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Sunday Snog – The Sweetest Revenge

Sunday Snog

Seven Deadly SinsI’ve had to cheat a tad this week. Luckily, Victoria Blisse has always said any kind of lips are acceptable. Therefore, below I’ve posted some seriously hot sentences below with the “other” kind of kissing. The excerpt is taken from my lesbian story, The Sweetest Revenge, which appears in the Seven Deadly Sins anthology, due to be published on the 30th November by Sweetmeats Press. I’m delighted to be snuggling between the covers of this super hot illustrated anthology with K D Grace, Rebecca Bond, Lily Harlem, Lexie Bay and Sarah Masters. We’ve all taken a “sin” and made it our own… enjoy!

Using her fingers to pull apart Mackenzie’s pussy lips, Abigail went to town on eating her out. She licked up all of the juices from the redhead’s vulva, deliberately avoiding her clit, then thrust her tongue inside her wet hole. Mackenzie moaned and writhed on the bed—though as her movement was restricted, she could do nothing about the fact her lover intended to tease her for as long as possible, before being allowed to come.

Abigail also moaned—the taste of Mackenzie’s cunt was delicious and she felt as though she was in heaven. She wanted nothing more than to make the younger girl come—which she knew would take a matter of minutes if she touched her clit—but was determined to hold back until Mackenzie was at absolutely fever pitch—and begging for it.

Sliding her tongue up, she felt Mackenzie tense beneath her. She held back a laugh. The other girl obviously thought she was going to lick her clit. No such luck. She simply flicked her tongue from side to side mere millimetres below the swollen bud of flesh, before moving back down. Only this time she didn’t stop when she got to Mackenzie’s entrance. She went lower, pushing open the redhead’s luscious ass cheeks and slipping her tongue between them and to the crinkled hole of her anus.

A yelp came from the head of the bed, and Abigail’s own arousal soared as Mackenzie’s breathing grew faster, and more juices gushed from her pussy, down her perineum and onto her waiting tongue. She pushed it deeper into the tight hole, thrusting and fucking and growing more frantic as she resisted the temptation to suck Mackenzie’s clit into her mouth and stimulate it until she climaxed.

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Sunday Snog – No Boys Allowed

Sunday Snog

No Boys AllowedHere’s a saucy snippet from my story, No Boys Allowed, which appears in the House of Erotica mini-anthology of the same name. It contains three of my sexy Sapphic tales.

But then, she thought, would that be such a bad thing? It wasn’t a crime to be attracted to a flatmate, was it? And the only way she’d find out if Kacey felt the same was if she said—or did—something.

She didn’t get the chance. The questions and thoughts were still whirring through her head when Kacey shuffled along the sofa towards her and put a hand on her knee.

“Look, I wouldn’t normally be this forward, but hey, I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. Plus I want to get this over with so whatever the outcome is, we can get on with our lives. I like you—have done since I met you—and I’m just wondering… if you feel the same?”

Leigh snorted. She couldn’t help it. She’d been so busy psyching herself up to make a move on Kacey that it simply hadn’t occurred to her that the reverse was also happening. “I was just going to say something rather similar myself.”

Kacey’s eyes widened. “Seriously? I was convinced you were going to tell me to get lost. But I just knew that if I didn’t ask, I’d never know. But now it seems that I would have known, because if I hadn’t asked, you’d have asked me. Oh, you know what I mean! Come here.”

Now the two of them knew their feelings were reciprocated, the awkwardness dissipated. Leigh moved into Kacey’s open arms, and wrapped her own around the other girl. There were mere millimetres between their faces. They stared at one another for a few seconds, tension sizzling below the surface. Leigh watched as Kacey’s lips curved into a devilish smile, then she bit her lip, as though trying to behave.

Leigh smiled back, and the spell was broken. Good behaviour was no longer an option. They both moved to close the gap between them. Leigh closed her eyes and pulled in a breath through her nostrils as their lips touched. There was a faint taste of lip balm. Cherry, or strawberry perhaps, she wasn’t sure. She quickly stopped caring as their kiss deepened, and she slid her tongue into the moist warmth of Kacey’s mouth. She sought the other girl’s tongue, and they tangled together, battling for dominance. There was give and take, however, and they explored one another’s mouths, tasting, tickling, teasing. It was delicious; soft, warm, and unbelievably erotic. A groan issued from deep in her throat.

Then Kacey sucked Leigh’s bottom lip into her mouth. The dampness between her thighs increased, and the throbbing of her clit intensified. She moved her hands around to Kacey’s front and cupped her breasts, kneading the soft flesh and smiling as she felt the other girl’s nipples stiffen beneath her palms. She pinched them, and smiled when Kacey made an indignant noise—all without breaking their kiss.

Moving one hand up behind Kacey’s neck and tangling it into her hair, Leigh pulled the brunette more tightly to her. Their kissing grew more frenzied, urgent; tongues dancing and caressing one another, breathing increasingly erratic, bodies pressing together. Leigh’s heart pounded, and the pulse in her throat raced. The soft warmth of the other girl’s mouth against her own was sending her into a blissful pre-orgasmic meltdown.

Suddenly Kacey pulled back, heaving a sigh. “Phew.” She grinned. “What’s say we take this into my room?”

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