Mia’s Surprise

Mia's Surprise


Reverse Harem Erotic Romance


The Heiress’s Harem: Book Four (Click for Book One | Book Two | Book Three)

A bonus scene from The Heiress’s Harem completed contemporary series.

It’s a beautiful, hot, August afternoon and Mia Harrington is relaxing in her garden with her men and their dog. Everything seems perfect, until a surprise is sprung on the group. But is it the good kind of surprise, or the bad kind? There’s only one way to find out…

Note: This bonus scene is set during the timeline of Mia’s Choice, which makes it spoilery if you haven’t read the other three books in the series. You have been warned. It was also previously published in the Men of Summer anthology.

Word count: 5,608

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Mia Harrington laughed out loud, startling Harry, the Golden Retriever puppy who’d been snoozing contentedly at her side. He gave her a baleful look, let out a loud huff, then laid his furry head back down on the sun lounger they were sharing.

“Sorry, pup,” Mia said, reaching out and scratching behind the dog’s nearest ear. “Didn’t mean to wake you, but your dad and the other boys are being funny and incredibly crap at sports.”

Unsurprisingly, no response was forthcoming from the canine, so Mia continued scratching his ear but returned her attention to the highly amusing game of volleyball taking place in her back garden.

On one side of the net was Mia’s husband of approximately three months, Elias. On the other side were Thomas—a.k.a. Harry’s “dad”—and Arjun—two of her three boyfriends. It was a horribly unbalanced game, completely unfair to Elias, but Mia had no intention of saying anything—one, because it was stating the obvious, and two, because she didn’t want to get dragged in to playing in order to even things out.

After all, why on earth would she want to play when she could simply watch? The August afternoon sun was beating down, so much so that the three men had long since removed their T-shirts, leaving a magnificent display of sweat-dampened skin for Mia to feast her gaze on. And in between chuckling at their antics, she was most certainly doing that.

Who wouldn’t? Elias and Thomas were tanned and naturally fit from working manual jobs—much of that time being spent outdoors. Arjun, of course, had a much darker skin tone than the others, having Indian parents, and he took care of himself by squeezing in time on gym equipment whenever he possibly could. None of them were athletes, but all three of them still looked damn good in shorts.

The garden was filled with sunshine, birdsong and laughter, and Mia tucked her other hand behind her head and sighed happily. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Well, almost perfect. The cherry on the cake would be if Alex were there, too. But unfortunately her surgeon boyfriend was busy saving lives, as he so often was. Weekends were irrelevant in the medical emergency world. He was sorely missed—and not just by Mia—but she couldn’t exactly complain at his absence when his career was so vitally important. And besides, she had only seen him a few days ago, when she and Elias had visited him in London. She and her husband had gone into the city on business, and the timing had happily coincided with one of Alex’s days off.

The memory of what the three of them had got up to behind closed doors heated her sun-warmed body even further. She allowed herself a moment to indulge, then shoved the steamy recollections out of her head—there’d be plenty of time later on for some sexy fun with her men. For now, they should make the most of the glorious weather. This was England, after all. Days like this were often few and far between.

There came a loud thwack, then a shout rang out. The ball whizzed high over Mia and Harry’s sun lounger and in the direction of the house. There was no way she could move fast enough to intercept it, so Mia anxiously watched the ball’s progress, hoping it didn’t damage any of the more delicate plants or flowers when it finally landed.


“…a hot and sexy trip into their lives. If you have enjoyed the series up until now then you will love this little bonus. If you haven’t started the series yet, give it a go. A lot of us are always looking for a complete series to devour and this is just that.” 4 out of 5, WhyChoose