Succubus Comes Home

Succubus Comes Home


M/F Paranormal Erotic Romance


An erotic tale of paranormal romance

When Alice meets Antony in a bar, she’s taken aback. As a succubus, Alice is well used to the love ’em and leave ’em lifestyle. But there’s something intriguing about Antony and she can’t put her finger on it. When the truth comes out about Antony, how will Alice react? Will she be willing to take a risk for love?

Note: This story has been previously published in the Cleis Press anthology, Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance.

Word count: 3,380



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Alice sauntered into the club, aware of the many pairs of eyes that were watching her. She knew she looked hot. It wasn’t arrogance; it was a fact of life. After all, it was kind of Alice’s job to be sexy. What kind of succubus would she be if she wasn’t? One in trouble with the man downstairs, that’s what.

Heading for the bar, she nodded to Dimitri, the barman, when he caught her eye and mouthed “Usual?” at her.

Alice was used to jumping queues, having doors held open for her, being noticed. Being worshipped, even. But despite it all, she still didn’t feel complete. She had job satisfaction, sure, but there was just something lacking from her life. One day, she resolved, she’d find out what. But for now, it was time to work. Those guys wouldn’t seduce themselves. Well, they might… but that’s another story.

Alice’s drink arrived at the same time as her first suitor. Wow, she hadn’t even had to work for this one, he’d come to her. What a great start to the evening!

“Let me get that,” said a voice, and Alice turned. She had to look up to meet his eyes. But boy, was it worth the effort. They were a startling blue and looked full of mischief. In fact it wasn’t just his eyes that were pretty; the guy was out and out gorgeous. He was tall, six feet and then some, she guessed, with a light brown crop of hair and a smile that would send most mortal females weak at the knees. He wore tight but faded jeans and beat-up leather jacket over a white t-shirt. A sneaky glance in the direction of his feet (come on, what self-respecting girl doesn’t check out a guy’s footwear?) revealed a sturdy pair of Caterpillar boots. Mmm… sexy. She loved a guy that looked rough and ready for anything.


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“The mystery of the tale is paced nicely and never pulls you away from the steamy scenes that lay ahead. Lucy’s Succubi certainly brings the full heat of hell with her as the sex here sizzles with a real raw passion, and the twist when it comes is sweet. Love always finds a way and Lucy does a wonderful job of expressing that.

A Short and Very Sweet Love Story with a Twist, Rewarding Reading that’ll leave you feeling warm and mushy.” 5 out of 5, SexyReads.co.uk


“Succubus Comes Home by Lucy Felthouse was a very exciting story. I loved how the author blended the paranormal/supernatural with erotic romance. I find myself enjoying each story by Lucy Felthouse more than the last but I must say that this is by far my favorite one yet.” All Things Books