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Sex Toy Review: UltraTouch G-Spot Seahorse Vibrator

gspotseahorseThe lovely folk at Honour.co.uk sent me the UltraTouch G-Spot Seahorse Vibrator to test out. It arrived quickly and in discreet packaging. Even when I opened the outer box, the actual toy’s box was lovely. Slim and classy, though a tad difficult to get into. Once there, though, the unique design is immediately apparent, as is the high quality.

The UltraTouch G-Spot Seahorse Vibrator has three motors inside – and that’s not even the best part. The best selling point, in my opinion, is the fact it’s rechargeable, and the charger is included. The toy arrived with enough charge for use, but it’s recommended to charge it for around two hours to get full power. Even with the three motors, however, this toy is pretty quiet, and definitely does the job. The motors are perfectly placed to stimulate a woman’s most erogenous zones and zoom her to orgasm. Another added bonus is that you can use this baby in the bathroom, too, as it’s splash proof. Add some water-based lube (the toy is silicone, so don’t use silicone lube) and you’re away.

The UltraTouch G-Spot Seahorse Vibrator will supply a unique and orgasmic playtime without too much noise and at a very reasonable price. Bag yours at Honour.co.uk.

Sex Toy Review: Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit

laylaarticheslimlinerabbitThose lovely folk from SweetSutra.com sent me the Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit to review, so many thanks go to them. Without further ado, here’s my write-up:

The Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit makes a very good first impression – the packaging is of good quality and is attractive. Once opened, the toy itself is very nice-looking and the instruction leaflet that comes with it is really well-presented.

The Layla takes three AAA batteries, which are easy to fit, you just twist the very base of the toy and remove the end, put the batteries into the holder, then put it back and secure the base once more. Then Layla is ready to go. To switch it on, there’s a separate button, and then you select the settings for vibration and rotation. The rotation/pulsation has three speeds, and the bunny ears three speeds and also some escalating settings, too. The best thing to do is just play with the settings to see what suits you best.

The shaft itself is slim, so ideal for beginners or those that just prefer a smaller toy. The ears aren’t overly rigid, and I was concerned that for that reason, it wouldn’t do the job, but I’m pleased to report that it did. A tad noisily, I’ll grant you, so not a toy to be used if there’s someone else in the house, but it had the desired effect.

Another bonus is that the Layla is waterproof. I didn’t test this aspect out, but I can attest to the fact that the toy is very well-made, the base looks suitably watertight and I’m sure it would be a great companion in the bath or shower.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit. It’s attractive, it’s versatile, it packs an orgasmic punch and is of high quality. The only downside is the price, but if you want to pay for something that does the job, does it well, and will last a long time, then why not treat yourself?

Sold? Grab yours here.

Sex Toy Review: Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator

Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic Wand VibratorI’ve been eyeing one of these up for ages, so when I saw that the Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator was available to purchase from Lovehoney‘s Oh! Points scheme, and that I had enough, I placed my order. And wow, am I glad I did.

I used to have one trusty toy that did its job every single time, but it was due for replacement, and I think I’ve found it. The Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator means I never have to buy batteries again – hurrah!

It took a while to get used to this toy because it’s much bigger and heavier than my previous “best buddy” but once I figured it out, I was sold. Even the lowest setting on this bad boy is super powerful. But of course, with great power comes… great noise. Unless you live with someone that is deaf then you absolutely couldn’t use this while they were home. Not even under your bed covers.

But it’s a small price to pay for a mains powered toy that absolutely does the job. If you like your vibrations super intense, then it’s definitely worth forking out for this toy – which isn’t that expensive, all things considered.

Check out the Lovehoney Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator here.

Sex Toy Review: Lovehoney Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

SqweelThose lovely folks at Lovehoney sent me the Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator to test out. I never used the first incarnation of this toy, so I’m a total Sqweel newbie. Marketed as “the world’s best oral sex simulator for women” this toy has ten silicone tongues, three powerful speeds, 30% more power than the first version of the toy, and a new reversible mode and flicker function.

My first impressions were good: the packaging was great, the toy itself looks good and is of good quality, and it’s easy to store. It takes two AAA batteries which are easy to come by, and switching on the toy is pretty self-explanatory (though there are instructions, too!).

There are definite pros and cons to the Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator. It’s well made, innovative, not too expensive and feels nice on your lady parts. However, the material means that unless you want to be sore, lube is absolutely necessary, so no using this for a quickie. Also, it’s fairly noisy and if you press it too hard to your body, it slows down the mechanism.

Overall, if you find it easy to climax and are looking for a sex toy that’s a little different, then I’d definitely check out the Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator. But if you like your toys with serious power and concentration on your clit, then I’d probably skip this one.

Sex Toy Review: Lovehoney Happy Rabbit

Lovehoney Happy RabbitAfter my last post about wanting one of these babies, I was lucky enough to be sent one to review by the lovely folks at Lovehoney! Woohoo!

Here’s a rundown of the Happy Rabbit Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator. It has three speeds and two patterns of vibration. It’s shaped for maximum pleasure on and in your lady parts, and best of all – it’s rechargeable! No more forking out on batteries, yay! According to the stats, an initial six hours of charge will give you two hours of pleasure.

It’s a smooth, sleek, silicone based toy, which comes in a lovely gift box, containing the vibrator, a storage bag and the all-important mains adaptor.

Cheap, this vibrator is not, but when you consider its quality, durability and the fact that it’s rechargeable, it’s a small price to pay. The Happy Rabbit Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator is also pretty quiet, very powerful, and because it’s a nice size, ideal for both vibrator newbies and more experienced users. Best of all, it does its job, and does it well!

Grab The Happy Rabbit Realistic Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator and some water-based lubricant and you’ll be happily buzzing for many years to come. A highly recommended addition to your toy box.

New from Lovehoney – Happy Rabbit

Happy Rabbit RealisticWow – look what Lovehoney just released… WANT!!

Discover the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit – the rechargeable rabbit vibrator you won’t find on the high street.

Originally made famous by Sex and the City back in 1998, the rabbit vibrator is the world’s favourite style of vibrator. Based on feedback from thousands of customer reviews of earlier models, Lovehoney presents the Happy Rabbit – stronger, quieter and better than ever.

Apparently, they’ve been so popular that the first batch sold out, but they’re coming back into stock on the 23rd May, so pre-order yours now!