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Words From the Lube King… (@givelube)

IMG_2041Hi folks.  My name’s Nigel and I’m the M.D. of a company called Give Pleasure Products.  Until 3 years ago I had a relatively ‘normal’ career with a property business.  But my very first ever experience with lube ended up changing that and my sex life forever.

I can’t actually remember how we came by our first bottle of lube.  It was a bottle of lube from a very well-known brand and had a very cherry flavour. It wasn’t exactly the best experience we’d had and I’m surprised it didn’t put me off lube forever.  We liked the flavour but the stickiness that it left behind was horrendous.

But instead of ending the use of a, well, crap product my entrepreneurial brain told me that surely we could do better than that. My thoughts were corroborated when I visited a local Tesco and found that that was the only brand that people could buy. It shocked me that mainstream shopping consumers had no choice options.  It also shocked me that a large company could make such a poor product and that major retailers buy it from them. Just because a company is large, it doesn’t mean that they have the best products or even the best ideas, clearly.

show1After a world-wide search of cosmetic and lubricant manufacturers (and lots of enjoyable testing!), in Germany we found what we believe to be the best lubricant manufacturer on the planet. The CEO of which was the original inventor silicone lube.  After visiting the factory and discussing our plans it was clear to us, with these quality products, their pedigree and pioneering approach this was the obvious and only choice for us to make. A few months later Give Lube was born.  I’d always been a giver in relationships and believe that you get what you put into your relationships, so giving became the very heart of our brand ethos.

Cutting a very long story shorter I’ll let you know why I now love lube and how you can benefit from this great, incredibly versatile intimate consumable.

After an unpleasant experience with our very first try with lube I now classify lube as a sex toy in it’s own right.  It is not just to solve sexual dryness.  It is the easiest and most economical way of adding more fun to your sex life.  It’s the versatile, essential sex accessory that can be used with and without sex toys, on your own or with partners, for countless situations and encounters.

show7Giving, with the endless uses of give lube, strengthens the bond between lovers and creates intense orgasms. Giving orgasms makes you feel powerful. The more you give, the more powerful and confident you feel, the greater lover you show that you are, the more desired you are and the more adored you are.  Give and you will also receive.  The more you give, the more you’ll receive!

We don’t always use lube.  Sometimes we have sex with lube.  Sometimes we have sex with a toy and lube.  Sometimes we use nothing. Sex is about variety and there really are endless combinations of pleasure that you can have!

With lube I love the different sensations each can give you. Water-based lube is a great all-rounder and can be used for everything; with sex toys, vaginal, oral, anal, masturbation.  Silicone lube gives a more luxurious glide quality and, unlike water-based lube which will eventually dry out due to the water content starting to evaporate, is extremely long-lasting and will last as long as you do!

Flavoured lubes can still be used for intercourse but they’re generally to add a bit of fun to oral sex, or to disguise the taste of your partner if you find that off-putting. Our own flavoured lubes are called Oral Pleasure Gels.  The directions for use are to drizzle on your partner and give generously, then pass the bottle over!

Lube is an absolute must for anal sex.  There is no natural lubricant produced there so a good thick water based lube or silicone lube is essential to ease penetration and provide a wonderful, lubricated glide quality.

For clitoral stimulation, lads don’t just pounce on what is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body.  The clitoris does not produce it’s own natural lubrication and, for some women, natural vaginal lubrication won’t be produced until the clitoris has been stimulated. To solve this problem just add a few drops of lube to your fingertips before gently caressing her.  She is sure to thank you for it.

Don’t forget the balls! This is a personal favourite of mine. This area of the body produces high levels of arousal and sexual satisfaction.  Lube up those (make sure they’re shaven) balls, then drag your finger tips and even your nails, gently over the skin. Include the shaft in the action and the sexual tension starts to go through the roof. This lube use technique really produces a very intense orgasm.

There are numerous lube-use tips on our website at www.givepleasure.co.uk. Perhaps I should write to the customer service dept at the well-known lube and condom brand and thank them for producing a poor product. It’s helped us create our own high quality, award winning brand.  It’s personally improved our sex lives and our orgasms. Sex with my partner Emma gets better year by year and, luckily for me, she also gets naughtier and naughtier!

Sex Toy Review: Durex Play O and 2 in 1 Massage Mousse Twin Pack

The Durex Play O and 2 in 1 Massage Mousse Twin Pack is currently excellent value on LoveHoney – just £14.99 for both! (At time of writing).

