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Blue Moon House: The Beginning – Book 8 by Angelica Dawson (@angelicadawson) #BlueMoonHouse #BDSM #vampire #paranormal #cinderella #erotica #dark

The BeginningBlurb:

Sophia is on the run. A newly reborn vampire, she finds herself alone after an attack on her home. Running across Europe, she seeks a place to hide, and eventually, a place to fit in. She happens upon three adult sisters, orphaned and down on luck. If she can help them succeed, she might find her own success as well.

What would you do to find a family after yours was burned to ash?

How much pain could you stand to help a friend?

Where does a vampire really fit, anyway?

Buy links: http://books2read.com/BMH8



Arriving at Stephan’s tiny home, Sophia was relieved to find he, at least, was what she had taken him for, a young man starting off on his own. He released her arm to take her hand and pull her inside. She pretended to stumble and fall into him. He quickly put an arm around her shoulders and kissed her.

His hands didn’t move, but Luke’s did, sliding over her skirt and slowly hiking it up. His rough fingertips seemed to burn as they slid up her leg. He pressed into her from behind, pinning her between himself and Stephan.

Stephan broke the kiss just long enough to say. “You will stop us—”

“Don’t stop,” Sophia gasped, pulling Stephan’s face to her bosom. Luke worked her skirt up and his trousers down. She felt him hard between her buttocks and she rocked into him.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, “and so wet.”

She kissed the top of Stephan’s head and then his ear, nipping it with her sharp teeth to open a small gash that she sucked until it closed. Before it did, the men had manipulated her and her clothing to their advantage, the loose laces of her dress opening for her breasts in front. Stephan held one, his thumb brushing her nipple, while he suckled the other.

Luke wasted no time penetrating her and his thrusts made her breasts bob in Stephan’s hand and face. Her breasts were aflame at the light brushing of his fingertips and lips and she started to squeeze Luke inside her.

Stephan moved his hands lower, taking up her dress where it was bunched and pulling it off entirely. Luke reluctantly let go long enough to remove the garment. Sophia dropped to her feet and then knees, taking Luke in her hand and grabbing for Stephan as soon as he freed himself. She sucked one cock while stroking the other, switching often and reveling in the sounds each man made.

Her own need grew as each man approached his own climax. Luke pulled her up, wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust into her roughly. Her head fell back in ecstasy as he filled her. Stephan’s arm wrapped around under her arms and over her breasts. Her head came to rest on his shoulder as Luke drove his cock in and out of her at a fever pitch. He wouldn’t last long, despite how desperately she wanted him to continue all night.

Stephan kissed and licked along her neck and she closed her eyes, turning her head to put her nose into his hair, under his ear. His cock left a hot sticky trail along her lower back and she knew in a few moments it would be his turn to fill her.


Author bio:

Angelica Dawson, USA Today best selling Naughty Nights Press author, has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. Angelica is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards — mosquitoes and black flies, not vampires.

Author links:

Newsletter: http://www.angelicadawson.com/2016/02/mailing-list.html

Website: http://angelicadawson.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/angelicadawson

Facebook: http://facebook.com/authorangelicadawson

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Angelica-Dawson/e/B0094Z3KHC

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/angelica-dawson

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6511568.Angelica_Dawson

Sequel-ing – A Guest Post by Kay Jaybee (@kay_jaybee)

Sequel-ing – The Retreat (The Perfect Submissive Trilogy- Part Two)

A huge thank you to Lucy for inviting me to her brilliant blog today, to talk about my recently re-released novel The Retreat– (Part Two of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy.)

To be honest, even though many years have passed since I first put finger to keyboard, and wrote The Retreat, I’m still in something of a state of shock that I ever created it. I never dreamt I’d ever be asked to write a follow up story to any of my books, let alone be requested to pen a trilogy!!

The feeling of joy I felt when I realised that I wasn’t the only one who loved the adventures Miss Jess Sanders experienced in The Fifth Floor (previously known as The Perfect Submissive) was something I’ll never forget.

In the first book of the trilogy, The Fifth Floor, Jess arrives on the page as a naive young woman with a future awaiting her that she could never have previously imagined- a future as a professional submissive working in the Fables Hotel, Oxfordshire.

When we rejoin Jess in The Retreat, her submissive status has been established, and she has just begun to accept her new role in life when…


Just as Jess Sanders is adjusting to her new life as the submissive in residence on the fifth floor of The Fables Hotel, her employer, Mrs Peters, makes a startling announcement. She has agreed to loan Jess, and her dominatrix Miss Sarah, to one of their most demanding clients; Mr David Proctor.

