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Guest Blogger: Renee from Sh!

Hey there lovely,

ReneePlease may I take this opportunity to introduce myself: my name is Renee, and I work at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in East London. I manage a team of fun, feisty females known as the ‘Sh! Girlz’ – a team of super-friendly sexperts who offer freshly-brewed cups of tea and useful advice whilst showing women & couples around tables full of sex toys.

Sh! is the UK’s first and still only truly female-focused erotic boutique, and we’re often referred to as the “best sex shop in London” (I’d say “best in UK” but I suspect I’m biased). Being female-focused means we ask that men be accompanied by a female – be that a friend, a wife or an open-minded auntie – when visiting the store (Lucy’s OH has this down perfectly ~ he even brings us yummy home-baked goods whenever he visits!) or visit during one of our weekly Gent’s Evenings.

My job is fun and varied, and I get to meet so many amazing people every day. It can be anything from women buying their first vibrators, to couples looking for inflatable anal toys (we don’t sell inflatables by the way, though we can certainly rustle up a good selection of gorgeous butt plugs), to Mistresses bringing in their slaves and ordering them about just for fun.


A naughty submissive recently begged me to tell his Mistress that he had behaved badly (he hadn’t) so he would receive a longed-for caning. I fibbed and told Mistress that her sub had interrupted me whilst I was chatting to a customer, and surely such audacious behaviour must be corrected. Mistress was not happy, and I expect her sub was on the receiving end of some delightfully sharp swats once back home. (And if Mistress reads this I’ll probably get a spanking too – for lying!)

Part of my job involves offering help and advice to journalists looking for exciting products to write about, or the best tips for multiple orgasms. Most recently I received a brief asking for “the right balance of sexual education and wank material”. I did my very best and offered up several paragraphs with 4-letter words thrown in, but no doubt that the journo will have to embellish my efforts (too much of the first, and not enough of the latter!). I think I best leave the erotic writing to the likes of Lucy as she does it so much better!

And talking about writing ~ we host sexy reading events where awesome authors read their hot smut whilst the rest of us sit back and relax with a glass of bubbly and a cupcake or two… As it happens, the next event takes place on 20th April, when KD Grace and Kay Jaybee will be holding a joint book launch, and I’d love it if you could join us!

shop-corner-hi-resThe Sh! Girlz and I teach classes on a number of useful topics, such as sensual spanking and awesome oral sex (expertly managing a large manhood is a skill, you know!). The classes are fully dressed (behave!) and are all about empowering women and giving the guests the confidence to strut out of the classes like the amazing Sex Goddesses they are. We have had some wonderful reviews, but the best one was a lovely email from a lady who, after 20 years of marriage, finally bit the bullet (so to speak) and attended our most popular class, Blow His Mind. After applying her new-found tricks at home, hubz was so pleased he could barely walk…

And that, people, is what Sh! is all about – finding your inner sexual confidence and not being afraid of trying something new. Play, have fun, enjoy ~ as long as it’s safe, sane and consensual, sex & sexual pleasure in all its various forms is gloriously beautiful and so much fun!

Follow the Sh! Girlz for all the latest fun & frolics:

Twitter: @ShWomenstore

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