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Thanks for the Legacy, Mr Stoker

Bram StokerToday is the 100th anniversary of Bram Stoker’s death, so I wanted to mark the occasion with a blog post.

Naturally, the main thing he left behind was the fabulous novel, Dracula. He had a series of other novels and short stories too, but it was Dracula that seemed to catch the imagination of the world and has spawned a multitude of other vampire-related books, TV shows and movies (not to mention all the merchandise that goes with them!). As a fan of this particular genre, I couldn’t be happier. There is an endless supply of vamp-tastic stuff to keep me occupied forever and a day.

So thank you, Mr Stoker, for Dracula, which I’ve read many times (which certainly made my school, college and University courses much easier!), but really must re-read at some point soon. And thank you for helping to pave the way for some of my favourite things (in no particular order):

  • Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles (I met Anne Rice last year at a signing, but got her to sign her Beauty trilogy instead, as I was only allowed to have three books signed)
  • Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy novels
  • Charlaine Harris’ The Southern Vampire Mysteries (and the show based on them, True Blood)
  • Rachel Caine’s The Morganville Vampires series (I’m going to a signing of hers next month, woohoo!)
  • L. J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries (though it has to be said, the TV show is vastly more entertaining)

That’s just a tiny selection of vamp stuff I love. There are films and books galore that I could mention, but I’ll be going on forever, and I’ll still end up missing some out!

In case you didn’t know, here’s where vamps have sneaked into my work…

And I’ve no doubt there will be more! Despite what the press say about the vampire thing being ‘over,’ I don’t think it is. I still enjoy reading, watching and writing the stuff, and I’m sure many others do, too.

So thank you again, Mr Stoker. You’ve provided us with many, many happy hours of entertainment. RIP.

P.S. Looking for something vamp-tastic to read? Besides the four of my titles mentioned above (of course!), Victoria Blisse just released the third title in her Point Vamp series, The Vampire’s Choice. I haven’t read it yet, but I loved the first two so it’s definitely on my list!

Book Review: Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Article first published as Book Review: Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris on Blogcritics.

Dead ReckoningDead Reckoning is the eleventh book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries and I know that some people have got bored of them now, calling the books formulaic, amongst other slightly more insulting terms. However, I’m one of these people that tends to stick with a series until the end – I’ve invested this much time reading the previous books, of course I’ve got to see what happens next!

Honestly, though, although I can see where people are coming from in terms of calling the books formulaic, I’m still enjoying them. And Dead Reckoning, though not the best of the bunch, was still a good read that I whizzed through in a couple of days. (Also, if you haven’t been reading the books, look away now, there will be spoilers if you watch True Blood but haven’t read the books).

In this book, Sookie and Eric are still enjoying their tumultuous, sex-filled relationship. However, as always, things don’t stay simple for long. A firebombing at Merlotte’s leaves Sookie unhurt but shaken, and Sam’s already declining business in even more trouble. As an investigation starts to take place, Sookie’s has her own suspicions, but she’s soon distracted by something even more worrying.

Eric and Pam are behaving oddly, particularly towards one another, and Sookie doesn’t like it. It’s obvious they’re keeping something from her and the more they do, the more determined she is to find out what it is. What with trouble at work and trouble in her love life, Sookie’s got a lot to deal with. But she does so in her usual stubborn fashion and the more she digs, the less she likes what she finds. And as usual, she’s thrown right into the thick of all the trouble. But how long can she keep getting involved before she gets seriously hurt?

Overall, this was a fab read, though not the best in the series. Admittedly, the series is a little formulaic, but it works. Besides, as I’ve been reading so long now I’ve grown to really care about the the characters, and this is what it’s about for me. I’m still loving the fiery relationship between Sookie and Eric and some of the humour is priceless. Some more things that had previously been unanswered were cleared up and, as usual, the book ended on an ambiguous note, leaving readers wondering what will happen next. Dead Reckoning was a good, fun read and I’ll definitely be picking up book twelve when it’s released.

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