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A Moonstone bonus story.

Moonstone Guinevere ‘Ginny’ Miles is having one hell of a festive season. She was only supposed to be visiting her parents for Christmas, then returning home to London, England. But one pumpkin spice latte, one broken down truck, three hot guys, and two snowstorms later, and everything has changed—she’s decided to move to Silver Springs for good. She hasn’t told her parents or her gorgeous harem—Trent, Landon, and Kai—anything yet, and perhaps that’s a good thing.

Being snowed in with time to kill has revealed potential issues in her relationships that Ginny hadn’t considered before. Is her bright, exciting new future at an end before it’s even begun?

Note: This bonus scene is set during the timeline of Moonstone, which makes it spoilery if you haven’t read it already. You have been warned. It was also previously published in the Snow Men anthology.

Word count: 3,973


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Moonstone Guinevere ‘Ginny’ Miles stood in the hallway outside her parents’ kitchen, feeling as though a rug had been pulled from under her feet. Ever since Trent, Landon and Kai had shown up at the bottom of the Miles’ driveway, their truck having broken down just before a major snowstorm had hit on Christmas Eve, things had been… interesting. Ginny had been inexplicably and powerfully attracted to all three men from the second she’d laid eyes on them, and it had soon become apparent that they felt exactly the same way.

And now, less than forty-eight hours later—and following some spectacularly sexy times in the bedroom and other, much more unusual places—she’d made the decision to completely upend her life in order to move from London, England, to the east coast of America in order to be with them. She was only supposed to be visiting her parents in Silver Springs, Upstate New York, for the Christmas holidays, and now it looked as though she was sticking around.

However, nobody else knew that part, yet—though her mother, Deborah, had a good idea. The decision was still so fresh in Ginny’s mind that she wasn’t sure she’d come to terms with it herself—though she was confident it was the right thing, despite the fact the bond between herself and the three men had come about so bizarrely, and so fast.

None of that was what had given her the rug-pulled-from-under-her-feet feeling, though. That particular honor went to her mother, who’d just fed them a delicious fried breakfast—again. Over the past few days, she’d happily accepted help from their stranded-by-snowstorm visitors, as well as her daughter, to help prepare and clear up after meals. This time, though, she’d flat-out refused, claimed she was fed up of having everyone getting in her way in the kitchen, and banished the four of them to “Anywhere but here. Why not go outside or something? It’s a gorgeous morning.”

Only her husband, Ginny’s father, Charlie, had been allowed to stay and help.

Which left Ginny and the three men standing in the hallway, exchanging confused looks and shuffling awkwardly from foot to foot.

She moved over to the nearest window and pulled the net to one side. The weather was as beautiful as it had been the last time Ginny had peered out—sunny, with brilliant blue skies. Granted, the snow still lay as thick on the ground as it had done earlier, but at least no more was falling, nor was it forecast to, thankfully.

Ginny dropped the net and turned to the men with a shrug. “We’ve got hours and hours to kill before the snow ploughs will have cleared enough of the major roads for the local plough to get up here and do the driveway. We might as well wrap up and go outside for a bit while it’s nice. Get some fresh air.” She paused, thought for a moment, then glanced at Landon. “Maybe we could make that snowman we talked about.”


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