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Guest Blog: Tiffany Reisz

Hello Friends and Fellow Perverts!

It’s your friendly, neighborhood smut-peddler Tiffany Reisz here guesting on Miss Lucy’s blog. I asked on Twitter what I should talk about today. One of my followers suggested the traditional, “Where do you get your ideas?” A great question with a simple answer.

I steal them.

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eBook Review: Seven Day Loan by Tiffany Reisz

Seven Day Loan

Seven Day Loan is Tiffany Reisz’s first release – and already she has a novel coming out later in the year. Having read this delicious Spice Brief, I can’t say I’m surprised. Not one bit.

This naughty tale is about submissive Eleanor. She is trained to do whatever her master commands her. So when he decides to ‘lend’ her to a friend for a week, she must acquiesce.

The friend in question, Daniel, has been a recluse since his wife’s death, and Eleanor’s lover thinks spending time with her will help him to come ‘back to life’, as it were. Daniel also happens to be a Dom, therefore Eleanor’s nature should be perfectly compatible with his.

Despite her initial misgivings, Eleanor warms to Daniel physically. However, she’s determined that her heart should continue to belong to her mysterious lover. But as she and her temporary Dom spend more time together, Eleanor begins to wonder what life would be like with the enigmatic Daniel. Will she cancel the ‘seven day loan’ and become Daniel’s indefinitely? Only one way to find out…

Seven Day Loan is a spectacular read. The writing is brilliant, the storyline fascinating, the characters deep and the sex dirty. My only complaint was that it ended – I could have happily whiled away many more hours with Daniel and Eleanor. Highly recommended.

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eBook Review: Her Fantasy by Saskia Walker

Article first published as eBook Review: Her Fantasy by Saskia Walker on Blogcritics.

Her FantasyHer Fantasy is a short naughty read from Saskia Walker. It tells the tale of Anya Reid, a woman who is finally on a date with the co-worker she’s fancied for ages. Things take a turn for the erotic when Warren asks her what her ultimate sexual fantasy is. A little taken aback, Anya’s mind and libido whirl out of control and she’s unsure how to answer. However, it appears that Warren already knows the answer and is perfectly willing to make it happen. And he does.

As Anya and Warren’s erotic games become more risque, Anya has reason to be cautious. She’s getting attached and wonders whether Warren wants her for her, or whether he’s just in it for the games. She doesn’t want it all to come crashing down around her ears, not now she’s got Warren where she wants him.

Her Fantasy is another delicious quickie read from Saskia Walker. As per usual, I’m left wanting more – I think these two characters could have a very interesting story to tell! So if you’re looking for a guaranteed steamy read, look no further. Saskia delivers the goods!

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