Whisked away by the mysterious Kane to The Retreat, a house hidden in a remote part of Scotland, Jess and Miss Sarah find themselves teaching a new submissive how to meet Proctor’s exacting rules.

As Jess comes to terms with the techniques of The Retreat’s overpowering dominatrix, Lady Tia, she discovers that Proctor’s motives may not be all they seem. Just who or what is Fairtasia? And why does Jess feel like she’s walked into a warped fairy tale?

In order to get back to the fifth floor, Jess is going to have to be far more than just a perfect submissive…

Taken away from Fables by David Proctor, Jess and her mistress, Miss Sarah, soon find themselves in a strange mixed up fairytale. They have been told they are heading to Scotland to help train a young woman called Alisha to be a submissive for The Retreat – but as they’re journey begins, it soon becomes clear that there is much more going on beneath the surface…and Proctor has another agenda altogether.

Here’s an extract to whet your appetite- Jess and Miss Sarah are on a private plane, travelling from London to Aberdeen.

… Alisha, who held a Red Riding Hood-style wicker basket, curtseyed towards her employer, proffering it in his direction. As he swished back the chequered tablecloth that had been laid across its top, the broad smile that crossed Proctor’s face plunged Jess’s heart to her feet.

The brown bodice of her dress squeezed Jess’s chest up and out, so that her cleavage was displayed to its best advantage. Her nipples were only just hidden by the keenness of its elasticated top, which was so tight she could already feel its pattern imprinting on her skin. The skirt, on the other hand, which was cut into strips of wispy netting, only just covered her backside. If Cinderella had worn an outfit like this when she was cleaning, then with every stretch and bend to dust or sweep she would have shown off her arse to perfection.

Miss Sarah, positively regal in her ankle-length, puff-skirted dress, also had her breasts compressed to the point of popping out from its faux satin material. The thunderous expression on her face, however, was far from the serene visage normally associated with fairy tale princesses.

‘Alisha, I think you could learn a great deal from these women.’ David took the basket from her hands and extracted a strip of red ribbon. ‘Use this to secure Miss Sanders’ wrists. She will put them together for you without argument.’

Mindful of Mrs Peters’ final instruction – Do Fables and yourself proud – Jess obediently placed her palms together in front of her waist, and watched Alisha wrap the wide ribbon around her wrists with rather more expertise than expected. Not her first time at doing this, then …

‘Miss Sarah, to me, please.’

The dominatrix, every inch of her displaying a haughty indifference to the men watching, moved to Proctor’s side.

Rummaging in the basket, purely for effect Jess thought, David produced what he’d been searching for, and held it up like a trophy. ‘Miss Sarah, I’d like you to teach Alisha how to use this to bring your submissive to the point of ecstasy, but slowly. Make it last. Make her wait.’

Jess, her blood pumping with the speed of a delayed train trying to make up time, felt her throat close on itself as her superior lifted a heavily frosted cupcake from Proctor’s palm. Of course, what else would Red Riding Hood have in her basket?

‘Kane, I know they didn’t impress you before, but this will be good.’

Jess didn’t know whether to be flattered or bemused by Proctor’s faith in her. No one had ever tried to stimulate her with confectionery before, and she wished her brain hadn’t already filled itself with visions of Miss Sarah rubbing the icing star that was stuck in the top of the cake over her breasts in a steady, rotating motion.

Obviously wanting to get this charade over with as soon as possible, Miss Sarah took charge. ‘Alisha, if you’d step this way, I will talk you through what I do, as I do it.’

In a tone that brooked no argument from anyone, Miss Sarah went on. ‘Turn around, Miss Sanders. Lift your tethered hands and hold onto the back of the chair before you.’

Jess had been so sure that it would be her chest that would be the focus of the cake’s attention that the order to turn sent a flare of disappointment rippling through her breasts as they were pressed against the back of the leather chair.

‘Alisha, I require your assistance as well as your complete attention for this lesson. As you can see, Miss Sanders’ skirt is cut into many lengths, so just lifting it up in one piece is not an option. Use one of your hands to hold all the strips of netting out of the way.’

As Alisha’s fingers gently gathered up all the stray pieces of skirt, Jess felt the heady frisson of unfamiliar digits holding the fabric in the small of her back, and four sets of eyes levelling themselves on her posterior.

