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Yet More Bargains! #erotica #romance #ebooks

Hi all,

Wow, January is turning out to be an awesome month for eBook bargains, isn’t it? I just found out that, throughout January, Ellora’s Cave is having a 30% rebate on all their titles at All Romance eBooks!

So if you want to grab any of my Ellora’s Cave books, here they are:

A Different Kind of Cosplay (M/F erotic romance novella)

Pack of Lies (M/M and M/F erotic romance mystery/thriller novel)

Sweet Spot (F/F erotic sports romance novella)

A Taste of Rome (M/F erotic short story)

Illicit Relations (M/M erotic romance novella)

Mean Girls (M/F BBW erotic romance novella)

A Taste of Paris (M/F erotic short story)

A Taste of London (M/F erotic short story)

Grand Slam (co-authored M/F BDSM sports erotic romance novel)


Phew – that’s really a lot of bargains this month. Your eReaders will be stuffed to bursting 😉

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

P.S. The Brit Boys: On Boys boxed set is featured on USA Today’s HEA page – how cool is that?! Check it out here.

News and Gossip! #bargains #sale #amwriting #comingsoon #giveaway

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted an update on here as things have been so crazy, so here goes…

tourbutton_unconditionalsurrenderIf you follow the blog, you’ll know that the Unconditional Surrender bundle went live and has been doing really well. Hurrah! The price just went up today (it’s been on sale for the first week of release), but I still think it’s an absolute steal for 13 m/m military novellas. Also, the collection is currently on tour, so if you follow the tour you can enter the fantastic giveaway each day. Check today’s out here – which is my turn putting my character, Hugh Wilkes, in the hot seat.

We’ve also received some fantastic reviews for the collection:

“This was a fantastic bundle and well worth the read. There are several stories in here that I would love to see the characters revisited in full length novels. These were great teasers that whet my appetite and left me wanting more. The variety that you get with this bundle is incredible from all the different branches of the military, some active and some retired, some dealing with wounds and/or PTSD, there is truly something for everyone.” 4 out of 5, Guilty Indulgence Book Club

“Unconditional Surrender is a great bundle set of gay romance featuring men of the military. There is a little something for everyone in here. The romances range from sweet to so erotic they will make you blush.” 4 out of 5, The Jeep Diva

“If you want a quick read with a lot of different types of stories, all involving hot military men,then you will like this collection.” 4 out of 5, Inked Rainbow Reads

If you’ve read the bundle, and are looking for some more m/m goodness, check out: Pack of Lies, Letters to a War Zone, Illicit Relations and Ditched.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for more bargain reads, check out Timeless Desire (M/F paranormal erotic romance) and Weekend at Wilderhope Manor (F/F paranormal erotica) which are both currently available at just $0.99/77p. They’re also both pretty spooky, so ideal for the time of year 😉

In news of upcoming titles, short story fans are in for a good time…

Next month, I’m releasing a collection of erotic short stories – most of which have been previously published, but I still retain the rights. So keep yours eyes peeled for Multi-Orgasmic.

I’m also delighted to announce I have a story in the upcoming Cougars anthology from the fabulous Ladylit. It’s called Returning Riley, and the collection is due to hit digital shelves in early November.

Last, but not least, Sapphic Smut is also forthcoming. This anthology, which I both contributed to and edited, contains stories from yours truly, Kay Jaybee, Louisa Bacio, Sallyanne Rogers, Vanessa de Sade, Tabitha Rayne and Elizabeth Coldwell.

Event wise, Smut Manchester will soon be upon us! So if you’re looking for a fantastic day featuring all things smutty, then get yourself to Manchester on the 15th November. I’ll be there selling books, giving away goodies and reading from my work. I hope to see you there.

Before then, the Brit Babes are having a Halloween party on Facebook! Join here for laughs, fun, prizes and more!

At the moment, writing wise, I’m in m/m-land. I’m currently working on a novella for a bundle I’m putting together with Lily Harlem (more on that soon). It’s called Love on Location and my Muses for this project are Benedict Cumberbatch and Prince Harry. Hot, huh?

Once that’s done and dusted, I’ll be working on a m/m uniform story for an anthology – so please keep your fingers crossed that they like it! 😉

After that… who knows? I’d really like to start work another novel, but realistically it won’t happen until early next year. So let’s hope I can write fast!

Phew, that was a lot of news in a short space of time. If you want to keep up with everything and have the details delivered directly to your inbox, then considering signing up for my monthly newsletter here.

Happy Reading!

Lucy x


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Another Ellora’s Cave Rebate on All Romance eBooks for Bargain Hunters!

Hi everyone,

Wow, it seems like every other week there’s an offer on at All Romance eBooks, but I’m not complaining. I love to bag a bargain! 😉

From now until the end of August, you can get a 25% rebate on all Ellora’s Cave titles at All Romance eBooks!

That includes:

Pack of LiesPack of Lies (just released!)

