Gigolo: His Business is your Pleasure – Golden

Gigolo is the story of Golden – who considers himself to be one of the luckiest men alive. He probably isn’t far wrong – he has beautiful women throwing themselves at him constantly, and they pay for his company. It’s not as seedy as prostitution, mind. It’s more a case of adding lots of lovely new designer clothes to his wardrobe, or flying him to New York at a moment’s notice. All Golden has to do is be his usual sexy and entertaining self – and give these women mind-blowing sex. Every man’s ideal job, right?

Golden certainly thought so, until his friends began to change. One of his best (and most gorgeous) friends falls in love with one of his clients, and they begin a bona-fide relationship. When Golden sees them together, he’s reminded of what real love is like. And he begins to wonder if he’ll ever find Miss Right, or is he destined to have meaningless shags with superstars and models until he’s too old and ugly for women to want him?

I thought this was a fantastic book. It was warm, light-hearted and funny. It’s in a similar vein to Belle de Jour and Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, but from a male perspective, which is definitely what gives it the edge. Despite his odd career choices, you find yourself liking Golden and hoping he does find his Miss Right.

A really well-written book. If you like chick-lit and Belle de Jour, you’ll love this. I was hooked from start to finish.

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