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No Boys Allowed – More Lesbian Goodness

No Boys AllowedThat’s right, I have another lesbian title available! Due to the success of my previous lesbian mini-anthology, While the Boys Are Away, I’ve put together another collection. No Boys Allowed contains three sexy Sapphic stories for your delight. Here’s the blurb:

Three sexy Sapphic tales from the pen of Lucy Felthouse:

No Boys Allowed
When Leigh goes to meet with some potential housemates in a sought-after part of London, all she’s interested in is making a good impression. The last thing she’s expecting is to find out that one of the girls is a lesbian, like her. Kacey’s not home yet, but when she arrives, Leigh knows one thing for sure: she’s smitten. But will her feelings be reciprocated?

Something in Common
Nerd and amateur photographer Justine is partaking of one of her favourite pastimes—visiting a historical site—when she bumps into Amber. It turns out they’re both equally enthusiastic about exploring stately homes, abbeys, stone circles and the like—and their surprise at meeting someone with similar interests leads them on another adventure together, which doesn’t end at the site.

Little Miss Goody Two Shoes
Izzy and her girlfriend are visiting a beautiful stately home in the British countryside. Taking a stroll around the garden, Izzy’s shocked to see a statue of a female—totally naked. Her girlfriend, astounded that Izzy is such a prude and a Little Miss Goody Two Shoes, proceeds to show her just what fun can be had in a country garden with a statue to hide them from prying eyes.

Want your copy? It’s available from Amazon UK, Amazon US and All Romance eBooks currently, and will be coming to all other good eBook retailers soon. In the meantime, you can read an excerpt here.

House of Erotica House Party

House of Erotica House PartyAs part of the House of Erotica House Party, I’m going to dish the dirt on my single-author collection, We Love Lucy. Here’s the blurb:

House of Erotica brings you a thrilling collection of Lucy Felthouse’s best erotic fiction. From BDSM, M/F to F/F, this extensive range of exciting stories will leave you desperately wanting to read on…

Stories included: While The Boys Are Away, Beside The Seaside, The Inner Circle, Susie White and the Right Hand Man, Punish Me Good, Trophy Boyfriend, On the Prowl, A Stroke of Peach, Double Vision, Miri on the Wall.

There really is something in this collection for everyone. While the Boys Are Away, Beside the Seaside and The Inner Circle are all hot lesbian tales. Susie White and the Right Hand Man is a sensual fairy tale. Punish Me Good and Trophy Boyfriend are kinky fem-dom stories. On The Prowl is a saucy ménage.  Double Vision is a military erotic story. And finally, Miri on the Wall is rubenesque.

And here’s a sexy excerpt from While the Boys Are Away:

“C’mon,” said Amelia. “Let’s go get showered while the boys are doing their cavemen piece.”

Gemma giggled. Her boyfriend Rob and Amelia’s bloke Tony were hunkered over the barbeque, desperately trying to get it to light. The breeze wasn’t helping, and the boys were getting increasingly irritable. It was time to make a hasty retreat before they started beating their chests.

The girls dashed into their respective tents and grabbed their stuff. As they started walking across the campsite to the shower block, Amelia said quietly, “I don’t know why we can’t just go to the pub, like normal people.”

“Heard that!” yelled Rob, glowering at them both. The girls scurried quickly away, not wanting to incite any more of the boys’ wrath.

Pulling the door shut behind them, Amelia remarked, “Ahh, it’s lovely and warm in here. Ya can’t beat a heated toilet block.”

“Too true,” responded Gemma, moving over to the sinks to put her things down. She looked around, checking that they were alone.

“Now, let’s get you out of those wet clothes.”

“Wha—” before she could ask the question, Gemma had depressed the tap, filled her hands with water, and thrown it at Amelia.

“You bitch!” Amelia squealed, running over to Gemma. She began to tickle her, knowing the other girl would be helpless with giggles in a matter of seconds.

As she tried to block Amelia’s onslaught, Gemma sucked in a breath and gasped, “I thought we were going for a shower.”

Relenting, Amelia said, “You’re right. We were.”

Dropping a kiss on Gemma’s tousled head, she grabbed their stuff and headed for the biggest shower cubicle. Her lover followed, almost recovered from her giggling fit. Sliding the lock home, Gemma turned, only to see that Amelia was already stripping.

“Eager, aren’t we?” Gemma said, a smirk pulling at the corners of her mouth.

“Shut up and get undressed,” Amelia responded, grinning at her. “We can’t be too long, or the boys’ll send a search party. Remember last time?”

Gemma laughed as she thought about the last time they’d come camping. The girls had been making love in the shower when they heard a knock at the door and a childish voice call out their names. It turned out that Rob and Tony had sent the little girl from the pitch next door to see if they were okay. Little Amy was very confused when both girls emerged from the same cubicle, and they’d had to come up with some lame excuse about Amelia having tangled her hair in her necklace.

Luckily, Amy had been young and naive enough to swallow their excuse. The boys had never been any the wiser. Still, they didn’t want to take any chances, especially since it could be the campsite warden knocking on the door next time, and they’d have to come up with a watertight excuse to fool an adult.

Kicking off her shoes, Gemma undressed. All the while she watched Amelia, whose nipples, despite the heat in the room, were hardening. Gemma expected it was due more to arousal than the temperature.

Reaching out a hand, Amelia switched on the shower then ducked back quickly. The water pounded down into the tray, and seconds later steam started to fill the air. Amelia tested the heat and, satisfied, stepped in. Gemma quickly joined her, but not before retrieving her bottles of shampoo and shower gel from her bag.

Dropping the containers onto the shelf behind her girlfriend, Gemma happily let herself step into Amelia’s embrace. They stood there for a few seconds, not moving, letting the water pummel and heat their skin.

