Product Review: Intimate Organics Energizing Fresh Orange & Wild Ginger Foot Foreplay Lotion

I was a little unsure as to why this stuff was so special when it arrived to review. It just looked like any old foot lotion to me. That’s until I used it. Wow. An odd thing to say about something that doesn’t vibrate, I appreciate, but this stuff is GORGEOUS!

Intimate Organics Energizing Fresh Orange & Wild Ginger Foot Foreplay Lotion, as well as having the longest product name in the world, is organic. The clue’s in the name, really. But that basically means that anyone should be able to use it, even if they have sensitive skin or are vegans. And trust me, when you smell it, you will be dying to use it. It smells so lovely I wanted to eat it. Often this type of thing smells nice in a perfume kind of way, but this stuff really smells of what it contains – yummy!!

The idea is, rather than putting it on yourself (although I wouldn’t blame you, pop it on like you would normal foot lotion and you’ll be whiffing lovely all day!), persuade your other half to give you a foot massage. You’ll get the bonus of a foot massage and the lotion makes your feet smell and feel so nice that they’ll want to continue playing with them. So if you like having your feet played with – this is for you! It’s not cheap, but a little bit goes a long way and especially if you have small feet like me!

I loved this stuff and will definitely be buying more when my sample runs out! Yum!

Buy it from LoveHoney: click here – £10.99 at time of writing.

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