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Sunday Snog – Something in Common

Sunday Snog

No Boys AllowedHere’s a saucy snippet from my lesbian erotic romance story Something in Common, which is in the No Boys Allowed mini-anthology. It contains three of my sexy Sapphic tales.

Justine moved back towards Amber and slipped her arms around her waist. The women were roughly the same height, so their breasts, tummies and hips pressed together as they embraced. Then, as if they’d received an unspoken command, they kissed. Quickly, the room was filled with feminine moans and groans as the pair duelled with their tongues and grabbed each other’s bottoms to pull their bodies closer still.


After a few super heated minutes, Justine pulled away with a gasp. “Fuck,” she said, staring, wide-eyed at Amber. “If you’ll excuse my abruptness, I seriously need you to be naked and on my bed. Right now.”


Amber nodded and began pulling off her shoes and clothes, as Justine did the same. With seconds, they were both nude. They clambered hastily onto the bed, reached for one another and fell down onto the duvet in a tangle of smooth, pale limbs. Their mouths met once more, and the sounds of their increasing pleasure grew louder as they became lost in one another.


Justine rolled her hips towards her new lover. She could hardly help herself – by now her need was so great that she was desperate to have Amber’s fingers – and mouth – on and in her pussy. Thankfully, the redhead took the hint and without hesitation pushed her hand between Justine’s trembling thighs.

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