‘Thank you, Alisha. Now, observe.’ Miss Sarah contained her smile as Jess’s backside quivered a fraction at the first touch of the stiff, sharp-edged, icing star. Trailing it in a misshapen figure of eight from one buttock to the other, using the anus as the cross-over point, Miss Sarah noted how each pass forced Jess to focus harder on not fidgeting her feet.

‘If you look closely, Alisha, you will see different points on the arse produce different reactions from our submissive, as does the amount of pressure applied and the manner in which we hold the cake.’

Miss Sarah swivelled the cake around in her fingers, so she was now holding its top and pushing the sponge base against Jess’s butt. ‘I suspect, however, that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.’

Not giving Alisha the chance to reply herself, David interjected sharply, his brusque tone betraying his own arousal. ‘This is all very new to Alisha, if you would continue.’

Filing his overreaction away to be considered later, Miss Sarah kept her attention on the younger woman. ‘Now that I have flipped the cake around, if I press it while keeping it moving, the crumbs will leave a trail across her flesh. Get the amount of pressure correct and the cake won’t be destroyed.

‘You will also notice, if you get in close, that despite being extremely horny, Miss Sanders isn’t moving or making a sound. She has, after all, been very well trained. She is diverting her feelings away from the climax she craves by the clenching of her toes, and the digging of her fingernails into the chair against which she is leaning. Do you see?…’

I hope you enjoyed that mini snippet. A hint of fairytale before Jess’s life becomes really complicated, and the fairytales take on a far darker tone.

You can buy The Retreat from all good retailers including-


(The Perfect Submissive Trilogy does not have to be read in order, but you will get more out of Jess’s story if you read The Fifth Floor before The Retreat)

Happy reading.

Many thanks.

Kay xx



Kay Jaybee was named Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO

Kay received an honouree mention at the NLA Awards 2015 for excellence in BDSM writing.

Kay Jaybee has over 180 erotica publications including, The Retreat- Book2: The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (KJBooks, 2018), Making Him Wait (Sinful Press, 2018), The Fifth Floor- Book1;The Perfect Submissive Trilogy (KJBooks, 2017), Wednesday on Thursday, (KDP, 2017), The Collector (KDP, 2016), A Sticky Situation (Xcite, 2013), Digging Deep, (Xcite 2013), Take Control, (1001 NightsPress, 2014), and Not Her Type (1001 NightsPress), 2013.

Details of all her short stories and other publications can be found at www.kayjaybee.me.uk

You can follow Kay on –

Twitter- https://twitter.com/kay_jaybee

Facebook –http://www.facebook.com/KayJaybeeAuthor

Goodreads- http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3541958-kay-jaybee

Brit Babes Site- http://thebritbabes.blogspot.co.uk/p/kay-jaybee.html

Kay also writes contemporary romance and children’s picture books as Jenny Kane www.jennykane.co.uk  and historical fiction as Jennifer Ash www.jenniferash.co.uk


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Her Sir by Megan Slayer (@MeganSlayer)

Evernight Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Romance

M/F, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Anal Sex, Toys, Spanking

Her SirBlurb:

There’s only one man for Andi—her Sir.

Andi McCarron knew the moment she met Sir’s gaze, he’d change her life forever. Despite other Doms wanting her as their sub, she only submits to him because he knows how to make her skin tingle. The pain delivered from his crop makes her spirit sing. She needs Sir but she wants more—except he’s not interested in taking the relationship outside of the club. What’s a girl to do when the man of her dreams, the one wielding the crop, won’t leave the club?

Dean Meyer craves his sweet sub, Andi. She fills his dreams and fantasies, but she wants a relationship. He’s not sure she can handle both his demons and secrets. Still, he can’t deny the attraction to her. When fate throws them together, he has to make a choice—give his sub what she needs or let her go for good.

Available from these fine retailers:

Evernight Publishing: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/her-sir-by-megan-slayer/

Universal link: https://books2read.com/u/38goyO

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BY57KMD/

Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07BY57KMD/

Amazon FR: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07BY57KMD/

Amazon JP: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07BY57KMD/

Amazon IT: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07BY57KMD/

Amazon DE: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07BY57KMD/

Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07BY57KMD/

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BY57KMD/



©2018 Megan Slayer, All Rights Reserved

“You control everything,” she blurted. Her cheeks reddened, and she bowed her head. “Sorry. But you do.”

