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Adventures in Amsterdam


Wonky buildings – the city is full of them

I’m baaaack! Well, if you don’t follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter (and if not, why not? 🙂 ) you probably didn’t even know I was gone. But I was – I was in Amsterdam. Part holiday, part research trip, I spent a few days exploring the city. A city, it seems, with two parts. A smutty part, and a vanilla part. Here’s a brief run down of what I’ve been up to…


The Rijksmuseum has recently been re-opened after a huge refurbishment. I hadn’t seen it previously, of course, so I don’t know if it’s any better, but I certainly liked it. I’m not the sort of person that will stand and look and read about every single piece, but I still had a good look round. The absolute highlight for me, being the library. I was under the impression from reading about it that you could only look at it through some glass – not true. You can go right in (on two floors) and look around. It’s huge, gorgeous, old-fashioned and even has free WiFi, which is why I was able to Tweet and Facebook from the very room! Recommended.

House of Bols

Recommended to us by our rep on the campsite (who was very helpful – if you’re reading this, Dan, thanks again!), we headed there after the Rijksmuseum as it’s just a few minutes’ walk away. Neither myself or my other half are big drinkers, but our rep said it was fun. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who goes, so let’s just say it’s more than just a bar – it’s an interactive, fun museum. Then at the end you get a free cocktail and two free shots – though of course they’re not really free as you’ve paid for them as part of your entrance fee. It’s something a little different, and fun, and made us a tad giggly…

Van Gogh Museum

We were still giggly after crossing the road to the Van Gogh Museum so we managed to go right through the place without seeing the famous Sunflowers, so we had to go back down and find it. If you’re really into art and paintings, this place is recommended. It also has works by other artists that Van Gogh knew, I believe.

Hard Rock Cafe

We try and visit this place in every city we go to (though somehow we missed the one in Paris – another excuse to go again next year 😉 ) and Amsterdam was no exception. They’re  not cheap places, by any means, but they do good food and nice big portions, which was nice after a busy few hours. And the staff are always lovely!


We passed this on the way to Anne Frank’s House. It’s a monument for gay and lesbians who’ve been persecuted. It’s simple and pretty, jutting out into the canal. We couldn’t see the whole thing at the time as it was covered in flowers, which I suspect is something to do with a GLBTQ festival that was on recently. An interesting monument, well worth checking out.

Anne Frank House

It’s very difficult to describe this place. You can’t call it fun, nice, good, or exciting. It’s just not appropriate, given the story behind it. It is though, very interesting, poignant, and quite emotional. Despite the fact you go around most of it in a line and kind of have to go at everyone else’s pace, I still found it quite tearjerking. If you’re interested in history at all, this is a very educational and fascinating place, and will probably make you go and buy Anne Frank’s Diary – I certainly did. I’m not saying any more as I don’t want to give it away, but it’s worth visiting. Though make sure you pre-order tickets online before you go, otherwise the queue is huge. We pre-ordered and got given a time, which made it much faster.


We popped in for a few minutes, intending to climb the tower, but the tours were full as due to the narrow nature, there are limited numbers on tours. We didn’t want to stand around waiting when we could be out exploring other things, so we had to give it a miss this time. I suspect it’s brilliant up in the tower as it’s the highest point in Amsterdam, which isn’t saying much as the place is flat, seriously flat. The church itself is fairly plain compared to some I’ve seen, but is pretty much next door to Anne Frank’s House, so worth seeing if you’re in the area.

The House Boat Museum

We hadn’t really intended to go here, but we literally walked past it on our way somewhere else, so we popped in. Naturally, as it’s a canal boat, it’s not that big, but it’s very interesting to see how everything’s been designed to make it fit. It’s very very cute and interesting, and the man running it seems full of knowledge about house boats in general and how it’s a very expensive undertaking to have one!

