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Bittersweet Symphony released Friday, officially. It’s book three in the Tales from the Coffin series. For those unfamiliar with the series, here’s a quick low down:

Estella is a vampire. Stood up at the altar by Dracula over a hundred years ago, has ever since lived in a dank basement of an old Cemetery house in York, England where she likes to play with her food by telling erotic ghostly tales. It gets the blood pumping in her victims, making them nice and juicy…if you know what I mean?

Lucy Rot is a zombie, and Estella’s lover and servant. It’s her job to lure in the food for the night because Estella is a bit of a hermit – Yes, she still wears her old wedding dress from time to time, in true Haversham style.

The ladies are often visited by Bone Cruncher, who is mysterious as he is sexy and dangerous.

Each book in this series shares more of Estella and Lucy’s story via their introduction of the stories with twisted endings. Read the series in order to follow Estella, Lucy, and The Cruncher’s love story.  Or, if you’re in the mood for a quick, twisted paranormal fix that’s smexy hawt…then pick one and dive in. But be warned, Estella and Lucy may be beautiful creatures of the night, but they do bite so keep those hands in!

BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY is a friends-to-lovers story set in a country manor in the Welsh border town of Ross-on-Wye. But of course, you know things ain’t gonna be peachy when it’s Estella doing the storytelling.

NEW RELEASE BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY, Tales from the Coffin book 3

Bittersweet SymphonyBLURB

The Bone Cruncher hasn’t visited in a while, and Estella thinks it’s something she did. Misery loves company, but she loves food more. Putting on a smile, she musters up an erotic story. But can she make it to the end of the tale without comfort eating?

To onlookers, Seren lived the high life in London with her orchestra conductor of a husband. She had a major case of unrequited love for her best friend, though, so their relationship was doomed from the beginning. Divorce papers served, it’s time for her to go back to her home town on the England-Wales border and face the music.

Owen, now a postman of their little market town, is thrilled to see Seren when he shows up at her doorstep with mail. It’s not long before they’re releasing their pent up lust and love for each other. Within that mail, though, are letters addressed to Seren’s parents. They’re from her ex and hold a truth Seren is too fearful to face. Even with Owen by her side.

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EXCERPT Lucy and Estella

“Lucy, be a dear and catch food for me?” Estella called from her gothed-out coffin, using a commanding tone. She stroked the plush velvet lining that cradled her dead body, sat, and fluttered her long lashes at her faithful little zombie then stretched her arms. Sleeping in a box might protect her from sunlight, but darn, it gave her cramps.

“Already taken care of, so please present yourself to the dinner guest.” Lucy dragged toward her with her usual slump and groans, her step hindered by the tight leather mini her mistress insisted she wear. So short, it exposed Lucy’s translucent red French knickers and dark curls. Pleased to see her squeezed into it, Estella took in the peep show and her mouth crooked to the side.

Lucy frowned. “Why’d you have to pick out outfits for me that show my muff?” She tugged at the skirt to cover herself. Estella scoffed and stumbled to standing, her ivory-colored legs askew and not at all proper.

“Because it reminds me why I keep you around.” She did not appreciate the back chat, and decided she’d have to teach her deady bear a lesson to snap her back in line—later, when they were alone. “Offer our guests some refreshments while I dress.”

“Finger sandwiches?” Lucy threw her hands up, palms out, and wiggled her fingers. Well, the ones she had left, anyway. “Oh don’t look at me like that. I’ll wash my hands first.”

“Don’t be vulgar, Lucy. Ladies shouldn’t mock the living with their missing digits.” Estella slipped her moth-ridden and ancient wedding gown over the corset squeezing in her waist, taking extra care with the fragile fabric. “Do me up?”

EXCERPT Ghost story

“Right before you were due to marry Andrew. How could I forget?”

“I guess I knew he wasn’t the one for me…even back then,” she muttered. Aghast, she glanced up in hopes he hadn’t heard her.

He stared at her, his intense gaze caressing her, seeping deep into her skin and sending goose bumps over her arms. If only he would reach out and sooth her aching heart.

There was no escaping how she felt about him now. Panic grabbed at her. Gasping for air, she clenched her chest with her left hand and tried not to focus on her pounding heart. Hard to breath. She hadn’t felt this way, ever, with Andrew. But Owen had always had this effect on her. Stupid friend-zone. She cursed him moving next door as a child. If only they hadn’t been tree house buddies or sandpit allies.

Itching to have his touch over her, to wipe away the prickles breaking out all over her body, the throb in her pussy intensified.

“No wedding ring?” He dropped the letters he’d been clutching before whisking her into a spinning embrace. He gripped her tight, whirling her into a rush of excitement.

Tales from the Coffin series, in order

Strange and Beautiful – out now

All the Pretty Faces – out now

Bittersweet Symphony – out now


Treacle And TreasonTreacle and Treason releases October 26th:

It’s Bonfire Night, but the fireworks in Estella’s boudoir are more impressive than any rocket or sparkler.  She has more pressing things on her mind than trivial traditions like burning the guy and crunching her canines on treacle toffee. A spot of unrequited love, and her little deady bear’s rotting body.

What better way to distract herself than to entertain you with a ghostly retelling of the infamous Guy Fawkes and the Fifth of November legend.

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Also watch out for Threesome Sweetness, coming soon – Irish Kisses book3.


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