“Actually, you do. When we play, you’re the one in control. You say stop or slow, and I follow. I push you, but you tell me when you’re done. I’ll encourage you to stretch your boundaries, but only because I want to make you fly.” He pushed the cooling coffee to the side. “If you say no, then I respect your decision.”

“You expect me to kneel.” She flattened her palms on the table. “Like that last time.”

“I wanted to show off my beautiful woman. If you’d have said no before we left the private area, I would’ve stayed out of the main room.” He leveled his gaze at her. “I expect a partner. You were my best partner.” He hadn’t taught her very well if she thought she was second rate. When they played again—and they would be—he’d show her what he meant.

“You have one. A partner. I saw the demonstration,” she said. “You replaced me.”

“Slow down.” He hadn’t known she was at the club when he’d done the demonstration or he would’ve plucked her from the audience. “Which demo?”

“There’s more than one?”

“I don’t have a permanent sub, so I’m expected to do demonstrations for visitors, for the videos … for people who want to play the voyeur. That’s part of my job at the club.” Not his favorite part and he couldn’t wait to pass the torch to someone else, but he’d tell her that later. She managed to aggravate him like no other. He wanted to stretch her ass across his lap and spank the sass out of her. Then he wanted to kiss her until she collapsed. He wasn’t one to settle down, but she made him think twice. In her own way, she’d broken him.

“I thought we had something.” She turned her cup around. “Now I understand I was just another client.”

“I never said that. Never thought it,” he said. She’d been special from the start. He loved the way she felt in his arms, the way she moaned during a scene, the flicker in her eyes just before she came…

“Then why replace me? Why not tell me how you felt?” she asked. “Or have you come to this realization now that we’re not at the club?”

“First, I didn’t replace you. I don’t have any one sub I play with. The girls in the video are one and done. No sex, just demonstration and go. I haven’t found anyone who can fill your place. I’ve had a couple offers, but they aren’t you.” They shouldn’t be having this conversation in public, but she needed reassurance. “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”


Author Bio:

Megan Slayer, aka Wendi Zwaduk, is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than one-hundred short stories and novels. She’s been writing since 2008 and published since 2009. Her stories range from the contemporary and paranormal to LGBTQ and BDSM themes. No matter what the length, her works are always hot, but with a lot of heart. She enjoys giving her characters a second chance at love, no matter what the form. She’s been the runner up in the Kink Category at Love Romances Café as well as nominated at the LRC for best author, best contemporary, best ménage and best anthology. Her books have made it to the bestseller lists on Amazon.com.

When she’s not writing, Megan spends time with her husband and son as well as three dogs and three cats. She enjoys art, music and racing, but football is her sport of choice. Find out more about Megan and Wendi at: http://wendizwaduk.com/indexMegan.htm Sign up for the newsletter here: http://ymlp.com/xgjmjumygmgj

Website, Blog, Fan Page, Amazon Author Page, Bookbub, Instagram, Goodreads, and Twitter

Dragon Boat Blues (Asian Adventures #5) by Lisabet Sarai (@lisabetsarai)

Dragon Boat BluesBlurb

My lost superhero Josh had jet black hair, movie star cheekbones, clever hands, the devil’s mouth, and an instinct for driving me crazy. Josh believed in his own myths. He was forty miles an hour over the speed limit that day, more powerful than a locomotive, when we smashed into the tractor trailer. He blew out like a candle. I sputtered in a sort of half life, year after year, marked forever by that brief dance with insanity.

I booked the dragon boat cruise on Ha Long Bay to use up a few free days at the end of my business trip, figuring my disability wouldn’t be a problem on the luxurious junk. I wasn’t looking for companionship, just a bit of peace. But when British honeymooners Stan and Phil welcomed me into their circle of love, I discovered how much healing I still needed.

Buy Links

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BJJTHQF

Amazon UK –  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BJJTHQF

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/804710

Barnes and Noble – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dragon-boat-blues-lisabet-sarai/1128233847?ean=2940155178255

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39330037-dragon-boat-blues



As I passed a side tunnel, some inarticulate sound caught my attention, something halfway between a grunt and a sob. I froze, straining my ears. There was a moment of silence, then it came again, a breathy moan, definitely human, coming from the shadowy depths to my right.

Careful not to scuff my trainers along the earth, I stepped closer and peered into the darkness.

“Oh! Oh, sweet Jesus!”