One of the bazillion canals, taken from one of the bazillion bridges

One of the bazillion canals, taken from one of the bazillion bridges

Canal Cruise

It’s got to be done – Amsterdam pretty much thrives on its canals, and has more than Venice. The one we went on had headphones so you could select your language and hear the recorded tour. It was a little impersonal, but the man driving the boat was so grumpy I wouldn’t have wanted him to give a tour anyway! It’s interesting to be so physically low down and see what’s around you. I loved the fact that we went right up and around Centraal Station (which is the transport hub) and sailed between that and North Amsterdam on a great big lake. The tour was about an hour and ten minutes and really is a must, especially since it’s pretty cheap.

The Resistance Museum

We had to dash round a little as we got there with just an hour before closing. We saw everything on the ground floor – but aren’t sure what’s up the stairs! What we did see, though, was absolutely fascinating. Again, if you’re into history, this gives a real insight into World War II, mainly from the perspective of what happened in Holland/The Netherlands. I’d definitely go back there again and take it all in more slowly and check out the rest of the place. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Our Lord in the Attic

A clandestine church. In the 1660s, when it became illegal to worship certain religions, this chapel was built on the top three floors of a couple of houses. It’s intriguing, as, like Anne Frank’s House, it couldn’t be seen by the outside world. It’s much bigger than I was expecting, and very ornate, considering it was hidden. The whole idea is intriguing and it’s also slightly amusing that the place is pretty much in the middle of the Red Light District. Again, worth checking out.

Dam Square

It really is pretty much just a square, with buildings all around and a monument in the middle. Like Trafalgar Square, but not as pretty. Madame Tussauds is just off the square, too, as is the Red Light District.

Museum Van Loon

Basically a house museum. A very beautiful building, both inside and out, with lots of very interesting features and a lovely garden. If you’re interested in visiting historical properties, again, this is worth checking out.

American Book Center

For book fans, this is definitely worth visiting. It is, as the name suggests, full of books in the English language, with American versions of the covers – I assume the spelling is American, too. A lovely, higgledepiggledy shop with lots of variety (though a shockingly tiny erotic fiction section – though I found anthologies containing stories from myself and Kay Jaybee, which was very exciting!) and free WiFi. If you’re passing, head on in.

We also went into various bars and cafes (though not of the drug-selling variety – though just walking past them was enough to get you stoned), one of which overlooked an alleyway with the infamous red-lit windows. What we suspect many people didn’t know (thanks again to insider knowledge from our rep), though, was that the “ladies” in that particular establishment were in fact, transsexuals. It was a truly fascinating insight into the Red Light District to sit and watch people going in and out without them knowing. It was great for research! Look out for A Taste of Amsterdam – though of course I’ve got to write A Taste of Rome, first.

The Condomerie - where people mainly stood and giggled. Yes, I was one of them.

The Condomerie – where people mainly stood and giggled. Yes, I was one of them.

The Red Light District itself is pretty much what you’d expect – ladies in the windows in their underwear. The vast majority are not very attractive and are standing there smoking and messing around on their phones. Not sexy. There are lots of sex shops, too, many really tacky places like you’d find in London’s Soho. Thankfully, there were a couple of really nice ones, though the staff weren’t a patch on the Sh! Girlz. I found it really interesting from the perspective of research, but found it horribly seedy, but better from the perspective of the working girls. It’s heavily policed and there are CCTV cameras everywhere. If anyone misbehaves (i.e. football fans jeering and banging on the windows) the girls will whisk their curtains shut straight away. Can’t say I blame them, really.

Overall, it’s a city where you can pretty much do whatever you’re interested in. If you don’t want to see the seedy parts, then you avoid them. It is very confined to one section in the centre. There are museums galore, walking tours, a zoo (we purposely didn’t go this time as we know we’d have spent an entire day there), parks, etc, etc… I did find it much more difficult to navigate than London, Paris or Rome, despite the fact it’s smaller. I suspect the fact there’s only one Metro line (which was closed) didn’t help. Also, there are bikes literally everywhere. Crossing the road is taking your life in your hands – even more so than Paris or Rome as you can’t always hear the bikes coming!

So, that’s a snapshot of the city and what I did there. I enjoyed it and would definitely go back, but Paris still holds the crown for my favourite city in the world… so far.

