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The Reunion

As she pushed open the door to the bar, her heart was racing. She knew he’d be there, waiting for her. It’d been months since they’d last seen one another and she marveled at the effect he always had on her, even before she’d laid eyes on him. Would he still be so devastatingly sexy? Of course he would. If anything, he got better with age. Continue reading

The Workout Part Two

After a moment’s silence, Shane’s testosterone won out and he pulled her wrist out of her pants and brought her hand to his mouth. He grinned as he saw the juices all over Cathy’s hand then took a couple of her fingers into his mouth, sucking and licking them. He continued until her fingers were clean. Continue reading

That Girl

There she was again. She sauntered past Paul’s desk in her tight skirt and high heels, and his mind was instantly distracted from his work. Just like it was every time she wandered past. She was completely unaware of how attractive she was. She didn’t dress in a slutty way, just in smart business attire which happened to look damn fine on her figure. She wasn’t one of these skinny waifs, constantly striving to be thinner. Laura had a gorgeous full figure, a nice rounded ass perfect for grabbing, curvy hips and pert breasts. Her heels elongated her legs and enhanced her sexy walk. Continue reading


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