Slave to the Machine – Aishling Morgan

This is a difficult review to write as I’m still in two minds about this book. As one of the first few full length novels published by Xcite Books, Slave to the Machine has a standard to set – but it just left me feeling… confused.

The book begins with pop star Melody J waking up from plastic surgery to find that everything has changed. The body she was expecting to wake up to is not there – it would appear she’s been given a figure more suited to a porn star. However, she soon discovers that was perfectly intentional… for she is now trapped in some kind of virtual reality where sometimes she can behave as she likes and other times she is under the control of someone else. She’s also incredibly horny. Her previously normal sexual urges are now magnified ridiculously, and the robotic teddy which keeps threatening to do naughty things to her isn’t helping.

Melody is a virgin and would quite like to stay that way. However, as she learns to live with her strange new surroundings, she quickly realises that everything that happens to her is some kind of set up and ends up in some kind of sexual situation. Whether it be spankings from the stern matron at the hospital or being given an enema, nothing is the same and everything is odd.

The longer she lives in Metrocity, the more Melody discovers about it and she soon learns how she can play the system at it’s own game. This is virtual reality at its most erotic!

As I said, I’m still in two minds about this book. At first I really was not keen at all and thought it would be something that a man would enjoy much more. But I persevered and came to the conclusion that people who are into S&M and similar would really enjoy this book. It contains a great deal of spanking, lesbian action, oral and anal sex and very strange situations. You’ll have to really suspend your disbelief to truly immerse yourself in this book, and perhaps that’s where I was going wrong. By the end I was enjoying it a little more, but overall I wasn’t that impressed. However, I think that’s mainly due to preference. It’s not badly written, it just isn’t my cup of tea.

If you’re into pretty kinky stuff and the submission of women then you’ll enjoy this. But if you like more traditional erotica, steer clear.

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