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Want Some Smut and Magic?

Of course you do! And I’m happy to say that myself and my good buddies Victoria Blisse and K D Grace are going to give it to you. The smut and magic, that is.

We’re having a joint book launch at the wonderful Sh! Women’s Store in Hoxton, on the 27th October. The title of the event is a reference to the books we’re launching (and the fact it’s almost Halloween!).

Smut in the CityMyself and Victoria are launching the anthology we edited together, Smut in the City – hence “smut.”¬†And K D Grace is launching her new paranormal erotic novel, Lakeland Heatwave: Riding the Ether – which is the “magic” part.

It’s going to start at 6.30, tickets are FREE and there will be readings of smut, champagne, cupcakes, biscuits, etc available to delight your taste buds. And the three of us (along with the super Sh! Girlz) are putting our heads together to come up with some awesome prizes to give away as a thank you for attending the event.

So, if you want to attend, just let the Sh! Girlz know by dropping them a line at shop@sh-womenstore.com, so they know how many people are coming. Don’t forget to tell all your friends – it’s going to be a fabulous night, and we’d love to see you there!