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Sunday Snog – Another Dance

Sunday Snog

Love's RepriseWelcome back to Sunday Snog. This week, I’m sharing another sexy Sapphic snog from my story, Another Dance, which appears in the just-released lesbian erotic romance anthology, Love’s RepriseIt also features stories from Cassandre Dayne, Olivia Starke, Kate Richards and Anastasia Vitsky.

Janine’s grip on the back of Eden’s neck tightened, bringing their faces ever closer, their lips mashing together. Their teeth clashed, but they barely noticed. They continued kissing like there was no tomorrow, like they’d never see each other again.

Eden had never felt so turned on in her life. She’d been with a couple of guys, but they hadn’t aroused her so much with foreplay and full sex as Janine did with just a kiss. And it wasn’t as if Janine was massively experienced, either. Their experience was about on par, and yet, here they were, doing this.

They carried on for a minute or two, their tongues tangling together as the rest of the world paled into insignificance. Eden knew, suddenly, that even a lifetime of this would not be enough. She wanted her friend more than she’d ever wanted anyone.

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Sunday Snog – Another Dance

Sunday Snog

Love's RepriseWelcome back to Sunday Snog. This week, I’m sharing a sexy Sapphic snog from my story, Another Dance, which appears in the just-released lesbian erotic romance anthology, Love’s RepriseIt also features stories from Cassandre Dayne, Olivia Starke, Kate Richards and Anastasia Vitsky.

Just as she had that thought, the boys started talking to one another, and made to move away. She couldn’t allow that—Janine had wanted to get their attention and Eden was going to make damn sure they kept it.

Shifting her hand back up, she placed it behind Janine’s neck and pulled her friend toward her. She saw, just for a split second, the look of utter surprise on her face before Eden closed her eyes and pressed her lips against Janine’s.

Deep down, she knew she was kissing her friend for another reason, but on the surface she maintained that it was essential to keep playing their little game with the lads in the dark t-shirts.

Janine hadn’t pulled away or screamed blue murder, so Eden pressed her lips harder onto her friend’s for a few seconds longer before opening them and attempting to push her tongue into Janine’s mouth. Janine allowed it, parting for her, then paused for a second before returning the kiss with enthusiasm.

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Also, don’t forget to head back to Blissekiss and see what other luscious lip to lip action other authors have posted. Yum!


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Souls From Around The World

Welcome to the Souls Around the World Blog Hop – where a bunch of authors and bloggers will be sharing things that go bump in the night! I’m sharing a snippet from my Halloween story, Weekend at Wilderhope Manor, which is lesbian erotica. Be warned… it’s spooky, and sexy!


Half an hour later, and Stephanie’s brain was in overdrive. Despite never having participated in one of these evenings before, she was a fan of quizzes, puzzles and brain teasers of any kind, so she was having great fun. Everyone had been briefed, though Jenny and she had been so eager to get going they hadn’t paid full attention. Then everyone split up, each sent off on their own quest in order to uncover the truth of “whodunit.” Stephanie, having narrowed it down to two suspects, headed to the library to check for extra clues and evidence to help her nail down the perpetrator.

As she made her way along the narrow corridor leading to her destination, she heard a loud creak coming from the floorboard. Part of her thought it was much too loud to be a natural old house noise, and the other scolded herself for being so silly.

Continuing on, Stephanie glanced down at her notes. She was sure she was close to solving the…

Another creak, closer this time. Stopping in her tracks, she spun round. She wasn’t sure if it were someone trying to freak her out, or steal clues and information from her. Either way, she wasn’t impressed.

“Who’s there?” she barked, irritation coming off her in waves. “I know you’re there. It’s impossible to creep around in these old houses. Something will always give you away. And when I catch you, I’m not going to be happy.”

There was no response. Shaking her head, she went on her way. If someone wanted to play silly tricks that was their prerogative, though it clearly would’ve been a more suitable idea for tomorrow. Tonight was murder mystery, tomorrow was trick or treat. Didn’t they know the difference?

Entering the library, she was immediately in awe. Letting out an audible “ahh,” she was in love. The large room had bookshelves lining all four walls from floor to ceiling, with a series of ladders dotted about for those tomes that were out of reach. She was actually kind of surprised they let the general public in here, unsupervised. The books looked old, very old, and valuable. Obviously, she wasn’t going to damage any of them, but she also knew not everyone would have such consideration.