Revisiting the Scene of the Crime – Paris

As most of you probably already know, I’ve just been to Paris on a research trip for the follow-up to my lesbian erotic romance short, Bite with Height. Naturally, as Paris is just so inspiring and beautiful, I have tons of ideas for my upcoming story, which is very likely to be novel length, eek!

Also, though, I took the opportunity to revisit the “scenes of the crime” from Bite with Height, i.e. places that appeared/were relevant in the story. So for those of you that have read it, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing some of the places that you’ve read about in the flesh. If you haven’t, then perhaps these will whet your appetite and send you scurrying to your preferred eBook retailer 😉

Me posing with a Bite with Height postcard in front of the Sacre-Coeur basilica. This is where a great deal of the action takes place, mainly up inside that dome that you see right at the top. You know, the one you have to climb 300+ steps to reach. *phew*

A closer shot – not particularly flattering as it was a bit warm! The postcard is cute though, huh?

The view as you emerge from the first lot of steps. Though as it was a spiral staircase, my view was actually spinning a little, and I was gasping and pouring with sweat. Sexy, huh? No wonder Meg grabbed Grace and got her onto the roof the ‘easy’ way!

Finally up on the roof – the hat has been removed as it was uber-windy up there. Which is the only possible explanation for my insane hairstyle. I’m sitting on one of the stone benches inside the dome of the Sacre-Coeur – could this be where Meg and Grace got it on? Who knows…?

Plenty of room for two girls to get naughty there! They’re only slight, after all 😉

A rusty and somewhat mysterious-looking door. Could this be the entrance to Meg’s lair? That’s for me to know…

Sitting outside the Starbucks opposite the Moulin Rouge with a postcard. This is where Meg and Grace first met. It’s not as busy as when they first met, mainly because it had been raining and no-one wanted to sit on the wet seats. I, however, in my infinite genius got some tissues out of my bag and wiped them down. Ta-da! Posing picture!

I’ll probably do another post later in the week with some photos relating to the research for the follow-up to Bite with Height. In the meantime, if you haven’t read it – check it out here.

Home Sweet Home

After a lovely, lovely time away which went far too quickly – I’m home sweet home! I’m shattered and currently wading through my emails. I’ve had some goodies, too, including a story acceptance, a fab review (see below) and information on my appearances at Erotica, which I’ll share when they’re confirmed.

Once I have all my photos downloaded I’ll be posting a couple of blog posts about my holiday/research trip. I had an awesome time, particularly when I revisited the settings of some of the scenes from Bite with Height. I am also jam packed with ideas for the follow up. So watch this space!

Naughty DeliveryAnyway, here’s a lovely review I had for my BDSM short, Naughty Delivery:

“Naughty Delivery is a quick but tantalizing read about a couple who try something new. The story is cute, sexy, and a very fun read. I enjoyed reading this novella, and I will be happy to read more by Lucy Felthouse in the future.” 4 out of 5, Book Savvy Babe

You can see the review in its entirety here.

Bag yourself a copy of Naughty Delivery here.


Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishing
Bite with HeightOK, so I obviously haven’t gone fishing. That’s not my cup of tea. I have, however, gone on my holiday/research trip to France, where I’ll be spending three days in Paris sightseeing and also researching the sequel for my paranormal erotic romance, Bite with Height. I’ll be hanging out in graveyards, bookshops, churches, erotic museums and much more. I’ll let you decide what’s for fun, and what’s research. You may well be surprised! All being well, I’ll also be meeting the lovely Emma Hillman for lunch – erotic writers lunching in Paris, how very cosmopolitan! 😉

There will be some posts appearing on the site (scheduling technology permitting) while I’m away, and I’ll probably send the odd Tweet via text, or if I can find free WiFi (that actually works!). Otherwise, though, I’m out of contact *shock, horror* until the 10th when life returns to normal (until K D Grace and Maxim Jakubowski’s book launch at Sh! Hoxton on the 14th October, of course!) and I’ll start wading through my emails then.

In the meantime, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! 😀