Product Review: Whiz Freedom

Wizz FreedomNot my usual kind of product review, I know, but nevertheless I think women will love the Whiz Freedom. You see, it’s a gadget that means you can whiz/wee/pee/urinate/whatever-word-you-use in public without getting your bottom out.

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium sent it to me to test out – along with some more erotic items which I shall review at a later date.

Basically, you hold the Whiz firmly against your lady parts and let your tinkle go. It’s great for people who go walking and camping, and even for avoiding having to sit on yucky public toilets!

It’s tricky to get the hang of, more because once you first try and use it, you’re convinced it won’t work and that you’re going to wet yourself. So my advice is to use it in the shower or over your own toilet at home just to get used to the sensation. Trust me, if you’re holding it currently, your wee will go where it’s meant to!

It really is a fab idea, particularly for someone like me who can’t always find a thick enough bush to hide behind (no rude comments please!) when I’m out walking in the countryside. You can simply ‘go’ somewhere as discreet as possible. The Freedom is covered in antibacterial stuff and it repels liquid, so basically you can use it, then give it a good shake and put it away. You can buy proper bags for them, but to be honest there’s no reason you couldn’t just pop it in a small make up bag or something (one of its own I mean, I’m not proposing you put it in with your lippy!) to keep it out of the way. Once you get home, of course, you can give it a proper wash – in the washing machine if you wish. Yes, the Whiz Freedom is made from a material which will stand temperatures up to 40 degrees. So although the product is ‘clean’ as soon as you’ve shaken it, you can get that extra piece of mind when you’re back at home.

So, if like me, you’re out and about in the countryside a lot or despise using public toilets, then the Whiz Freedom is a great buy. It’s just £9.99 from the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium website; alternatively if you’re in the London area you can pop into their store – visit their site for more details.

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