For the Love of a Soldier

For the Love of a Soldier


Military Erotic Romance


Contains my story, Failure to Launch.

Sixteen stories of passion with soldiers, sailors, pilots, and men (and women) of war. When you love someone serving in the military, love can be fraught and erotic opportunities few or far between. These authors, veterans of the erotica and romance writing world, turn their pens to the subject with insightful and sizzling portrayals of those in (and out of…) uniform.

As editor Kristina Wright writes in her introduction, “When I married my sailor many years ago…the message was clear: duty to military service comes before duty to marriage. Moments. Hours. Days. Occasionally, weeks… That’s how romances with military lovers are measured—in the smallest of increments, because no time together is ever guaranteed.” The result is red-hot reunions and no-holds-barred passion in the precious time that is shared.


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A giggle from close behind her made Laurel snap round in her chair to discover the source of it. Nobody ever giggled in the office—the damn place was more solemn than a funeral directors. Until today, apparently.

Her colleague, Brenda, now stood next to her twisting her hands together and shifting from foot to foot. And, unless Laurel was utterly mistaken, she was blushing.

“Brenda, what on Earth’s the matter?” She sounded harsher than intended, but all this excitement was so unheard of that it had thrown her for a loop.

The older woman tittered again. “There’s someone here to see you, Laurel. A man.”

Laurel frowned. Who would be visiting her at work? Visiting her at all, actually. Especially as the someone in question had Brenda all flustered, so was clearly very attractive. Had Brad Pitt finally come to his senses, ditched Angelina and tracked her down to take her away from her dull-as-fuck job at the data entry firm? There was only one way to find out.

Indicating Brenda should go back to her own desk, Laurel stood up from her chair, then smoothed her skirt, tugged her shirt down to make sure it wasn’t crumpled, then walked out of the office and into the reception area. There stood the last person she’d been expecting. Literally.

Her husband, Orlando, stood there grinning widely. For a second or two, she just stared at him, unable to comprehend what was going on. Just that morning, she’d kissed and hugged him and said her goodbyes. He’d been deployed on a tour of duty on his submarine for nine months, and she had a lonely time to look forward to. But somehow, instead of being under the sea somewhere off the coast of south England, he was right in front of her.

“Or—orly?” Her tone was disbelieving, even though her eyes couldn’t possibly lying. Not unless he had a doppelganger she didn’t know about. His black beret with its gold pins sat an angle on his almost-black hair, his mid-blue shirt brought out the color in his eyes, and the black trousers fit him to perfection. She knew if he turned around his arse would look good enough to squeeze. No wonder Brenda had gone all girly and flustered. Her husband would do that to a woman in his civvies, but in his uniform, he was a knock out.

“The one and only,” he said, grinning. “Come here.”

She went into his open arms willingly, eagerly, but couldn’t help asking, “What are you doing here?”

Pressing a kiss to the top of her head, he then held her at arm’s length, and before he’d even spoken, his excitement had rubbed off on her. “Something went wrong in the engine room of the sub. I won’t bore you with the details, but needless to say, we’re not going to be deploying any time soon. They’re still paying us, too. So, I had an idea… let’s go away!”

“G—go away? Where?”


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