Book Review: Bad Angels by Rebecca Chance

Bad AngelsBad Angels was sent to me for review by the publisher, and I’m very glad they did. It’s not quite what you’d call erotica – I believe it’s classed as a bonkbuster. Basically, it contains sex scenes which are a little graphic, but not too full on.

The book tells the story of a luxury apartment building in London, which houses celebrities, oligarchs and other people who have the ridiculous amount of cash required to live there. There’s also a very high quality plastic surgery clinic next door, and it owns some of the apartments so those who wish to recuperate in extreme privacy may do so – and there are also nurses at hand to administer their after care. It’s Christmas time, and there’s an awful lot happening in Limehouse Wharf. Broken hearts, divorce, marriage, attempted assassinations, love, unexpected love… it’s all going on.

I really enjoyed Bad Angels. I haven’t read anything by Rebecca Chance before, but I’ll definitely seek out her work in the future. Her writing flows really well, it’s very engaging and the humour thrown in had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. It’s a long book, but it certainly didn’t feel that way – each chapter had me eager to read the next, to find out if the residents and staff of Limehouse Wharf had a happy Christmas and New Year. Definitely recommended if you like your books with sex, scandal and humour.

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