The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors


M/F Contemporary Erotica


Whether you love or loathe the great outdoors – these stories will get you hot under the collar! (Also available now, The Great Outdoors Vol 2)

In Bird’s Eye View – the main character gets more than she bargained for when she heads out for a walk.

In Fun in the Forest, a dull team-building exercise suddenly takes a turn for the better for Anna.

Word count: 4,671 (both stories combined)


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Peace, quiet and beautiful countryside. Bliss. Karla thought. The ebb and flow of the water below lulled Karla into a sort of trance. Her mind was clear and she felt truly chilled out as the listened to the birds calling to one another up above.

Which just made her all the more unprepared for what happened next. She heard the crunch of leaves below, whispers and hushed giggles. Thinking perhaps it was the children she’d seen with their parents earlier, Karla glanced down subtly so as not to betray her position. However, her guess had been wrong. It wasn’t children at all. It was a young couple hurrying into the trees, apparently full of mirth.

Thinking perhaps one of them needed to answer a call of nature, Karla opened her mouth to announce her presence and avoid embarrassment all round. But before she could make a sound the young man opened his fly and pulled out his semi-erect cock. Sucking in a breath ready to shout, Karla was again too late as in an instant the young woman was on her knees in the dirt and taking her lover’s prick into her mouth.
Now Karla was truly dumbfounded. Here she was, relaxing after a busy week at work and trying to forget her troubles – or rather lack of them – with the opposite sex, when suddenly a live sex show was playing out in front of her!

Karla didn’t know what to do. She thought it would be rather too late to announce her presence as they’d been at it long enough for her to have said something by now. No, she should just say nothing and sit it out, hoping and praying that they didn’t look up and see her perched in the trees. The girl was really going for it by now, pumping away at his cock like a woman possessed. Her boyfriend was obviously enjoying himself, he’d clearly forgotten where he was and was moaning and groaning as he tangled his hands in her hair and thrust his member deeper down her throat.


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The Great Outdoors is a quick fun read I thoroughly enjoyed.  Rule Britannia, Ms. Felthouse!” eBook Addict


“No chance of the characters in Lucy Felthouse’s pair of outdoor-themed erotic stories catching a chill! It’s all good dirty fun and has certainly inspired me to take a tramp in my local woods as soon as possible.” Justine Elyot


“The writing is sexy and fun, bringing the whole scene to life. If you enjoy erotica that is well-written, steamy and satisfying you will adore Lucy Felthouse.” Ashley Lister


“This lovely book contains two fantastic stories that draw you in from the very start.

Bird’s Eye View takes you along with Karla as she witnesses a couple enjoying much more than the view in the woods, while Fun In The Forest describes what happens when Anna gets bored on a team building weekend and gets sidetracked into a hut in the middle of the wilds of Scotland.

Both of these stories are gloriously naughty, and Lucy’s brilliant and realistic style draws you completely into the characters heads to experience everything first hand.

A must read for anyone who has ever thought about outdoor loving!” Lexie Bay


Two very different, but both imaginative stories most definitely tickled my fancy – a great read for all erotica fans. Just one minor request…more Mr Scotland please!” Miss Rebecca Bond