Mid Week Tease: “You know you have my full support in this.” #MWTease

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! Here’s another snippet from my recent re-release, The Persecution of the Wolves (previously titled Pack of Lies). I hope you enjoy it!

The Persecution of the WolvesHuffing out a breath, he left the house and crunched down the driveway to his car. He hardly used it, since he lived and worked in the village, but it was useful for shopping—the nearest large supermarket was not within walking distance—and heading up to the moor, which was about a mile and a half out of the village up a very steep hill. Matthew could get up there with no trouble thanks to his werewolf genes, which made him much faster and fitter than the average man, but he feared the vicar, despite being only thirty-five, would find it much harder work. Time was of the essence, too. They needed to get up there and scout out the area and look for evidence before too many other people walked over it or the weather turned.

Starting the engine of the four-by-four, he maneuvered off the drive and onto the road before turning in the direction of the rectory. Eyam was so small that it took barely a minute to get there. Honking the car’s horn, Matthew waited for the vicar to come out and gave him a friendly wave when he appeared.

The clergyman, Richard Denys, waved back as he approached, seconds later opening the door and clambering up into the passenger seat.

“Morning,” Richard said, slamming the door shut. “I’m really sorry to have bothered you with this, especially since you only just got home.”

Shrugging, Matthew said, “It’s not a problem. I’m not working until this evening and I’m happy to help out. It’s in Isaac’s and my interests to find out who or what did this before the finger of suspicion points at us.” He turned the car around and headed back in the direction he’d come, then after a little while, indicated right.

“I hate to say it, but it is a possibility. You know you have my full support in this. I know you and Isaac change down in the caves and have done so for years. Even if you didn’t head down there every full moon, I still wouldn’t believe you did this.”

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