The pack contains Durex Play O Orgasm Gel which is created for women, by women in order to stimulate the lady parts and result in explosive orgasms. I didn’t get too excited (pardon the pun) as I’ve used other similar gels before and not felt a damn thing, but this time I wasn’t disappointed. The gel actually works. It gently makes your bits feel warm and tingly as the blood flow is increased. The stuff is fab either for use when masturbating, or when fooling around with your partner.

It washes off easily, doesn’t go crumbly, doesn’t stain and is condom friendly. A definite yes from me!

The second item in the pack is Durex Play 2 in 1 Massage Mousse. The great thing about this stuff is it’s suitable either for a sensual massage, or as a lubricant. The ingredients make it safe for use all over the body, including the naughty parts. It glides on silkily and is good for light massage. Because of the texture, you’re less likely to spill and make a mess like you perhaps would with massage oil. After a while, though, it can go a little crumbly and sticky. However, due to the excellent value of this double pack, I’d definitely recommend it anyway. You’re getting a real bargain here – so splash out and have fun!

Grab it now from LoveHoney, just £14.99: Click here. Price correct at time of writing.

Sex Toy Review: Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel

I was expecting something special when I reviewed the Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel, particularly given it’s rather steep price for such a small tube. Sadly, I was disappointed. This stuff comes in different strengths, and I was using the most intense one. In short, it didn’t work.

With other lotions and potions of this nature, the effects are usually pretty quick. But I put some on and waited. And waited. Then put some more on and fiddled around a bit in case I hadn’t put it in exactly the right location (you know how fickle women’s bits can be!)… but no. Absolutely nothing happened.

At best, it made a good lube, but in terms of producing nice tingly feelings or a more intense orgasm, it definitely did not do what it said on the tin. Save your cash.

Undeterred? Buy it from LoveHoney for £16.99: Click here. Price correct at time of writing.

Sex Toy Review: Durex Play Very Cherry

There’s not really an awful lot you can say about a lubricant, is there? But I’ll have a go. Durex Play Very Cherry is a sugar-free, condom safe lube. As you’d expect from Durex, it’s high quality, the packaging is really nice and it’s got a pump lid, meaning no spillages if you knock it over or merely forget about it in the heat of the moment.

It tastes absolutely gorgeous, if you like cherries that is. The closest taste I can think of is the cherry sweets in Haribo Tangfastics, which happen to be my favourites! So this stuff is perfect for oral sex, or swirling over your partner’s body and licking off… just use your imagination, the possibilities are endless! It’s fabulous as a lubricant too, for handjobs or female masturbation. It lasts ages and doesn’t stain so as well as looking great and tasting great, it’s good value for money too! It’s widely available, but if you’re looking for a bargain, check out LoveHoney, who are currently selling it at £3.99. (Price correct at time of writing.)

Sex Toy Review: Screaming Two O Cock Ring

As we’d enjoyed the original [intlink id=”1347″ type=”post”]Screaming O Cock Ring[/intlink] so much, we were rather looking forward to the Screaming Two O Cock Ring. Instead of just having the one vibrating bullet, this little baby has one at the top and one at the bottom, so dependent on how the guy wears it, it will stimulate different parts.

Worn over the scrotum, the cock ring will stimulate both the woman’s clitoris and the guy’s balls and perineum, with the added bonus of vibrating the guy’s penis. Worn above the scrotum, it will give thrills to the clitoris and woman’s vagina and perineum. So it depends on how your guy wants to wear it! Of course, if it’s worn around the ball sack then it’ll likely delay his climax which may be necessary when wearing this thing!

Sadly, the cock ring is single use – that is, you can use it more than once, but when the batteries are gone, they’re gone. That’s basically the only downside. The packaging isn’t bad, it’s functional and eye-catching and use of the cock ring is self-explanatory. It’s probably a good idea to switch it on before putting it on too, as the switches are a little fiddly – NOT recommended when you’ve got lube covered fingers! The vibrations are powerful and it’s fairly quiet… that is, it just sounds like a couple of bees in the room as opposed to a whole hive. You could get away with using it if someone was in the next room, I expect.

If you like cock rings, and in particular vibrating ones – go for this. It gets a thumbs up from both of us.

Buy it from LoveHoney: click here – £7.99, price correct at time of writing


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