Having done two admiring laps of the room, peering at all the books and wishing she could have her own library just like it, she remembered why she was here. Clues. Yes. Large bay windows were at each end, and each nook had a sofa and a table.

She headed to the area farthest from the door and began to search. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking for, but then, if it were too simple, the game wouldn’t likely be a “mystery.”

As she riffled through a sheaf of assorted papers, Stephanie heard another noise.

Less of a creak this time, but more of a swish. She now knew someone was definitely following her. They must be after her information, because if they were genuinely planning to search the library, they’d have just walked right on in and announced themselves.

Putting the papers down, she grabbed her own notes and sat on the sofa. It was surprisingly squishy, and she made a noise of surprise as she sank into it, her feet barely touching the floor. She felt grateful she wasn’t wearing a skirt or dress at that point, otherwise, she’d probably be flashing her knickers to…well, absolutely nobody. No one had entered the room. Frowning, Stephanie resolved to sit there a little longer. The mystery person was close enough for her to hear the noise they were making, so they must be right outside the door, perhaps peering around the frame to see if they could see what she was doing.

She waited. And waited. Then, just as she started to disentangle herself from the sofa, a whirlwind entered the room. Or at least, a very whirlwind-like Jenny did. She ran as fast as her heels would allow and dashed into the room, whipping her head around to look behind her. She shoved herself forcefully off the seat and ran toward

Jenny, ready to get very annoyed with whoever chased her as she could tell her girlfriend was genuinely terrified. Turning to face the door, she saw nothing. By now, even she began to wonder if there was any truth to the haunting rumours.

You can grab the book here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/weekend-at-wilderhope-manor/


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New Release: Anything She Wants

I’m happy to announce that I’m part of Ladylit’s first multi-author lesbian erotica anthology, Anything She Wants. My story is called Loving the Lady. I wrote most of it on a coach, going to and from London! Here’s the skinny:

In the office, on the set of a movie or on the bathroom floor, the ladies in this anthology don’t care where they get it on. Power play, first time encounters and office rivalry get the characters in these twelve stories so riled up, the only way to go is down and dirty. Tales of spanking, a wild all-female college party and a waitress with a strap-on grace the pages of Ladylit’s first multi-author lesbian erotica anthology.

Caution: Reading ‘Anything She Wants’ will make you wet!

Stories by Kay Jaybee, Laila Blake, Lucy Felthouse, Erzabet Bishop, Sarah Ellen, L.C. Spoering, Vanessa de Sade, Kelly Lawrence, Giselle Renarde, Alyssa Linn Palmer, Ariel Graham and Harper Bliss.

More info, excerpt and buy links here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/anything-she-wants/

Sunday Snog – Finally Found

Sunday Snog

Lover UnexpectedI’ve come to the conclusion that my characters don’t snog enough. I’m having to recycle yet again! Here’s a snog-tastic snippet from Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition, which is a lesbian erotic romance anthology, containing my story, Finally Found. It also contains tales from Doris O’Connor, Erin M. Leaf, Luxie Ryder, Emma Shortt, Giselle Renarde and Eve Meridian.

Ashleigh shook her head, apparently still trying to wrap her brain around Natalia’s revelation. “Well, I admit you’ve thrown me a little off track here. It’s going to take a while for it all to sink in. But it seems we’re ultimately on the same page, so yes, I was flirting with you. Like mad, in fact.”

“Well,” Natalia said, pulling her hands from Ashleigh’s grip and moving them to cup the redhead’s face, “thank fuck for that. Consider me to be flirting right back.”

With that, she leaned in and pressed her lips to Ashleigh’s. They’d shared many kisses over the years; friendly, celebratory, consolatory… but nothing like this. She’d fantasised about this moment for so many years, and now she could scarcely believe it was happening. Natalia opened her mouth and deepened their kiss. She tasted mango lip gloss as her tongue slipped into Ashleigh’s warm and willing mouth.

