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Reverse Harem Awesomeness and Romance Box Sets! #reverseharem #rhromance #rh #whychoose #romance #boxsets

Hey lovelies,

If you’re looking for some bookish inspiration, maybe I can help you. I’m in a couple of new promotions for naughty reverse harem books and romance box sets – perfect to get your book shelves and eReaders stocked up! Just click the links/graphics below to be taken to the various pages.

**Reverse Harem Naughties**

Happy Reading!

Lucy x

June is Audiobook Month! (@narrator_ella) #audio #audiobooks #sale #discount #reverseharem #nookaudiobooks #apple #googleplay

Hi everyone!

Happy June! And just to make it even happier… for those of you who enjoy audiobooks, you’ll be pleased to find that June is audiobook month. Some of the retailers I’m partnered with are doing some amazing promotions and deals on audiobooks throughout the month, so now is the perfect time to stock up your audio library. My titles are up to a whopping 50% off!

Want to bag some bargains? Here are the deets (click the links to be taken to the purchase page):

Nook Audiobooks: Moonstone | Search & Rescue | The Long Night

Apple Books: Moonstone | Search & Rescue | The Long Night

Google Play: Moonstone | Search & Rescue | The Long Night

Happy Listening (and don’t forget to leave a review 😉 ) !

Lucy x

Awesome New Reverse Harem and Erotica Promos for you to Check Out! #reverseharem #whychoose #menage #erotica

Hi lovelies!

Here are a couple of brand-new promos for you to check out – just click the banners to be taken to the respective pages full of delicious books! *rubs hands together in delight*

Happy Reading!

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Check Out This Fabulous Charity Cookbook! #reverseharem #whychoose #rh #rhromance #cookbook #cookery #charity

Hi lovelies,

This isn’t a new release, but since it’s been around a while and I haven’t mentioned it for a bit, I wanted to remind you, and also let people who haven’t seen it before know about it. Hungry For More is an amazing charity cookbook with fabulous recipes linked to all your favourite reverse harem reads – I love it!

So if you want to cook, help a hunger-related charity AND learn about some fabulous reads, now’s your chance:

Are you longing to know how to make the delicious food you read about?

Look no further! Grab your whisk, put on your apron, and tell your harem to get chopping. From spicy to sweet, you’ll find a recipe for every occasion in this droolworthy cookbook brought to you by 21 bestselling reverse harem authors.

Get ready to try out 60+ recipes featured in some of your favourite reverse harem stories. All proceeds go to charity!

Check it out in print and eBook format here: http://books2read.com/RHcookbook

Happy Reading (and Cooking!),

Lucy x

The Long Night Audiobook is Now Available at Audible and Amazon! (@narrator_ella) #audio #audiobook #audible #amazon #pnr #reverseharem #rhromance #whychoose #paranormal #vampire

Hi folks,

The sharp-eyed amongst you might be wondering why I’m mentioning this audiobook again. It’s been out around a month, but audiobooks always take quite a while to reach Amazon and Audible (although this one, in fact, was much quicker than the last one!), so I’m just giving another shout out to let you all know that it’s also now available on Amazon and Audible, as well as all the other places it was before. So you can pick up your copy at your favourite retailer, or the library. Enjoy!

The Long Night AudioHere’s the blurb:

Forever is a long time for a vampire… but is all that about to change for Lailah?

Lailah’s neighbour, Loulou, is well known for hosting wild, extravagant events, so as Lailah heads over there for the much-anticipated annual Halloween bash, she thinks she’s prepared for pretty much anything. Soon after arriving, though, she discovers Loulou has outdone herself—and presented Lailah, who, as well as being an actual vampire, has come in fancy dress as one, with the opportunity to have a little joke at her own expense.

What Lailah’s not prepared for, however, is the appearance of three gorgeous men in uniform. Their out-of-place getup piques Lailah’s curiosity, and as polite conversation turns to flirtation, Lailah gets the weirdest feeling nothing is ever going to be the same again.

But how will Luke, Leo and Jack react when they discover Lailah’s vampirism isn’t just for Halloween?

Get your copy at one of the links below, or keep an eye on this page for other links to be added when they become available:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Audible UK
Audible US
Authors Direct
Apple Books UK
Apple Books US
Barnes & Noble
Google Play

Happy Listening!

Lucy x

Fabulous Paranormal Reverse Harem Reads at Bookfunnel! (@bookfunnel) #bookfunnel #pnr #paranormal #rh #reverseharem #rhromance #whychoose #romance

Hi lovelies!

Need some more paranormal reverse harem books in your life? Click the banner below for a bumper list of amazing reads:

Happy Reading!
Lucy x