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Black Friday Promotion Blast at All Romance eBooks! #sale #books #areblast


Hi everyone,

Yes, it’s Black Friday and there are bargains to be had over at All Romance eBooks! I’ve enrolled my self-published titles, which I’ve listed below, but it’s likely that several of my publishers will also be taking part, so check out my author page over there to see exactly what books are discounted.

Self-pubbed titles with 25% off:

Brit Boys: On Boys

Desert Heat

Desert Heat & Native Tongue Double Pack


Native Tongue

Seducing the Myth

Sexy Just Got Rich: Brit Babes Do Billionaires

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors Vol 2

Timeless Desire

Weekend at Wilderhope Manor

So, what are you waiting for? Go and bag your bookish bargains today – be quick, though, it’s a one day only sale!

Happy Reading, and for those of you celebrating, I hope you’re having an amazing holiday season!

Lucy x

ANOTHER Fab Review for The Great Outdoors!

The Great OutdoorsWell, what an exciting weekend! I’ve had a couple of fantastic pre-release reviews of Uniform Behaviour (more on that closer to the time), AND after stalking my Amazon sales stats for The Great Outdoors, I spotted another review….

This review came from “Avid book reader”:

Titillating and blatantly steamy, the author has a bold voice and an intimate understanding of what makes the pulse tick and the juices flow in the erotica genre. *Fans self.* The only reason I haven’t given this a full five stars is because it’s two short works and I’m greedy and wanted more time with those characters. The Great Outdoors is an uber-hot combo read and I’m looking forward to longer work from this author.

So, that’s just put the cherry on the top of my weekend – so thank you to my pre-release readers, you know who you are. And also many thanks to “Avid book reader”, whoever you are.

If this cool review has made you want a copy of The Great Outdoors for yourself, then check out this page to see where you can grab a copy.

Another review of The Great Outdoors!

The lovely Ashley Lister reviewed my short eBook anthology, The Great Outdoors. And I do believe he liked it!

I’ve read lots of Lucy Felthouse’s erotic fiction from titles such Fangbangers, Bunnie magazine and the Xcite titles Seriously Sexy 3 and Ultimate Curves. Lucy has a way of bringing a story to life and making the sex feel alive – as though you’re enjoying the experience alongside the central characters.

The Great Outdoors is a pair of stories where Lucy’s characters enjoy themselves outdoors. Kate, the narrator in ‘Bird’s Eye View’ gets a front row seat on a pair of young lovers taking advantage of a pleasant summer’s day. The writing is sexy and fun, bringing the whole scene to life.

‘Fun in the Forest’ is equally entertaining with the central character Anna getting to explore some very exciting local customs whilst exploring remote Scotland.

If you enjoy erotica that is well-written, steamy and satisfying you will adore Lucy Felthouse.

So, anyway, I’m going to go away and grin my head off now. Oh, and if you want to buy the book (go on, you know you do!), go here.

Another Fab Review of The Great Outdoors!

The Great Outdoors22nd August 2010 – Fabulous news – eBook Addict reviewed my little antho, The Great Outdoors, and they liked it!

Here’s what they had to say:

The two short stories offered in The Great Outdoors was a walk on the wild side or more accurately two hikes down a fun erotic path of adventurous sex. “A Birds Eye View” and “Fun in the Forest” are tales of eager and uninhibited heroines taking advantage of serendipitous events that afford them uniquely different sexual interludes. “A Bird’s Eye View” was a hot charge of adrenalin that ended on an embarrassingly funny note.  I could see this happening in reality. “Fun in the Forest” is the longer of the two works (though the entire offering is only about 12 pages long) and my favorite.  A Scottish gamekeeper helping a damsel in distress conjured erotic images of Gerard Butler and a mature Sean Connery for me. What can I say?  It’s that accent, yummy!  British colloquialism/verbiage “…a good seeing to” and “doodle” put me in the appropriate frame of mind and setting and I was in the thick of the adventures in no time. The Great Outdoors is a quick fun read I thoroughly enjoyed.  Rule Britannia, Ms. Felthouse!


Overall, lots of nice compliments for my work and the highlight of my day. Can I get a squee??

P.S. If you haven’t got your copy yet, check out my Published Works page for the buy links. Or, if you’re a reviewer, please give me a shout and I can send you a copy in return for a review!

Yay – Lovely Review of The Great Outdoors!

Well, today has been a very nice day indeed! The lovely Justine Elyot reviewed my lil eBook The Great Outdoors on Smashwords! Here’s what she had to say:

No chance of the characters in Lucy Felthouse’s pair of outdoor-themed erotic stories catching a chill! These girls know exactly how to warm up. The first story, Bird’s Eye View, is a deliciously explicit account of an unexpected opportunity for some voyeurism – and it CRIES OUT for a sequel. I, for one, would love to know what happens during Karla and Tom’s woodland stroll. In Fun In The Forest, Anna rejects a team-building exercise in favour of a little one-on-one with a sexy burly Scots woodsman. It’s all good dirty fun and has certainly inspired me to take a tramp in my local woods as soon as possible.

I’m officially squee-ing!! The book costs just $1.49 on Smashwords, which works out at less than £1! Bargain. It’s also available on Kindle, for $3.51 (Amazon’s idea, not mine!), which is about £2.30. So if you’re looking for some outdoors smut, you’ve come to the right place!

In other good news, I found out that a story of mine has been accepted for publication by Ravenous Romance! You may remember I had a story accepted last year in their lesbian anthology, I Kissed A Girl? Well, this time, my story Shattered Resistance is going into supernatural anthology Fangbangers. I’m very, very excited – I had a peek through the manuscript and let’s just say I’m in very good company! I’m not sure of the release date yet,  but I’ll be sure and let you know as soon I do!

Right, onto my next story… a non-erotic love story, believe it or not. Just an experiment, don’t worry – I haven’t gone mad (any more than usual, anyway).

The Great Outdoors – Now Available on Smashwords.com!

The Great Outdoors19th May 2010 – Exciting news – my mini-book, The Great Outdoors, is available now on Smashwords.com! Containing two erotic short stories based around the outdoors, the eBook is just $3.99, which works out at roughly £2.70!

Just to get you in the mood, here’s a small sample of what to expect when you (hopefully) buy your copy:

Now Karla was truly dumbfounded. Here she was, relaxing after a busy week at work and trying to forget her troubles – or rather lack of them – with the opposite sex, when suddenly a live sex show was playing out in front of her!

Karla didn’t know what to do. She thought it would be rather too late to announce her presence as they’d been at it long enough for her to have said something by now. No, she should just say nothing and sit it out, hoping and praying that they didn’t look up and see her perched in the trees. The girl was really going for it by now, pumping away at his cock like a woman possessed. Her boyfriend was obviously enjoying himself, he’d clearly forgotten where he was and was moaning and groaning as he tangled his hands in her hair and thrust his member deeper down her throat.

So, go on, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of The Great Outdoors now – and please let me know what you think!