Product Review: Nad’s for Women Hair Removal Strips

Hair removal is the bane of my life. If I could afford it, I would have electrolysis on my legs, eyebrows and bikini line. However, I can’t and so I’m left trying to find the best solution. And I do believe this is it.

If, like me, you haven’t got the time to keep going to salons and you don’t particularly like the idea of a stranger fiddling near your bits, then Nad’s is the answer. They do an entire range of hair removal products, for men as well as women, and here are my thoughts on a couple of them (I have samples of more, so write ups of those to follow).

Nad’s For Women Hair Removal Strips come in two types – ones for your body and ones for your face (which are also suitable for your bikini line and more delicate areas, dependent on how brave you are!). They’re made from natural ingredients so are unlikely to give you any rashes, and used properly they’ll remove hair from the root, leaving your skin completely smooth. This means your hairs will be slower to grow back and they’ll also be thinner and less coarse.

The strips are coated with wax, and the idea is you rub a strip between your hands to warm up the wax, peel the strips apart and apply to the relevant part of your body (read the instructions thoroughly on how to do it properly), smooth down firmly, then rip the strip off. It’s not too painful if you’re used to it, and it’s probably best to start on your calves then work to the slightly more painful bits – mine tend to be knees and ankles! Then when it’s no longer effective (i.e. not removing any more hairs) use the other strip. I found a much quicker and more effective way than rubbing the strips between your hands – blast them with your hairdryer, you’ll get the job done much quicker.

The usage is the same on both sizes of strips, and I found the smaller ones OK to use on the more ‘delicate’ parts of the body, it just depends how brave you’re feeling! The pack also contains wipes which remove all of the excess wax, meaning you won’t stick to anything! Always a bonus! đŸ˜‰

Overall, I’d recommend both of these products. They’re quick, easy, not too messy and do the job. They’re not expensive either. I’ve also just discovered that as well as being available in your typical health and beauty stores, you can get them from Amazon:

Body strips: Order from Amazon.co.uk
Facial strips: Order from Amazon.co.uk

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