Check out the buy links for this collection here.

Other House of Erotica titles I have published are: On the Prowl, Punish Me Good, While the Boys Are Away, Susie White and the Right Hand Man, Smut in the City, Smut by the Sea, Uniform Behaviour, Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills and Absolute Valentines.

Blisse Kiss By The Sea

Blissekiss By The SeaIt’s that time again! Yes, time for another Blissekiss! This time, the theme is by the sea, therefore I’ve chosen a sexy excerpt from While the Boys Are Away.

So, what do you do? It’s easy. Just check out the yummy excerpt below (it’s more of an “oral” kiss, if you get my drift!), which will hopefully entice you to buy the book 😉 Then, scroll down to the Rafflecopter and make your entries to be in with a chance of winning an awesome prize. Finally, hop back to Blissekiss.co.uk and check out the excerpts and prizes from all the other authors – there’s tons of stuff to be won!


While the Boys Are Away

Excerpt from Beside the Seaside, from While the Boys Are Away.

“Oh yeah. My first proper meal as a pierced woman. Delish.”

“So it was okay? It didn’t catch on stuff?”

“Nah,” she said, shaking her head. “I knew it wouldn’t. I did my research before I had it done.”

“Oh right.” I said, again left with nothing interesting to say.

“You know what else I found out?” Candy continued even as I shook my head. “It’s meant to be really good for oral sex.”

I made a strange noise somewhere between a laugh and a squeal.

She looked at me, one eyebrow raised. “How would you like to find out?”

I merely stared at her, a rabbit trapped in headlights. She was deadly serious. I glanced out the front of the hut then looked back at Candy. I opened my mouth, but she cut me off.

“I’ll close the doors.”

I wanted her, there was no question of it. I’d found her attractive from the very moment we met. I just hadn’t realised she felt the same. My “Gaydar” had never been very accurate.

Candy raised both eyebrows now, an exasperated expression crossing her face.

“Well?” She poked out her tongue and wiggled it at me obscenely.

I moved uncomfortably in my chair, already becoming wet.

I nodded. “Shut the doors.”

She did; plunging us into semi-darkness. A little light came from the occasional tiny gaps between the boards of the beach hut, but it didn’t bother Candy. It appeared she didn’t need to see what she was doing – she could do it all by touch. And touch she did.

Between us, we fumbled, popped and yanked until my jeans and thong were around my ankles. Candy’s warm hands settled on the insides of my knees and pushed them apart, exposing my increasingly wet pussy to the air and, more importantly, to her. She grabbed behind my knees and pulled me forward. Then, without hesitation, she buried her head between my legs. I made a strange, involuntary squeaking sound, and I quickly stuffed my fingers into my mouth to prevent any more noises coming forth unbidden. I soon forgot all about being quiet. As Candy licked, sucked and nibbled at my delicate flesh, and teased my clit until I thought it would burst, I gripped the arms of the deck chair until my knuckles went white.

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New Release: We Love Lucy

We Love LucyOkay, it’s official, I can’t keep up with myself! I’m still catching up from my holiday last week, plus the release of Off the Beaten Track, and then House of Erotica surprised me by putting together this collection of my erotic short stories. I’m certainly not complaining though, it was a very pleasant surprise with a delicious cover. I wonder what’s under that heart? 😉

So… the wonderfully titled We Love Lucy (HoE’s title, not mine!) sounds a little bit like this:

House of Erotica brings you a thrilling collection of Lucy Felthouse’s best erotic fiction. From BDSM, M/F to F/F, this extensive range of exciting stories will leave you desperately wanting to read on…

Stories included: While The Boys Are Away, Beside The Seaside, The Inner Circle, Susie White and the Right Hand Man, Punish Me Good, Trophy Boyfriend, On the Prowl, A Stroke of Peach, Double Vision, Miri on the Wall.

Want it? 27.5k words of my smuttiness? Then check out the buy links here. I’ll love you forever!


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Cara Sutra Reviews While the Boys Are Away

While the Boys Are Away

The lovely Cara Sutra took some time out from her busy schedule to read and review my sexy lesbian mini-anthology, While the Boys Are Away. I’m delighted to say that I think she liked it! 😉

Here’s what she had to say:

“I really enjoyed this triple pleasure book and devoured it quickly. The stories are short enough to read on a short journey or a work coffee break. The only thing I can say is that I wish the stories were slightly longer with more character detail, background and plot. However, the lesbian fun stays in your mind a good while after. I recommend this delicious gift from Lucy Felthouse to all!” 9 out of 10

Check out the full review here.

Read an excerpt and see buy links here.

More Praise for While the Boys Are Away

While the Boys Are AwayCue more happy dancing over here, because my erotic lesbian mini-anthology While the Boys Are Away received another awesome review, this time from At Your Fingertips. Check out what they had to say:

“Steamy, hotter than imaginable, each of the stories is tastefully written and delightfully delicious. A truly scintillating read, Lucy has managed to create a sumptuous look into lesbian erotica that should grace every freethinking woman’s bedside.” 5 out of 5

You can read the full review here.

Or, sex up your eReader by clicking here and following your preferred buy link.

5 Stars for While the Boys Are Away

While the Boys Are AwayI’m happy dancing over here, because Have You Heard My Book Review covered my erotic lesbian anthology, and gave it five stars!

They commented:

“These three short stories are wonderful for starting out that special evening of fun with your partner. Erotic enough to get the engines moving, but not pornographic to the point you feel left out. Try reading them to each other and then devise your own fun! I enjoyed all three and do recommend them highly. I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because they will make things spark.”

Check out the full review here.

Get your copy of While the Boys Are Away.