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Filthy Friday: M. A. Stacie

This is the first blog post in a series I’m hosting to give readers an insight into the stories in erotic anthology, Smut by the Sea.

Say a big hello to M. A. Stacie!

Saucy Seaside Stories

Huge thanks to Lucy for inviting me onto her blog. It’s a pleasure to be asked, and to be included in the Smut by the Sea anthology.

My short, Ice Cream Kisses, is one of the many stories within in the wonderful anthology, and I stumbled upon the submission call after Lucy sent out a tweet. I adore the great British seaside and spent many summers making sand castles and riding on the funfair. There’s nowhere quite like it so I knew I had to write something for it.

The seaside always reminds me of ice cream, fish and chips and those really greasy, sugary donuts you buy on the pier. Yum! However, the idea of writing a sexy scene within a chip shop or donut stall didn’t quite do it for me. That’s how my lush ice cream man started out. I’m sure my dad would be horrified that I’d turned my childhood memories into smutty fantasies.

With many of my short stories, I like to add a back story, but one that doesn’t give all the answers. Skye will therefore always be a little bit of an anomaly. Ice Cream Kisses is just one small moment in her life. Her past, and future for that matter, are left to the reader’s imagination.

Deciding exactly what my couple would get up to was the hardest (no pun intended) part of all. I find the excitement and nerves when a couple could get caught always intriguing to read though writing it was a challenge. I’d chosen a very busy seaside—Brighton Beach, and at a very busy time—an open air concert, so keeping the anxiety level while still conveying what the couple were up to was taxing. There was certainly a lot of ‘Fat Boy Slim’ music played while writing it…just to get the atmosphere, as he’s held a few open air concerts on Brighton Beach.

There may also have been a little product testing with the ice cream. It would have been wrong not to research the story, right? People say write what you know. Well, now I know an awful lot about ice cream, but maybe not so much about saucy interludes with the ice cream seller in the back of his shop.

Thanks again to Lucy!


M.A. Stacie


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Smut by the SeaLight hearted, sexy fun by the sea is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

From the sun soaked bays of Australia to the rainy coastal towns of England, Smut by the Sea has it all. Whatever your interpretation of naughty seaside fun, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Surfer boys, sea creatures, pirates and the fairground abound in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors.

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A Happy Hat Trick!

Lover Unexpected: Sappho EditionIf you saw yesterday’s blog post, you’ll already know that I had a lesbian erotic romance story come out as part of Evernight Publishing’s Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition anthology. And already it’s gained a silver star on All Romance eBooks – how awesome is that?! SO excited!

However, on my way back from London (we dashed in and out for a few hours. Yes, I know we’re insane), in an attempt to stay awake in the car, and because I’m obsessive like that, I checked out Amazon. And, lo and behold, I spotted TWO other new releases that I hadn’t been expecting. Well, I kind of had, obviously, but not yesterday. Hence my hat trick – three new releases in one day!

Smut by the SeaSo, there was Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition, as I already mentioned. But the two surprise releases were Smut by the Sea, a seaside themed erotic anthology which I co-edited with Victoria Blisse, which also contains my fairground story, Dodging (not Dogging, as Victoria originally thought when she saw the title). Finally, my super sexy sugar daddy story, In Search of Bookcases was released as part of Xcite Books’ Cougars and Jackals anthology.

Each of the book pages for Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition, Smut by the Sea and Cougars and Jackals have more information about each of the books, as well as extracts from my stories, and buy links.

Cougars and JackalsSo, dependent on whether you like romantic lesbian fiction based in London, seducing a fairground worker in Hunstanton, or hooking up with a seriously rich guy in Harrods, London, (ooh, two stories set in London – weird coincidence), check out the pages and get clicking on those buy links.

Also, if you want more of my story, Finally Found, from the Lover Unexpected: Sappho Edition anthology, stop by tomorrow and check out my Sunday Snog and you’ll be able to read a saucy snippet from when my sexy lesbian ladies have their first kiss. It’s hot! 😉

Happy reading, everyone!