Their groans mingled even as their tongues clashed, wetly slipping and sliding against one another. Ashleigh tangled her hands in Natalia’s brunette locks, pulling her head gently back until their kiss was broken. Natalia mewled in protest, but her complaint quickly turned into a deep moan of pleasure as Ashleigh’s soft lips touched the skin of her throat. She kissed, nibbled and gently sucked at the sensitive area until Natalia was helpless—and almost boneless—with pleasure. Her pussy and clit throbbed as blood rushed to the area, and she was sure that a look between her legs would reveal a very wet and eager cunt. The enthusiasm with which Ashleigh was pleasuring her made Natalia suspect that she was equally as hot and horny. She seriously hoped so.

“Ash.” Her voice was husky with want, and she cleared her throat before continuing. “Ash, let’s get naked. I want to see you. To touch you.”

Ashleigh pulled back from her sublime torture of Natalia’s throat and ears, a huge grin on her face. “I thought you’d never ask.”

You can get your hands on Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition here.

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No Boys Allowed – More Lesbian Goodness

No Boys AllowedThat’s right, I have another lesbian title available! Due to the success of my previous lesbian mini-anthology, While the Boys Are Away, I’ve put together another collection. No Boys Allowed contains three sexy Sapphic stories for your delight. Here’s the blurb:

Three sexy Sapphic tales from the pen of Lucy Felthouse:

No Boys Allowed
When Leigh goes to meet with some potential housemates in a sought-after part of London, all she’s interested in is making a good impression. The last thing she’s expecting is to find out that one of the girls is a lesbian, like her. Kacey’s not home yet, but when she arrives, Leigh knows one thing for sure: she’s smitten. But will her feelings be reciprocated?

Something in Common
Nerd and amateur photographer Justine is partaking of one of her favourite pastimes—visiting a historical site—when she bumps into Amber. It turns out they’re both equally enthusiastic about exploring stately homes, abbeys, stone circles and the like—and their surprise at meeting someone with similar interests leads them on another adventure together, which doesn’t end at the site.

Little Miss Goody Two Shoes
Izzy and her girlfriend are visiting a beautiful stately home in the British countryside. Taking a stroll around the garden, Izzy’s shocked to see a statue of a female—totally naked. Her girlfriend, astounded that Izzy is such a prude and a Little Miss Goody Two Shoes, proceeds to show her just what fun can be had in a country garden with a statue to hide them from prying eyes.

Want your copy? It’s available from Amazon UK, Amazon US and All Romance eBooks currently, and will be coming to all other good eBook retailers soon. In the meantime, you can read an excerpt here.

More Anthology Goodness

Hi all! Just to get you off to a good start for the weekend, I thought I’d let you know about two new publications that just came out. Anthologies, to be precise, containing naughty stories from yours truly.

Dead SexyDead Sexy is a paranormal anthology from Xcite Books. If you want to find out how ghosts can be erotic, check it out, and my story, Unfinished Business. Here’s the blurb:

Twenty stories of paranormal pleasures. Dead Sexy puts the vamp into vampires and the fantasy into femmes fatales. The heroes and heroines of these stories may be cold-blooded but their antics are hot as hell! From gorgeous ghosts and dirty demons to amorous apparitions and phantoms with a fetish, these ghoulish lovers are guaranteed to light up the darkest night.

Grab your copy here.

Virgin AssVirgin Ass is a first-time anal sex anthology from Ravenous Romance. In this anthology I have a pegging story called Why I Love Her, which is written from the male perspective. Here’s the blurb:

Hot on the heels of the best-selling Back Door Lover comes Virgin Ass, a whole new collection of anal sex erotica. But where its predecessor celebrated all things anal in the broadest of terms, Virgin Ass narrows its focus and aims it at first-time tales.

From hot guys hooking up to daring women strapping it on, from wild flings of erotic adventure to tender, poignant tales of erotic romance, Virgin Ass busts cherries left and right- and one heck of taboo as well.

Grab your copy here.

In other news, I’ve completed edits for my upcoming release, A Taste of London, so hopefully I should have a release date soon. Fingers crossed! 🙂 Also, my new lesbian mini-anthology, No Boys Allowed, should be on digital shelves early next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I will, I’m off to Hampton Court Palace to play in the maze! 🙂