Illicit Relations

Mean Girls

A Taste of London

A Taste of Paris

A Taste of Rome

Grand Slam – co-authored with Lily Harlem

Sweet Spot

So, what are you waiting for? Load up your eReader with lots of erotica and erotic romance to ensure a long, hot summer 😉

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

More Discounts and Would Love Your Votes!

Hi everyone,

I just found out that the fabulous All Romance eBooks and equally fabulous Ellora’s Cave Publishing have put together another excellent deal for readers. From now until 31st July, you can get a 30% rebate on ALL Ellora’s Cave titles. This includes:

A Taste of RomeSweet Spot (F/F Erotic Sports Romance novella – an All Romance bestseller)

Grand Slam (M/F BDSM Erotic Sports Romance novel – co-authored with Lily Harlem)

Mean Girls (M/F Rubenesque Erotic Romance novella)

A Taste of London (World of Sin #1, M/F Erotic short story)

A Taste of Paris (World of Sin #2, M/F Erotic short story)

A Taste of Rome (World of Sin #3, M/F Erotic short story and award nominee – see below)

Illicit Relations (M/M Erotic Romance novella)

Also, in other great Ellora’s Cave news, A Taste of Rome has been nominated for a Golden Ankh award! I’m stunned and excited. If you’d like to vote, the link is here (A Taste of Rome is in the ‘erotica’ category if you want to vote for me 🙂 ): https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RCon2014 – voting is live until 23rd July.

Happy Reading!
Lucy x

All Ellora’s Cave Titles 25% Off After Rebate at All Romance eBooks!

Hi everyone,

Yes, that’s right, there are more bargains to be had! I do love me a bargain 🙂

ALL Ellora’s Cave titles are 25% off after rebate at All Romance eBooks for the month of June. This means you’ll be able to grab the following of my books for a bargain price:

Illicit Relations (M/M Erotic Romance)

A Taste of London (M/F Erotica)

A Taste of Paris (M/F Erotica)

A Taste of Rome (M/F Erotica)

Grand Slam (M/F BDSM Sports Erotic Romance, co-authored with Lily Harlem)

Mean Girls (M/F Rubenesque Erotic Romance)

Aaaaaand… when Sweet Spot is released on the 18th June and goes onto All Romance eBooks, that’ll have the same offer! So you’ll be able to grab my brand new book at a discounted price 🙂

Happy Reading!

Lucy x




Read an eBook Week!

Hi everyone,

Yay, it’s Read an eBook Week, which generally means bargains! And yes, I’ve got some bargains for you.

Tirgearr Publishing is taking part via Smashwords, which means that any of their titles on Smashwords are available for 50% off, which includes my books, A Menu with a Difference and A Bit of Rough. Just pop in the discount code that comes up on the book page to grab your money off.

And I also heard that Ellora’s Cave is offering a whopping 90% off via Kobo. I haven’t tried this personally so don’t shout at me if it’s wrong, but I’m told that it does work. The only catch is that if you want to purchase more than one book, you have to do it one at a time.

Here’s the discount code:


Use it to bag Illicit Relations, Mean Girls, A Taste of London, A Taste of Paris and Grand Slam for next to nothing! Talk about a good deal, eh?

And, don’t forget that Sexy Just Walked Into Town, The Brit Babes anthology, is permanently FREE on most retailers!

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

Sunday Snog – Stately Pleasures

Sunday Snog

Illicit RelationsIt’s time for another Sunday Snog and more tantalising lip action from my M/M erotic romance novella, Illicit Relations. Happy reading!

With that, they fell silent. Justin closed the gap between their faces and pressed a tender kiss to Terry’s lips. It was chaste for barely a second before they reached for each other and things became much more passionate. Lips parted, tongues explored, teeth clashed.

Soon the silence was replaced by heavy breathing, gasps and moans. They touched each other’s backs, shoulders and arms, eager for contact. Eager for…more.

Terry had been stiff pretty much as soon as they’d gotten into the taxi. The promise of what would happen next had seen to that. But now he felt close to exploding. His shaft pressed hard against the inside of his boxer shorts and he was damn glad he’d worn them. If not, his poor cock would have been in danger of being shredded by the unforgiving metal of his zipper.

He pulled back, his eyes wide, his chest heaving. “Fuck,” he said in response to Justin’s confused expression. “That’s just…wow. Can we get naked now?”

The blond grinned. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Their lips melded once more and they turned their exploring hands to the task of undressing one another. They parted briefly to tug off T-shirts, but then they were drawn back together as if by magnets.

Terry scrambled wildly at Justin’s waist, desperate to render him naked so they could roll around on the bed, skin-to-skin. “Argh,” he finally said, the angle just too difficult to achieve his aim. “Just get them off.” He waved at the offending jeans.

As one, they reached down to undo their shoes, tug off their socks, then finally remove their jeans and boxers. Finally they stood facing each other, raking their gazes over each other’s unclothed forms.

You can get your hands on Illicit Relations here.

Also, don’t forget to head back to Blissekiss and see what other luscious lip to lip action other authors have posted. Yum!