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Interview with Landra Graf (@riseoftheslush)

I’m delighted to welcome Landra Graf to the blog today, where she’ll be dishing the dirt on the three aspects of her personality, sexual submission and Jensen Ackles. Take it away, Landra!


What You NeedTell us about yourself. Both your writing self and your non-writing self. What are your interests and hobbies? Do you have a day job, etc?

Actually there’s three of me: the one who writes, the one who works, and the one who parents. The writer loves to read as much as write. Plenty of idea, words, and curses flow through my fingers and my mouth during those times. The worker gets to cook all day. It’s a creative job where I’m usually provide a food item and then told to make the item part of meal solution, develop a recipe or simply determine how you’d prepare with it with a specific set of equipment. The parent manages homework help, household chores, and loves playing card games and Scrabble with her spawn.

Give us the background on your latest release.

The characters in What You Need are secondary characters from a contemporary romance I’ve got in the works. They were supposed to wait for me to write their story, but around Valentine’s Day 2013 they overtook my brain and demanded my attention. I couldn’t say no.

How did you get started with writing? And what was your route to publication like?

I’ve been writing for years, but I started on the romance path a little over a year ago. My route to publication was, in a word, unexpected. I always planned on the agent bit, and then the traditional publisher. Publishing small press came at me from the side, but some of the best opportunities never hit you head on.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a contemporary novella featuring a breast cancer survivor heroine and the King of Matchmaking. She isn’t looking for love and he’s finally ready to use his matchmaking talents on himself. This story is very dear to me and I can’t wait to get it completed.

Do you have a particular Muse for your writing? Do any of your characters bear startling resemblances to sexy celebrities or people you admire?

My muses are typically people I know, though each characters evolves into their own person. I usually find a sexy celebrity to give my characters a face, that way I know how to picture them when I write. Though I don’t think it’d be easy to figure out when you’re reading the story.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Both writing-wise and non-writing-wise?

In five years, the writer plans on having all the contemporaries I’ve got plotted out in the world for readers to enjoy. The non-writer will be nearing a point where she can quit being a non-writer and be a writer all the time.

And now for some silly questions…

Muscled or skinny? Muscled

Tall or short? Tall

Boxers or briefs? Briefs

Moustache or beard? Neither, Goatee for the win!

Long hair or shaven head? Shaven Head

Tattoos or piercings? Tattoos

Intelligent or funny? Intelligent

Blond, brunette or red head? Brunette

Hottest celebrity (tell us why, if you like)? Jensen Ackles

Top same-sex crush (or opposite sex if you already like same-sex!) Sandra Bullock

Most disliked celebrity (tell us why, if you like) Will Farrell

Favourite food? Jalapeno Cheetos

Favourite place in the world (tell us why, if you like)? Lake Minnewawa


Anything else you’d like to add? I’ve been cigarette free for 2 years. It’s a glorious feeling.


Now give us the blurb, an extract and buy links for your latest release.

Blurb: A sexual submissive, Royce wants a woman who’ll make his fantasies come true. The last thing he expects on his 1Night Stand is to be paired with Victoria, his ex-best friend.  Haunted by their past, he refuses to deny his newfound attraction or his need for answers.  This time, he doesn’t plan to let her go.

Victoria has loved Royce forever, but the sting of his rejection is not so easily forgotten. No longer the naïve girl he knew, she’s matured into a sexual dominant. This domme demands a chance to restart their relationship—on her terms. Knowing that one night will never be enough, she plans a seduction that will last forever.


“Hi.” About the only word he managed before a pair of luscious, plump red lips descended on his. One sharp heel spike scratched the skin above his ankle. His trousers were tight and rough on his thighs igniting a pleasurable pain in his pulsing erection. She molded her body to his, and her nibbling bites on his mouth sent his brain reeling. The press of her weight sparked his nerves. Lord, he hadn’t experienced anything like that.

Skin hot and flushed, he moved to embrace her and deepen the kiss. Instead, she grabbed his wrists and anchored them above his head; a simple gesture of dominance and one he’d never thought of as arousing until then. Her ministrations slowed to a crawl, opting for tracing the seams of his lips and he thrusting his own eager tongue forward, desperate for another taste of spice and something familiar…a flavor of summer and sweet lemonade.

She pressed harder, her breasts crushed to his chest, his wrists still restrained, her nails biting into the flesh. Royce’s desire ratcheted up further and as he thought he might succumb to the most embarrassing release ever, she pulled away.

Panting, he tugged at his shirt collar. His date faced the window, out of the fan of illumination from low-lit lamps within the room. Curvy with toned arms and legs, her bare back on display, she stood straight and confident, her profile nothing less than stunning.

He took a deep breath and exhaled hard. What a way to start the night. Chemistry wouldn’t be an issue. But he also wanted a little conversation.

“That’s some way to say hello.” Chuckling, he grabbed his discarded bag and moved farther into the room.

“Yes, it is. But I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” Her voice sounded sultry and all-too-familiar.

Holy hell.


Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Decadent


Now give us your author bio and website/social media links.

Bio: Landra Graf consumes at least one book a day, and has always been a sucker for stories where true love conquers all. She believes in the power of the written word, and the joy such words can bring. In between spending time with her family and having book adventures, she writes romance with the goal of giving everyone, fictional or not, their own happily ever after.

Website: http://riseoftheslush.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/landra.graf?ref=tn_tnmn

Twitter: @riseoftheslush


Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this interview and wish you the best of luck with your latest release. Many sales!

Six-Pack Stud-a-Thon

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles
How’s this for a Stud-A-Thon? Two of my favourite examples of eye candy. And they happen to be the stars of my favourite TV show, Supernatural. Because of copyright and all that, I haven’t been able to find any shirtless photographs of them to include, but you’ll find plenty if you hit Google. Especially of Soulless Sam *fans self*. Well, what can I say? Even with clothes on, these boys are hot. Tall, dark, gorgeous, lovely smiles, great sense of humour… the list goes on. If you don’t already watch Supernatural, you can probably see why I do – Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are both firmly in my top ten future husbands list. And if you want to see that list, check out my board on Pinterest.

Now, onto more gorgeousness and the rest of the hop. Here’s a pic of the grand prizes…


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