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eBook Review: Prime Time by Jane Wenham-Jones

Article first published as eBook Review: Prime Time by Jane Wenham-Jones on Blogcritics.

Prime TimeI’ve been acquainted with Jane Wenham-Jones’ work (both fiction and non-fiction) for a while now, and have always enjoyed her writing style. Her humour is such that she can even make non-fiction funny, as well as hugely informative. Previous novels of hers that I’ve read are Perfect Alibis and One Glass is Never Enough, both of which I enjoyed.

Prime Time is a romantic comedy about a middle aged woman who feels every bit her age. Laura Meredith is not having a good time of it: she feels old, fat, hormonal and is still incredibly bitter over the fact that her husband left her for a younger, thinner woman. Add to that a difficult young son, and it’s no wonder that Laura’s PMT is off the scale.

Things in Laura’s life take a dramatic turn, however, when her best friend Charlotte persuades her to appear on a daytime TV show to talk about PMT. Following the show, she’s head-hunted for another one and suddenly she’s being wined, dined and pampered, as well as having mad flirtation with one of the show’s directors. As things heat up in that department, however, other parts of Laura’s life become much more difficult. Charlotte’s husband Roger is up to no good, son Stanley is having trouble at school and she’s struggling to keep up with her day job.

As Laura juggles all the elements of her life, she struggles to keep her cool. Will she manage it, or will her crazy hormones take over and ruin everything? There’s only one way to find out…

Prime Time is a brilliant novel. It’s full of Wenham-Jones’ typical humour, and had me sniggering on more than one occasion. Laura Meredith is a great lead character and despite her faults you find yourself rooting for her throughout, and hoping everything works out for the best. There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the book and it certainly kept me turning the digital pages until the very end – which was a stroke of genius in itself. So if you’re looking for a rom-com about real women and real lives, you should definitely check out Prime Time.

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Bonkers Bloke Talks Vamps

28th October 2009 – I came across this video today and just thought I would share. It discusses two of my favourite topics – sex and vampires. And as many of you probably already know – I like them even better when they’re together. And so, it would appear, to millions of people worldwide. So there.


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