Sexy Just Walked Into Town

Sexy Just Walked Into Town


Erotica and Erotic Romance Anthology


Sexy Just Walked Into Town is a collection of delicious erotic and romantic stories from the Brit Babes. These eight British authors have put together a book of tales to tease and tantalise you, each one a sample of the individual Babes’ voices and styles. You’ll find contemporary, BDSM, same-sex loving, ménage a trois, paranormal, sporty, military, Rubenesque and more. There’s something to suit everyone here including a few Brit Babe collaborations.

Ranging from sweetly vanilla to so-hot-it-will-blow-your-mind, the Brit Babes aim to please in every literary fantasy department. Their heroes are strong, determined and soul-achingly divine and their heroines sassy, sexy and not afraid to grab what they want. Passion and pleasure is the name of the game, romance and raunch a top priority and it all comes with a delightful sprinkle of kink.

With a whole host of awards, best-sellers and accolades between them, the Babes just know you’ll find something in this anthology that will keep you turning the pages and squirming on your seat. Then, if you like what you read here, check out the individual authors’ websites to investigate their collection of published works. Also visit the Brit Babes’ home on the web which acts as a library for the hundreds of books published by them. Tell your friends, spread the word, because one thing you can be sure of, is when the Brit Babes arrive, sexy has just walked into town!

And please, if you enjoy this anthology, leave a review. The Babes will be forever grateful.

Word count: 70,990


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Flesh for Fantasy

By Lexie Bay

I can’t concentrate today because I am seeing her tonight. The thought makes my pussy wet. I crave her flesh, the smooth pale curves of her body. She is my obsession, my carefully guarded secret and she is filling my head with filthy thoughts about what I will do to her later.

My boyfriend thinks we are just friends. He doesn’t know how much I yearn to be in her arms, how I ache for the contrast of her soft body as he holds me against his hard muscle. She isn’t his type; he likes his women like me, boyish and skinny with no bum and tits that are only just a handful. Sophia is the opposite of me. My hands glide over her curves, fingers disappearing into the folds of her flesh, always a different place to explore as she moves beneath my touch.

My phone heralds the arrival of a text and I grab it. Please let it be from her. My need to be with her is bordering on insanity and I want to know that she is thinking about our evening together as much as I am.

Hey beautiful, I’m counting the minutes until you get here. I’ve got a treat for you later; I’m going to give you a makeover.

I smile because she wants me as much as I want her. I know this deep down but I hunger for the reassurance her words give me. No one has ever taken the time to woo me with words like she does, no one has taken the time to find out what I like and then turn my fantasies into reality. I am desperate for the evening to come.

I’ve dressed up for her tonight; my prettiest bra which tries valiantly to give me some semblance of cleavage and a tiny thong. Sophia wears beautiful French knickers, with frills and lace and satin. A thong would be lost in the abundant sweep of her sexy buttocks but she likes to tug mine to one side, the floss of lace the only thing between my lips and hers. She answers the door and I’m lost in her embrace as she holds me. I breathe in her warm, musky smell and she pulls me into the living room.

“God I’ve missed you Zoe,” she says pushing a large glass of white wine into my hands. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. I’m totally behind in my new routine, the rest of the girls were getting completely fed up with me by the end of rehearsal.”

Sophia is a Burlesque dancer. This means I get to see her milky white curves spilling out of divine corsets, her creamy thighs adorned with stockings and suspender belts on a regular basis. Her home is a cornucopia of vintage prints, feathers and pictures of beautiful women. She is Hollywood glamour and retro beauty made real, living and breathing in front of me. She must have just got back from practice because she is still wearing a dusky pink corset with matching knickers and fishnet stockings underneath a frilly tutu. She is taller than usual in a pair of sky high heels that accentuate the turn of her ankles and make her legs look very sexy. I pick up a feather boa that she has discarded on the sofa, wrap it behind her neck and pull her towards me, her full lips too irresistible not to cover in kisses.

Sophia moves away and takes both my hands. I want her lips on mine again but she is smiling. “Come into the bedroom; your treat’s all set up. I’m going to pamper you before I fuck you.”

My pussy clenches at her words, the harshness at odds with her beautiful, innocent face. I like to hear her talk dirty when we fuck, like to hear her tell me how I turn her on, what she wants me to do to her. I watch her pretty mouth as the words tumble out, fuck me, lick my pussy, I want your fingers inside me; and it makes me so wet for her.

I let her lead me into the bedroom and she sits me down on a chair that she has positioned in the middle of the room. Her makeup is spread out on the bed, bright colours in pretty packaging. Sophia is always trying to get me to be more adventurous with my makeup and tonight she is obviously excited to see me all dolled up.

She kneels in front of me and slowly removes my t-shirt. I’m embarrassed by my flat chest and try to cover myself but she shakes her head, her laughter infectious as she tickles me to keep my hands away from my body.

“Let me look at you, Zoe. You know how much I love your body.”

“Not as much as I love yours,” I reply, my fingers skimming over the smooth flesh spilling out of her corset. She is warm and soft and I cup my hands over her ample curves. I am torn between looking at her in her beautiful underwear and an overwhelming desire to see her naked, to suck a rosy nipple into my mouth as my hands wander amongst the folds of her body.

“Ah-ah, not yet baby. I have plans for you tonight.” She undoes my jeans and motions for me to stand up so that she can remove them.

“That is a very sexy thong,” she says, stroking her finger over the scrap of material and I feel my pussy tighten again, a gush of warm liquid soaking it. Sophia smiles as she smells my desire.

“Sit back and relax. I’m going to make you even more beautiful than you already are.”


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