Only a few words, but enough for me to recognize the voice. Heat flashed through my body like summer lightning. I crept deeper into the hollowed rock, knowing I should move in the other direction, but unable to stop myself.

My eyes adjusted to the dimness. Now I could make out the shape of a man, braced against the wall, legs spread, hips tilted. Another man kneeled on the rocky floor, gripping those splayed thighs, head bobbing in an unmistakable rhythm. The standing man groaned again. He threaded his fingers through the other’s hair, pulling him closer, forcing his cock deeper into his lover’s mouth.

I stopped breathing. My nipples snapped into tight beacons of sensation under my loose shirt. My clit pulsed with each thrust. The damp crotch of my leggings clung to my swelling folds.

“Yeah, oh yeah, oh baby, suck me, oh, suck, suck, yeah…” Phil chanted in time with his thrusts as he ground his pelvis into Stan’s face. Moment by moment, I saw more clearly. Stan pulled away to catch a breath, long enough for me to glimpse the pale, fat shaft he was worshipping. Then he opened wide, engulfing the rod of flesh once more.

I took a step closer, then another. I wanted to see, to smell, to hear Phil’s moans as his husband tried to drain his cum. The men were oblivious. I rubbed my clit through my clothes, grinding at it with my fist. Sparks rippled out from that center. My muscles clenched around emptiness. I wanted that cock, some cock, in my cunt, in my mouth, somewhere, anywhere. I imagined Phil turning his burly husband onto his belly, opening his rear hole, plunging deep. I wanted that too, wanted to see it, to feel it.


About Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai has been addicted to words all her life. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly one hundred titles, and counting, in nearly every sub-genre—paranormal, scifi, ménage, BDSM, GLBT, and more. Regardless of the genre, every one of her stories illustrates her motto: Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You’ll find information and excerpts from all Lisabet’s books on her website (http://www.lisabetsarai.com/books.html), along with more than fifty free stories and lots more. At her blog Beyond Romance (http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com), she shares her philosophy and her news and hosts lots of other great authors. She’s also on Goodreads and finally, on Twitter.  Sign up for her VIP email list here:  https://btn.ymlp.com/xgjjhmhugmgh

Caught in the Act is Now Available in Audiobook Format! #audio #audiobook #audible

Hi folks,

I’m just swinging by quickly (things are hectic here!) to let you know that my dirty little voyeurism/menage story, Caught in the Act, is now available in audiobook format. The narrator has done a great job capturing this erotic tale and I hope you’ll consider checking it out. I have more audiobooks coming soon, too, so watch this space!

Here’s the blurb:

Police Constable David Beckett is just a normal guy, living a quiet life. His only excitement comes from his job—and even that’s not exactly been a barrel of laughs just lately. That is until his colleagues burst into the office one morning, full of tales from the night shift. Tales that cause Dave’s curiosity to get the better of him. Some idle surfing on the Internet opens up a whole world that Dave never knew existed—and he’s fascinated. After watching an amateur video, things escalate quickly and Dave finds himself drawn into a kinky lifestyle that could cost him his reputation—and his job.

Here are the audio links:

Audible UK
Audible US
Amazon UK
Amazon US
iTunes UK
iTunes US

Happy Listening!

Lucy x

Black Cat Security by Katerina Ross

Black Cat SecurityBlurb:

Dragomir, a magician with PTSD and a very inconvenient curse upon him, struggles to make a living, taking part in illegal boxing matches. Fighting is the only thing he’s good at now. But how long can he keep it up? The fights are dangerous, and he’s untrained.

A pretty witch he meets one night says she might change his life for the better. Is she really willing to help, or does she have her own wicked plans about him? And can she succeed where all the magicians of Scholomance have failed?

Warnings (or an incentive to read): BDSM, FemDom, bondage, whipping, spanking, pegging… and some magic, too 🙂

Buy links: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Evernight Publishing



When he came to, the first thing he understood: he couldn’t see. A moment of panic—and then another realization: there was a blindfold of some kind over his eyes. He was standing with his arms up above him … and wait, were his hands bound? What the hell? He tried to reach up, rotating his wrists, and clutched at the chains he was hanging from. Yes, fucking chains. And leather handcuffs, buckled very tight. And he couldn’t feel any clothes upon himself, just something around his neck in addition to his dog tag.

Then he remembered. Ida. Her apartment. Talking about his curse. She said they had to negotiate…

And after that—nothing.

