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Hi everyone,

I’m happy to let you know that my steamy romance novella, Lottery Losers, which was previously published in the Love Me Hard boxed set, is now available as a standalone! If you read it as part of the set, there’s no need to buy it again as the story is the same. If, however, you didn’t check it out, now’s your chance.


Winning the lottery is a dream come true… isn’t it?

Susie Parmenter and her husband of almost twenty years, Peter, are lottery jackpot winners. They’ve been able to do everything they’ve ever dreamed of—quit their jobs, design and build their perfect home, buy expensive cars, travel the world… So why is Susie bored out of her mind? She thought being a lady of leisure would be amazing, but unfortunately the reality is far from amazing. How can she possibly tell anyone that, though?

Climbing the walls, sinking deeper into irritation and misery, Susie can’t see a way forward. But what she’s not betting on is that Peter has noticed his beloved wife isn’t happy. And he’s taken steps—drastic steps—to turn things around. But will they live to tell the tale?

Note: Lottery Losers was previously published in the Love Me Hard boxed set.

Grab your copy here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/lottery-losers/

Happy Reading!

Lucy x

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