The Great Outdoors Vol 2

The Great Outdoors Vol 2


M/F Contemporary Erotica


Back by popular demand – more stories involving the great outdoors. (Get the first volume here)

In A Date to Remember, Zoe is on the worst date of her life. Then something happens to make her change her perception of Nick forever.

The second tale, In Pursuit of Anna, follows on directly from Fun in the Forest, a story featured in Vol 1 of this collection. Anna takes off after their encounter, but Greg decides he’s not quite finished with her yet…

Word count: 4,200 (both stories combined)


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Zoe felt wet splashes on her face. Looking up, she grimaced at the sky, which was dark with ominous-looking clouds. Typically, they were nowhere near decent shelter, having wandered into a park.

Nick, dull as dishwater but still a gentleman, ushered Zoe into the slight shelter of some trees. Removing his coat, he hoisted it over their heads and tucked Zoe under his arm, keeping her warm as well as dry.

And not a moment too soon. The spatters of rain quickly turned into torrents so violent that they bounced off the ground. Instinctively, Zoe snuggled closer to Nick. The temperature had dropped and their breath was visible in the air. The pair stood silently, awestruck by the force of Mother Nature.

Zoe felt Nick shift, and she looked up at him. He was looking at her, a lopsided grin on his face.

“What?” said Zoe.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it? Makes you feel kind of insignificant.”

They both looked back at the rain, which was still teeming down, heedless of their plight. After a few silent seconds, they shared another glance. Their breath mingled together under Nick’s coat and Zoe was suddenly very aware of how close together their faces were. Especially when Nick bent down to kiss her.

Zoe surprised herself by not freaking out when their lips touched. Even more so when he slipped one hand round the back of her neck, pulling her closer, while the other still held the coat over their heads. She reasoned with herself; he was a good-looking guy. And it had been a while. One little kiss wouldn’t hurt.

Opening her mouth to admit his tongue, Zoe started to think perhaps Nick wasn’t that boring, after all. He was an extremely good kisser, slow and sensual. She put her arms around his waist, pulling their lower bodies together. It soon became apparent that he was enjoying this just as much as she was. As his erection pressed against Zoe’s hip, a delicious heat grew in her groin. Rain always made her horny, so snogging under a tree in a storm was bound to do funny things to her libido.

When Nick manoeuvred them both round so she was pressed against the tree, the last thing on her mind was getting her coat dirty. He pulled away from her mouth, only to start kissing her neck, jaw line and even having a little nibble on her earlobe. Zoe felt juices trickling into the gusset of her knickers and her clit ached for attention.

The tiny bit of sensibility left in Zoe’s brain made her wonder if anyone could see them. Since Nick’s jacket still covered their heads, she had no idea. She figured even if anyone could see them, their faces were obscured so they’d never be recognised anyway.

Nick clearly had no such qualms. He moved a hand down to undo the button of her jeans and looked at her, as if for permission. She smiled and soon his fingers were easing into her pants, seeking her pussy. His fingers were cold as they reached her labia, causing her to gasp, then giggle. Nick grinned, looking into her eyes in the gloom created by their makeshift umbrella. He fixed her gaze as he parted her lips, dipping his fingers into her sopping core.


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“Easy sexy fun, The Great Outdoors Vol 2 carries on from where its predecessor (The Great Outdoors Vol 1), left off; making even the most devoted townie want to take a lungful of fresh air.” Kay Jaybee


“This wonderful follow up to Lucy’s previous book The Great Outdoors contains two more stories based around the theme of sex outside. If you haven’t read either of these, I recommend that you treat yourself to both and enjoy!” Lexie Bay