He jerked at the chains, hard. And again, and a few times more. They didn’t give. There was some slack, so at least his arms weren’t pulled up too tautly, but he couldn’t break free.

“You must be wondering what happened to you,” Ida said somewhere to his left. “You agreed to an experiment, remember? And here you are. A fine specimen for a very interesting test.”

Her hand touched his chest lightly, out of nowhere, and he jolted at the contact as if she prodded him with a stun baton.

She chuckled quietly. “So skittish. But it’s understandable. Everyone would be jumpy in your place.” Her hand wandered across his pecs, brushed his nipple, and disappeared. “I’ll let you adjust. Try tugging at the chains again if you want to check whether they will break or not. I allow you. But here’s a spoiler: they won’t. It’s not some rusty old shackles. They are good and new, very sturdy, and secured to an eyehook in the ceiling. There had been a large chandelier hanging from it once, so it’s quite reliable. I redecorated the room long ago, but I always thought the hook would come in handy one day. It’s a mild nuisance the handcuffs have to be hanging so high—I’m not that tall. But a bit of hypnosis, and you helped me to restrain you most eagerly.”

What the hell was going on?

As if through a fog, Dragomir remembered saying yes to some kind of experiment and even filling and signing a yes/no negotiation form, but it was a vague memory, distant and dream-like. Everything else—a boxing match, a fight before that—seemed even more surreal.

Ida’s hand slipped along his flank, ticklishly, up to his neck, and tugged at what he realized was a collar.

“And this is to ensure you wouldn’t break free using magic. Quite a special thing. Leather, silver, and a security spell. Meant especially for wayward mages, something of the kind they use in prisons when incarcerating a person with enhanced abilities.” She slipped a finger under the band around his throat, making it too tight, almost choking him. “So you will behave, no matter whether you want it or not. A bad boy will be a good boy for a change.”

“What are you doing?” he rasped out.

“Just making you harmless. Wasn’t it what you wanted, to cause no harm to me?”

Was she mocking him?

He stood there, wearing nothing but a collar, a dog tag, and a blindfold. It was ridiculous. Laughable. Humiliating.

And scary.

Rationally, he knew he probably had nothing to worry about. Or did he? But anyway, all rational thoughts gave way to a primitive bodily reaction—discomfort at being tied up, helpless. It felt like he was itching all over under his skin with uneasiness bordering on unwanted panic, too exposed, deprived of sight. He tried to wriggle his wrists out of the handcuffs instead of jerking at the chains, but to no avail.

“Nope, the handcuffs will hold, too,” Ida warned him. “I checked, and not just once. As I might have said, I do a bit of coaching now and then, but of an unusual kind. I call it expanding boundaries. Experiencing new sensations. It doesn’t normally include sex, but for you, I might make an exception.”

A peck of a kiss between his shoulder blades. Hands running up and down his sides, in a comforting manner, but at the same time, it was unnerving. He tried to twist away from her touch, stubbornly, but she squeezed his hips, adding a hint of nails.

“Sshh, don’t twitch, hold still,” she said, “or I’ll pull up the chains. They say it’s extremely painful to hang from your wrists. Excruciating.”

“Oh yeah?” he managed. “Someone else complained?”

“And very loudly. Good thing this room is soundproof. As I said, it had been redecorated.”

Her arms went ‘round him. She was still clothed, but he could feel her little perky breasts pressing against his back. His cock, already half-hard, immediately went into a very interested mode. It didn’t seem to mind the strangeness of the situation.

A Different Kind of Cosplay is Currently FREE on Amazon! #free #amazon #ku #marvel #cosplay #avengers

Hi folks,

I’m delighted to announce that my steamy M/F cosplay-themed novella, A Different Kind of Cosplay, is currently FREE on Amazon until the 19th March!

Here’s what it’s all about:

Zachary has a dilemma. His girlfriend, Reese, has a special birthday coming up soon and he has absolutely no clue what to get for her. It doesn’t help that Zach does not share or really understand Reese’s biggest hobby—comic books, superheroes and everything that goes with them. Zach raids Reese’s DVD collection for inspiration, and what he finds there gives him an idea…possibly the best one he’s ever had.

Sure, Reese has fantasized about her favorite superheroes. All those muscles and rakish smiles are to die for. She didn’t think Zach would ever really understand, though. But he proves her wrong in the best way possible.

**Grab your freebie here, and be sure to share far and wide! http://mybook.to/cosplay**

Happy Reading!

Lucy x