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Thank you for the opportunity to share background on the Tales of the Chosen and other books set in the Tarthian Empire. When I created the concept, I decided to do full scale world building, and even did a layout of TarthCity. I used the map as my desktop background while I wrote. It helped me keep track of everyone as went go from place to place. If you look, you’ll notice West is at the top. That’s because when I first sketched the drawing, it seemed natural to put the starport there, then Top Tier (an upscale shopping district in Tarth City), then the vast park that runs thru the entire city. Below that are the business district, and other areas where the action takes place.

totcset-anicov200Once it was finished and all the layers were complete, I realized I had forgotten to add the symbol for direction – N, S, E, W. That’s when it dawned on me that several times when I’d mentioned characters seeing the starport, it was to the West. Which meant the map had West at the top. I’d spent days working on the detailed layers of this map in Photoshop and the idea of re-doing it… Well, it boggled my brain.

So I fixed the problem by saying that “Tradestandard” (the measurements which Empress Destine Pietan had required on all planets in the empire) declared that all maps should orient with West at the top. In other words, I blamed it on one of my characters. As Paul Harvey would say, “And now you know the rest of the story.”

My site also has Imperinet http://kayelleallen.com/Imperinet.html — a mock up of the empire’s Imperial Internet service. Almost all the businesses have “real” websites you can visit. Top Tier, an exclusive shopping area in Tarth City, has its own cool site too. http://kayelleallen.com/toptier.html

The best way to see the empire is to stop in at The Tarthian Tour Company and take a click-through tour. When I started this, my son was in college studying graphic design, so I recruited him to do art and design the planets. They’re amazing, and have won art awards over the years. Hidden around the site are links to find the empire’s rebels – look for little icons that seem out of place, and point to them. If they tell you to “Trust the Sleeper” be wary. A few take you to the hidden rebel base, and others to an Armada trap! You can download wallpaper here. http://kayelleallen.com/Wallpaper.html Have fun exploring the site.


Tales of the Chosen: Wulf, Alitus, Jawk
SciFi Romance for the Gay Geek

When the fate of hearts rivals the fate of worlds, victory costs everything.


Superstar Wulf Gabriel must depend on the one man he swore he would never trust again. The most powerful and feared man in the empire – the Harbinger. Lust. Power. Forgiveness. A Chosen loves forever.

Wulf Gabriel longs for freedom. A superstar in the Tarthian Empire, he is bound by an unscrupulous agent to a restrictive contract. With his career threatened and his life at risk, Wulf must trust the one man he swore would never again control him — Luc Saint-Cyr, the Harbinger.

For the Harbinger, saving Wulf is a simple matter of asserting his will. The enigmatic man’s legendary power makes him the most feared person in the empire. To win the heart of Wulf, Luc will have to risk baring his own.

Amazon http://amzn.com/B00HRKLUP0

Amazon UK https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HRKLUP0



The empress asks her trusted spymaster, Alitus, to discover if a friend’s lover is having an affair. The truth could alter age-old alliances and rock the empire to its core. Passion. Submission. Loyalty. A Chosen bares his heart forever.

Alitus lives in a world full of political intrigue, and he is supremely alone. As a Better, an enhanced human, he can touch no one — his pheromones are addictive. He keeps his affair with Wulf secret, because Wulf belongs to another, a powerful man allied with the empress. When the man asks the empress to investigate whether Wulf is having an affair, Wulf’s relationship with Alitus could be exposed. Complicating matters, the empress reveals her immortality, and requires Alitus to prove his loyalty. Her test will throw him straight into Wulf’s arms, right in front of the empress and Wulf’s lover. Hiding what they are to each other has taken discipline and denial. Now, it will take a miracle.

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HSO0BA0

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HSO0BA0



When immortal Luc Saint-Cyr arranges a ménage with Wulf and Jawk, he gets far more than he bargained for. Pleasure. Trust. Possession. A Chosen’s betrayal is forever.

Jawk works at Batchelors, a gay club in the Top Tier district of TarthCity, where he meets Luc. Luc offers Jawk a deal too good to pass up, one night showing him and his lover a good time in exchange for far more than his usual pay. But the sensual Jawk is not what he seems, and one night with him will change the immortal’s alliances forever.

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HSO0DIU

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HSO0DIU



Thank you for reading today. The Tarthian Empire Companion Book, First Edition is 23 pages of images and info about Tarth and all the other places in the empire. When you click it, this will either offer you a download, or open in a new window, depending on your settings. To read it, you need Adobe Reader, available free. http://is.gd/seeTarthCity

You can also grab a Facebook timeline cover for Tales of the Chosen and other goodies, available here. http://is.gd/fbchosen


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  1. Kayelle Allen

    January 15, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Thank you for hosting me Lucy! I forgot to include a link to the map I was talking about. Here it is. This is wallpaper sized for a desktop, and has lots of detail. http://is.gd/tarthmap Almost every detail on the map is on a separate layer in Photoshop, so you can see why I hesitated to completely recreate it. It will also be used for a role playing game I’m developing.