughter lived in a cottage in the middle of the woods. Rumour had it that the woman was a witch, for in the garden surrounding the cottage, anything would grow. Whether it be seed, bulb or sapling, it would thrive. The stream bordering the cottage and its garden was also renowned for its healing powers. Continue reading

The Princess and the http

Once upon a time there was a King whose wife had passed away, but not before giving birth to their beautiful daughter. He loved his daughter dearly, as all fathers love their daughters. He wanted to protect her from anything that may harm or upset her. He got it into his head that the outside world was an enemy to his daughter; she may stumble into scrapes, or fall in love with the wrong man. So the King made a decision, in order to stop any of these things happening, she must never meet anyone who would lead her astray.
Continue reading

The Temptation of Neve

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived a King and a Queen. They lived in a beautiful kingdom, which was known far and wide for its exquisite gardens and the blooms they produced. The royal couple lived a wonderful life and loved each other very much. They wanted for nothing; except a child. They had tried for many years, and had started to give up hope, thinking maybe it was not to be. Both were disappointed but did not want to say too much to the other for fear of upsetting them; but the Queen in particular was desperate to have a child, and she whiled away many hours thinking about it. Continue reading

Teague O’Kane and the Corpse – A Retelling

In a little village not so far from here lived a young man called Richard Hall. Now Richard was what young folk would call a bit of a ‘stud.’ He was a good looking chap, and he worked out a lot so he had what young ladies call a ‘buff’ body. He also had a very good job, running his own company. So you understand he was quite a catch for the ladies. Or the not so ladylike. Maybe we better just call them young females. But anyhow, he was quite a catch, and let’s just say, rather than using his efforts to fight them off, he just took them all to bed, and not always one at a time! Richard just had to smile and they all came running! Continue reading