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May is For Menage (@instafreebie) #instafreebie #freebie #sale #99c

Hi folks,

Just swinging by to let you know that May is for Menage, and for two reasons…

  1. I’m taking part in this Instafreebie giveaway where a whole of sexy threesome books are available for download
  2. My MMF novel, Eyes Wide Open, is currently just 99c/p on Amazon. I don’t know how long the sale is on for, though, so if you like the sound of it, please be quick!

Happy Reading!
Lucy x

Lucky in Love Romance Giveaway (@instafreebie) #instafreebie #free #books

Fate? Destiny? Magic?

Here are a great collection of multi-author, swoon-worthy romance reads that will leave you tingling with a feeling of magic in the air. For a limited time you can grab these books FREE!

**Lucky in Love Landing Page**

Happy Reading (and Happy St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re celebrating it)!

Lucy x

Forbidden Love, Forbidden Lust Event at @instafreebie #FREEbooks #Instafreebie #SeductiveTales

The hottest, naughtiest, sexiest stories.

The books you don’t want your mother to know you read!

It’s time for an early night…




#Instafreebie #SeductiveTales

Sweet and Spicy Valentine’s Romance Giveaway (@instafreebie) #instafreebie

These amazing romance authors have been hit by cupid’s arrow and are offering you their sweet or spicy romance book FREE for a limited time!

**Valentine’s Romance Giveaway Landing Page**

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

We’ve Got the Steam Heat (@instafreebie) #Instafreebie #SteamyRomance #RomanceGiveaway #SteamHeatGiveaway

Download this huge steamy romance haul and get ready to fan yourself with your eReader!

**Steam Heat Landing Page**

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

Peepshow – Steamy Romance and Erotica (@instafreebie) #instafreebie

Looking for some awesome reads? Check out this fantastic Instafreebie event! A bunch of authors have gotten together to share teasers, sneak peeks and previews of their books, so if you want to stock up on reading material, just click the link below and start browsing.

**Peepshow Landing Page**

Happy Reading!
Lucy x