Dicewriting for Erotica and Erotic Romance by Zak Jane Keir

DicewritingLast summer, I did a session at Smut Leeds on using dice for generating story ideas. It was a lot of fun, and people said it got their imaginations going. Afterwards, someone mentioned that it would be really useful to have a whole book of story charts, so I went off and wrote one.

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Zak Jane Keir is available to run sessions on Dicewriting at writers’ groups and other events – contact her at dirtysexyworld@gmail.com



Want to write erotica or erotic romance, but don’t know where to start? Been writing it for years but worried that you are running out of kinks/character traits/unusual locations for that first kiss –  or the crucial farewell spanking? Dicewriting works for anyone with an interest in the genre, whatever your level of experience.

A set of random concepts will push your imagination in different directions, by suggesting juxtapositions you hadn’t thought of before, providing a surprising motive for a character’s behaviour, or maybe introducing a type of sex act that wouldn’t otherwise have occurred to you.

The charts in this book relate to characteristics, locations, plot twists and different desires. All you need to get them working for you is pen, paper and a single six-sided die.

Dicewriting is a writing prompts method you can use on your own, or incorporate into a session with a writing group. What happens next is up to you – and the dice.

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