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Sex Toy Review: UltraTouch G-Spot Seahorse Vibrator

gspotseahorseThe lovely folk at Honour.co.uk sent me the UltraTouch G-Spot Seahorse Vibrator to test out. It arrived quickly and in discreet packaging. Even when I opened the outer box, the actual toy’s box was lovely. Slim and classy, though a tad difficult to get into. Once there, though, the unique design is immediately apparent, as is the high quality.

The UltraTouch G-Spot Seahorse Vibrator has three motors inside – and that’s not even the best part. The best selling point, in my opinion, is the fact it’s rechargeable, and the charger is included. The toy arrived with enough charge for use, but it’s recommended to charge it for around two hours to get full power. Even with the three motors, however, this toy is pretty quiet, and definitely does the job. The motors are perfectly placed to stimulate a woman’s most erogenous zones and zoom her to orgasm. Another added bonus is that you can use this baby in the bathroom, too, as it’s splash proof. Add some water-based lube (the toy is silicone, so don’t use silicone lube) and you’re away.

The UltraTouch G-Spot Seahorse Vibrator will supply a unique and orgasmic playtime without too much noise and at a very reasonable price. Bag yours at Honour.co.uk.