Mia’s Wedding

Mia's Wedding


Reverse Harem Erotic Romance


The Heiress’s Harem: Book Two (Click for Book One | Book Three | Book Four)

**This is a completed series**

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and that’s without a harem of gorgeous men to deal with.

Mia Harrington has had a difficult time of it lately—her father’s illness and subsequent death, then finding out she must get married if she is to inherit what’s rightfully hers. Fortunately, she’s tough and resourceful, and has emerged relatively unscathed from this period, as well as finding herself a suitable husband.

However, things are far from simple. Mia might be planning to marry investment banker Elias Pym, but she’s also having a relationship with his best friend, Doctor Alex Cartwright, and is in love with her gardener, Thomas Walker. Add to that broken dates, flashy proposals, a sexy Asian tech billionaire, and a nosey housekeeper, and you’ve got a situation hectic enough to drive even the most capable person to distraction. Can Mia juggle her men, her job, and the wedding arrangements, or is her happily ever after over before it has even begun?

Mia’s Wedding is the second book in The Heiress’s Harem reverse harem romance series.

Word count: 52,510

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Mia had just put the lid back on her lipstick when her phone pinged, signalling a text message. She smiled—a few seconds earlier and it might have startled her and made her put lip colour on her nose or something. Not a good look. The message was probably from Elias or Alex, letting her know they were on their way. She put down the lipstick and picked up the device.

Running a little late—don’t be mad. Will explain when I get there. E xx

Mia’s smile faded as she absorbed the contents of the message. She wasn’t mad that he was running late—it sounded like it would only be a matter of minutes, and he’d had the decency to let her know. No, it was the other part of the message that concerned her. That he had something to explain, and that he’d said I get there, rather than we get there. Alex was supposed to be coming along, too. Unless they were picking him up next? His place was en route for Elias, so it’d make more sense to go to him first, then on to Mia’s. She shrugged—she’d find out what was going on soon enough.

Furious. Might not answer the door now. Will make use of Deliveroo and watch Netflix instead.

She added a winky face emoji, followed by one blowing a kiss, so he knew she was joking, and sent the text.

No sooner had she put the phone down than it pinged again. She rolled her eyes—did he have a good comeback for that? Probably—he was the king of witty retorts.

The message wasn’t from Elias, though. It was from Thomas.

Don’t want to disturb your evening out and… after, so I’ll say goodnight now, and I love you. Have a nice time—look forward to seeing you when you get home. Tom x

Mia’s heart skipped a beat, as it always did when she saw, heard from, or even thought of, Thomas Walker. Most people would find it odd—to say the least—that a woman’s boyfriend was texting to say he hoped she had a good evening when he knew she was going out with two other men. But then there was nothing ordinary about Mia’s life these days.

In the few weeks since the death of her father—which had been expected, but the knowledge had made it no less devastating—her life had been turned upside down. Not only had she had crippling grief to deal with, as well as the responsibility and paperwork that went with administering the estate, but she’d had a huge curveball thrown at her, too. Her father’s will, as she had expected, named her as sole beneficiary—excepting some sizeable charitable donations—but there had also been a caveat, something which had been added in more recently. In order to inherit, she had to marry a suitable—his words—man within twelve months of her father’s burial, otherwise her vile, greedy cousin, Quinn, would get everything.

Thrown into tailspin, Mia had, at first, tried to get the amendment to the will disqualified. Her father had been so ill, and on so many medications when he’d changed it that she’d thought perhaps he wasn’t of sound mind, wasn’t making sensible decisions. Unfortunately, the family solicitor had assured her that all the relevant checks had taken place, and that the latest version—and its caveat—were legally binding. Which had left Mia with no choice but to find a husband—no way was Quinn getting his grubby paws on her childhood home and the estate. He had no interest in keeping the business interests going, interests which a lot of people relied on for their livelihoods—Mia included. All he’d do was run things into the ground, sell up, and fritter the proceeds away.

Soon after she’d received the shocking news, two things had happened: her luck had changed, and things had got crazy. She’d met Elias, who was definitely “suitable” husband material, but had also discovered he was into sharing women with his best friend, Alex. In the meantime, she’d been rapidly falling in love with Thomas—who, being the estate gardener, would not meet the stipulations laid out in her father’s will and therefore wasn’t a candidate for marriage.

Fast forward to now, and somehow she was in a loving and very satisfying relationship with Thomas, who, after she’d divulged everything, had given his blessing for her to marry Elias, as well as seeing Alex. She’d gone from long-term singleton to owner of a harem of men in a matter of weeks, and she could still scarcely believe it. It was early days yet, and although Thomas was okay with Elias and Alex being on the scene, she hadn’t yet mentioned Thomas to them. But, given the sharing thing had been their suggestion, she’d be surprised if they had an issue with not being the only two members of her collection. However, when this much testosterone was flying around, anything could happen. She just hoped she was right and that telling Elias and Alex about Thomas wouldn’t screw everything up. Not only was she incredibly fond of both men, and looking forward to seeing what a future with them in her life would be like, but becoming Elias Pym’s wife would solve her biggest and most pressing problem: securing her inheritance.


“I really enjoyed the journey Lucy took us on in this book. Mia is a great, strong, independent but loving character. The guys are all unique and they all bring something different to the table. And as always, Lucy gives us some super hot sexy times as well. Don’t miss out on this one.” 4 out of 5, Why Choose

“Captivating. Intriguing. Sizzling. Those are just a few ways to describe this second book in the Heiress’s Harem series… a 4 star-worthy, sizzling hot romance…” 4 out of 5, The Romance Reviews