HIS: Manlove Edition

HIS: Manlove Edition


M/M Power Play Erotic Romance


Contains my story, Garden of Eden.

Strength. Power. Experience. There’s nothing like a man who knows how to get what he wants, both in and out of the bedroom. And these dominant alphas want nothing more than to please and possess the men they love. No kink is too risqué as these men ensure their lovers never want to be anywhere but under their command.

Come and find out how good it feels to be HIS.


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As Dale approached the club, with its two burly and slightly threatening-looking doormen, he almost turned and walked away. It was just too much, too extreme. Somehow, though, he forced himself to put one foot in front of the other and continue right to the door, then, with a nervous smile at the bouncers, headed inside. He paid his cover charge and declined the offer to put his jacket in the cloakroom. There was every chance he was going to chicken out at some point this evening, so he didn’t want to run off, only to realize he’d left his coat behind. Especially since said coat contained his car and house keys, his phone, his wallet…

Plus it helped him hide a little. It covered him from neck—chin if he pulled up the collar—to ankle, secreting his black jeans, black t-shirt and the skinny body beneath them. All anyone could really see was his shock of black hair, his piercing green eyes ringed with eyeliner, fine bone structure and, right down there, his black platform shoes. Dale was a Goth, and proud of it. He got it, understood it, therefore he could deal with it.

What confused him, though, what he didn’t get, were the urges, the dark thoughts that had led him on his journey to Garden of Eden, his local BDSM club. He’d almost died of embarrassment when he’d searched online to find it and hoped to God no one would ever check his browser history.

It was a double whammy, really, the fact that he, a twenty-one year old virgin, wanted not only to be dominated, but to be dominated—and fucked—by a man. He’d taken some time to come to his conclusions, hence the fact he was twenty-one and still had his cherry. He’d never been one for hasty decisions.

And now he was here, at Garden of Eden, to do something about his desires. Of course, he could have gone on the Internet, filled in a profile, listed his wants, his preferences, his experience—well, lack of it—but he hadn’t wanted to do that. So many people online were not truthful. They hid behind their screens, their keyboards, pretending to be something they weren’t. Dale wanted something real, something honest, and he believed the way to get that was to meet people, people with his desires, face-to-face. That way he could assess their body language, their words. Lying is so much more difficult in the flesh.

He wanted transparency, something real and true. And he really hoped he would get it in this place. Even if he didn’t, though, he was confident he’d get an education.

He headed through the busy club, squeezing past people dancing, talking, or in much more intimate positions. No one here was too full on—there was lots of kissing, some groping, and a man being led around on a lead, but it was all pretty mild. The research he’d done online had told him that the more hardcore action took place in rooms off to the sides of clubs. All clubs were different, naturally, but many had rooms with varying equipment in each, catering to the specific needs of the patrons. He figured it would take some time to figure out his own specific needs, but perhaps if he managed to find a Master, he would help Dale to work all that out. He hoped so, anyway.

Eventually he reached the bar, where a shaven-headed guy in obscenely tight trousers and a tucked-in, unbuttoned shirt that flashed his entire chest, was shaking up a cocktail. He gave a short nod to Dale to acknowledge he’d seen him, then moved back over to the customer he’d been taking care of and served them their drink. He popped a straw into the glass, then took the customer’s money with a broad grin. As soon as he’d given the cocktail purchaser their change, the barman headed straight over to Dale.

“Hey, sweet cheeks, welcome to Garden of Eden. What can I get you, first timer?”


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“A great collection of m/m stories featuring older men and their younger lovers. These stories were done very tastefully and really hit the head on the nail with the theme. Manlove Edition stories have always entertained me and this collection is no exception.” Long and Short Reviews